I Have Seven Big Brothers-Chapter 610: Wedding (End of the full text)

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Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng's wedding was held at sea in the summer when she was 22 years old.

A few months before the wedding, she brought Xie Jingsheng and Lele to Otis to tell him the news.

I don’t know if Otis understands. The girl who has been watched by him since she was a child will soon have another person to guard her, and she will be with her all her life.

The next day, Nuan Nuan woke up early in the morning and didn't see Otis. Both of them thought that Otis had gone hunting, but when it came back, Nuan Nuan found that it brought back a large bouquet of beautiful flowers. up.

She wove the basket of flowers and placed it here with vines. At the moment, the basket is full of all kinds of beautiful flowers.

The perianth is arranged in no order, but it reveals a messy beauty.

Behind Otis, a group of monkeys and some various birds followed. Two white cranes landed on top of her head with a wreath in their mouths.

Nuannuan "!!"

Xie Jingsheng obviously didn't expect this scene, both of them were stunned at the moment.

Nuan Nuan knows all the animals here, some of them were rescued by Nuan Nuan very early on.

After becoming a veterinarian, every time Nuan Nuan came to Otis, she deliberately searched to see if there were any animals in the mountains that needed her help. After a few years, she also saved many animals.

Unexpectedly, now, the day after she told Otis that she was going to get married, her animal friends all came, and they each brought gifts.

Nuan Nuan watched Otis put the flower basket in front of her, her eyes were red.

She opened her arms and hugged Otis, her voice choked with excitement.

"Thank you, Otis."

Although it is an animal, Nuan Nuan feels that it is like a great father. I met it when I was so young, and it will guard her every year since then.

Baihu leaned forward slightly, Nuan Nuan was almost enveloped by it in the furry body.

It made a purring sound from its throat and also bumped the girl a few times.

Then Nuan Nuan stood up and left suddenly, pulled away the big fat Xiong Da who was following behind, and pulled out two dazed and staring little tiger cubs from behind.

One is the same white as it, and the other is golden yellow, but there is a pinch of white hair on its forehead. The chubby tiger cub looks very cute.

Nuan Nuan's eyes widened instantly, what's going on, where did the little tiger cub come from and was brought over by Otis.

Otis put the white tiger cub in front of her, and then went to put the yellow one down in his mouth.

Nuan Nuan "Who...whose?"

Otis looks at her, tail wagging slightly.


The big white tiger nodded, and looked at the two little guys on the ground with a little disgust.

It’s easy to bring it when you don’t have a warmer at all.

"What about their mother?"

Nuan Nuan squatted down in surprise, and patted the heads of the two little guys one by one in a very rare way.

Two tiger-headed little tigers arched their noses in Nuan Nuan's hands, stared at her with dark eyes for less than two seconds, and then resolutely burrowed into its arms.

So soft and comfortable!

Nuan Nuan smiled even brighter.

Two tiger cubs have no mother because their mother died.

It took Nuan Nuan a while to ask Otis to understand.

The two tiger cubs were born less than two months ago. Their mother went out to hunt and had a conflict with a litter of wild boars. It killed the mother wild boar and two half-grown wild boars, and was finally hit by the father of the wild boar to the cliff because of injuries. His neck was broken and he died on the spot.

Two tiger cubs were left howling with hunger. Otis discovered it when he went to inspect the territory. These two tiger cubs had their own aura. He caught a doe with cubs and solved the two cubs The problem of hunger, and then I searched for the smell to find the dead tigress.

In the end, Otis was a male tiger and could only bring his two cubs with him.

But the two cubs are very energetic and noisy every day. After taking such a quiet and well-behaved human child as Nuannuan, Otis is a little annoying to them.

Take them for a stroll when you are interested, and hand them over to the younger brother next door when you are bored.

That's right, this big grievance is our Xiong Da. If you don't like it, it's okay, because if you don't like it, you will be beaten.

Yesterday when Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng arrived, the cub was at Xiong Da's side. Today Otis suddenly remembered that Nuan Nuan likes furry animals, so he brought them here for her to play with.

Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng who pieced together the information "..."

It's really unreliable for this father to bring a baby.

But it’s true, in the animal world, male tigers are not responsible for raising babies, not only tigers, but most animals are like this.

Moreover, even a tigress may still be very motherly and conscientious when her cubs are young, but as long as the cubs grow up, they will be ruthlessly expelled to make a living by themselves. Whether they live or die has nothing to do with them.

