I Have Awakened The Deduction System-Chapter 757 - What a Coincidence

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757 What a Coincidence
What a Coincidence

“Young Master He, how about we hand them over to the four great clans?” A familiar voice suddenly sounded.

Yang Wanli was travel-worn as he led several thousand soldiers and horses, instantly surrounding the disciples of the Heibai Academy.

Upon seeing this, the outer disciples of Heibai Academy began to tremble, their ashen faces growing even more intense.

The people from the four great clans were here?

Over the years, as an outer disciple of the Heibai Academy, they had often bullied the four great clans.

Especially in the past month, they had killed countless people from the four great clans.

Even if He Chuan let them off, the four great families would definitely not let them off easily!

“You guys are quite good at reaping the benefits!” He Chuan silently lowered his sleeve and hid Little Black. Then, he sneered.

They hadn’t appeared earlier, nor had they appeared later, but they had chosen to appear right after he had killed Liu Yang, Zhao Sheng, and the other experts of the Heibai Academy. It could be said that their bad intentions were well-known.

Although they had been recruiting soldiers and buying horses with great fanfare, forming an alliance to attack the Heibai Academy.

But it was just a bluff, and He Chuan had long seen through it.

They dared to come up here now because they had seen that the experts of the Heibai Academy had all been killed by He Chuan and that there was no danger on Changliu Mountain. Thus, they were blinded by greed and wanted to come and take a share of the spoils.

How could there be such a good thing in the world?

“Young Master He, please don’t misunderstand. We have no disloyalty and sincerely want to help you!” Yang Wanli cupped his hands awkwardly and explained.

He Chuan looked at the people behind Yang Wanli.

They were all over 50 years old, and their eyes were shining. They were obviously old foxes.

With He Chuan’s current eyesight, he could tell these people had ulterior motives.

They just came now. Helping was fake, but sharing the benefits was real!

“Palace Master Liu Yang is dead, and all the elders are dead. Do you still want to resist and become enemies with the four great clans?” Shen Wansan led several thousand members of the four great clans, ignoring He Chuan and charging out, causing the disciples of the Heibai Academy to tremble in fear.

It was obvious that the appearance of the four great clans was a fatal blow to them, causing them to lose the will to resist completely. They all threw down their weapons and chose to surrender.

They knew that if they were captured by the four great clans, they would most likely be subjected to even more terrifying torture.

But the deaths of Liu Yang and Zhao Sheng signified the destruction of the Heibai Academy.

If they were lucky enough to escape, there would be no place for them to stay. What awaited them would be an endless pursuit.

Instead, it was better to surrender directly.

“Young master He, don’t worry. We’ve come today only because Heibai Academy has been far too arrogant and despotic in its daily conduct. Recently, it has become even more tyrannical and barbaric, wantonly ambushing and killing the caravans of our four great clans.”

Yang Wanli quickly explained when he saw He Chuan staring at the people from the four families with a cold smile.
“After taking down all the disciples of the Heibai Academy, we are prepared to have all the members of the four great clans retreat.”

“We would definitely not take a single cent of the wealth and foundation!”

“Not taking a single cent? Do you think they will listen to you?” He Chuan retracted his gaze and said.

He didn’t care about the foundation of the Heibai Academy.

“If the four great clans wanted it, I could give it to them.”

“You just needed to pay the price!”

“Dream on if you want to get something for nothing!”


Yang Wanli had an ominous feeling.

He Chuan put the stone sword back at his waist and stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the huge building.

Although He Chuan was dissatisfied with the act of taking advantage of the situation, he knew it very well.

Today, he had been able to kill Liu Yang, Zhao Sheng, and the other core members of the Heibai Academy. However, he had only caused the Heibai Academy to suffer a great loss of power. It wouldn’t be completely destroyed.

In order to completely destroy the Heibai Academy, the only way was to kill everyone.

The amount of time and energy required would be immense.

After all, there were at least thousands of disciples in the sect. Who knew when he would be able to kill all of them.

If the weeds were not uprooted, they would grow again in the spring breeze!

If the Heibai Academy was given time to recuperate, who knew when they would reappear and make a comeback?

At that time, it might be quite troublesome for the He family.

The four great clans had indirectly helped He Chuan.

In addition, Heibai Academy had been far too arrogant and despotic in its daily conduct. Not only had it crushed the four great clans, but it had also treated the entire Jizhou as its own backyard, doing as it pleased. This had long since caused the various clans to feel resentment and resentment.

Now that the four great clans were in charge of this matter, it probably wouldn’t be long before Heibai Academy was completely wiped out!

Liu Yang and Zhao Sheng’s tragic deaths caused the disciples of the Heibai Academy to lose all courage to resist.

The inner sect disciples were all injured, and the remaining ones were still weak in cultivation. They were not a match for the four great clans at all.

In less than an hour, they had either died or surrendered!

Shen Wansan and the other Clan Leader of the four families looked at Changliu Mountain, which was covered in corpses and blood. Everyone’s eyes could not help but flash with fanaticism.

From this day forth, Heibai Academy no longer existed. The Jizhou Prefecture would become their world.

As for the territories and resources that Heibai Academy had previously occupied would clearly be redistributed as well. They would all benefit greatly from this.


Everyone’s eyes turned to the vast palace complex in front of them, their eyes shining with greed.

Heibai Academy has a hundred years of foundation!

Just as everyone’s imaginations were running wild.

Shen Jia gently tugged at Shen Wansan’s sleeve and looked at the figure not far away.

After receiving his daughter’s reminder and seeing the white-robed youth standing on the high platform with his hands behind his back, Shen Wansan came to his senses. He hurriedly gave the four clan leaders and the elders a look, signaling them to restrain their excitement.

The destruction of the Heibai Academy was entirely due to He Chuan.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that He Chuan had destroyed the entire Heibai Academy.

They were just icing on the cake.

If it weren’t for He Chuan killing several Elders of the Heibai Academy and killing Academy Master Liu Yang, the four great clans wouldn’t have the guts to start a war against the Heibai Academy.

Speaking of which, He Chuan’s contribution was naturally the greatest, so the distribution of resources was naturally not their turn.

“Heibai Academy has a profound foundation, and it also has countless territories and resources. Are we really going to let this kid swallow them all?” Clan Leader Wu said in a whisper.

“The resources of the Heibai Academy had been snatched away from the hands of the four great clans. Now, they ought to be returned to their rightful owners.”

“Outsiders who wanted a share of the profits were probably not qualified!”

Not qualified?

“Everyone, please don’t be blinded by profit. This kid overturned the entire Heibai Academy, and even killed several Heavenly Surge Realm experts in a row. He even killed the half-step martial artist, the Academy Master Liu Yang.” Yang Wanli’s father, Yang Lang, the Yang Family Clan Leader, sneered coldly.

Everyone fell silent.

Compared to the Heibai Academy, they were still far inferior.

If He Chuan wanted to make a move against the four great clans, it would naturally not be difficult.

The three clan leaders were all shrewd people. Although they were blinded by the benefits in front of them, they all woke up after hearing Yang Lang’s words.

They looked at He Chuan with fear in their eyes and finally looked at Shen Wansan.

He Chuan’s domineering and powerful figure was imprinted in everyone’s hearts.

Even if He Chuan told them to scram, the four families would not dare to say no.