Nuan Nuan hugged the two tiger cubs, sympathized with them for a few seconds and then put them aside.

After all, although Otis would be impatient, he never gave up these two. f𝐫ee𝘄ℯ𝚋no𝐯𝐞l.c𝘰m

If you were another tiger, you might not bother with your own cubs.

But Nuan Nuan is happy during this period of time. Every day, wherever she goes, there will be two little cubs behind her.

Xie Jingsheng also asked someone to send some milk powder and feeding bottles, so that the mother deer who was caught trembling every time feeding the two tiger cubs was liberated.

But after getting along for a long time, there will be feelings. The two cubs are very dependent on Nuan Nuan. When she leaves, the two cubs scream and run after her. Sometimes because they run too fast, they fall to the ground and roll around very quickly. stood up again.

Now Nuan Nuan is also reluctant.

In the end, I had to take the two cubs away first, and wait until they were fed with milk until they were able to eat meat, and then brought them back for Otis to teach them hunting skills.

After watching all the animal friends, there is only one month left until their wedding.

Afterwards, Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng didn't go anywhere, they were both at home preparing for the wedding.

When the wedding photo was taken, not only the two of them took it, but also the animals in the house.

The wedding arrived as scheduled, and the luxurious cruise ship was full of excitement. The two little tigers were walking on both sides of the warm wedding dress with handsome bow ties, like two little flower girls, following at the end of the long swing of the wedding dress Several particularly beautiful peacocks, as they entered the arena, they slowly unfolded their beautiful tail feathers amid the exclamation of the guests, and they shone under the lights, making them look a little dreamy.


All the guests cried out in surprise. They didn't expect to see such an amazing scene just because they came to attend a wedding.

This wedding is really worth it!

The children were even more rejoicing. They couldn't see the little tiger for a while, and the peacock for a while.

"Wow! Mom is so beautiful!"

"Tiger, the peacock has opened its tail!"

"Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... This wedding is so beautiful and special, I want a wedding like this in the future!"

This is the envious voice of a little girl who is not yet married. Who wouldn't want such a unique wedding?

Nuan Nuan took the animals at home and walked to Xie Jingsheng with a bouquet.

Both of them seem to have walked out of the painting. They met happily and laughed happily.

When the rings were being exchanged, everyone was shocked to find that the person holding the ring was not a human, but a snow-white snow wolf!

The moment the tall snow wolf appeared at the end of the red carpet, everyone gasped.

Fortunately, Lele followed Gu An, which made everyone feel at ease. 𝒇r𝙚𝙚𝓌𝙚𝑏𝗻𝑜𝘷𝗲𝘭.c૦𝑚

Then everyone watched Snow Wolf walking in front of the two newcomers with the ring in his hands.

At the moment when Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng exchanged rings, the unique and distant cry of whales came from the ocean. Dolphins and killer whales crossed each other and jumped out of the water to follow the boat. Shouting, as if performing a symphony on the sea.

Nuan Nuan stood at the bow of the boat and shouted "Thank you!"



As she threw the bouquet in her hand into the sea, killer whales and dolphins in the ocean also began to compete.

In the end, the domineering killer whale won. The bouquet was held by a killer whale. With the help of the family members, half of the body was exposed to the water, and it screamed happily in the warm direction.

Nuan Nuan held the hem of the skirt in one hand, and waved to the animal friends in the ocean with the other, with a bright and gentle smile in the sun.

The guests on the ship cried out in shock.

"The Gu family is marrying their daughter. This is the daughter of Hai."

Someone whispered.

This wedding is really incredible, no one can reproduce it, it is the most unique in the world.

After the video of the wedding was broadcast on the Internet the next day, it caused even more shock.

Netizens were envious and expressed their desire for such a wedding, which is even bigger than marrying a princess!

But this kind of wedding is destined to be impossible even if you have money.

As the protagonists of this wedding, Nuan Nuan and Xie Jingsheng are already preparing for their honeymoon.

When leaving, Nuan Nuan hugged her brothers one by one and made a serious wish.

"I hope to see my sister-in-law when I come back."

Brothers "..."

Very good, now it's my sister's turn to urge the marriage, isn't it?

Before boarding the plane, Nuan Nuan took Xie Jingsheng's hand and looked back, looking at the men who loved her growing up, with a clean and bright smile on her lips. She is probably the happiest person in the world.

Thank you for being willing to grow up with me and giving me the most perfect life.