I Pioneered Scientific Magic-Chapter 170: The Magic Stone Mine, Space Gate, and Legendary Creatures

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Chapter 170: The Magic Stone Mine, Space Gate, and Legendary Creatures

Harof, Aurora, and Victorio arrived at the scene early and, after checking on Fayz's injuries, their expressions became somewhat grave.

The atmosphere at the scene was heavy, and the onlooking wizards were all anxious.

"Chairmen, how is Lord Fayz doing?" a wizard from the Shaping School asked eagerly.

Harof did not respond, while Aurora looked at the anxious wizards gathered here and said, "While he is not lightly wounded, his life is not in immediate danger. He just needs some time to recover."

Upon hearing this, the wizards present breathed a sigh of relief, their tense nerves relaxing slightly. However, they were still eager to know who or what could have injured Fayz, a legendary wizard.

The legendary wizards did not explain further and, together, used magic to return Fayz to his wizard form. They then summoned the best magical healer to take him for recuperation.

After all this, Harof turned to the members of the council, indicating that they should come to the Skyrealm tonight for the next meeting.


Late at night, on the top floor of the Sun Crown Tower, the meeting hall of the Skyrealm, 151 council members had gathered.

Compared to the lively and noisy morning scene, the meeting room was exceptionally solemn at this moment. Only a few members were whispering among themselves, and everyone wore expressions of concern and anxiety.

"Lord Harof, Lord Fayz's injuries can't be that simple, can they?" Ougust was the first to speak in the silence, and the other council members turned to Harof, waiting for his response.

"Indeed, Fayz is severely wounded this time. I've administered a Resurrection Elixir, but the situation is still not optimistic," Harof said, shaking his head with a sigh.

"So, what happened? Who attacked Lord Fayz..." Raphael asked in confusion. The only beings in the Wizard's Domain who could threaten a legendary wizard like Fayz were the other council members.

But then, as if suddenly remembering something, Raphael exclaimed, "Could it be a problem in the Magic Stone Mine?"

If he remembered correctly, Fayz had flown in the direction of the Magic Stone Mine.

"Fayz has a severe wound on his abdomen, a wound that could threaten his life. It's possible he encountered creatures like the Eye Demons, Death Lords, or even more powerful entities," Harof furrowed his brow, and with each name he mentioned, the council members' faces grew graver.

Only Lynn wore a confused expression, turning to Tiek and quietly asking for an explanation.

Under Tiek's explanation, Lynn learned that not far from Greenriel, within the enormous Kogar Mountain, there was an extensive crystal mine with such dense magical energy that it was difficult to imagine. This led to the distortion and chaos of the space in the entire area, with the core forming a strange magical vortex.

It was like a naturally occurring space gate, but no one knew what lay on the other side. The Wizard's Domain had sent several teams to investigate, but none of them had returned alive.

Some speculated that the other side might lead to another vast Magic Stone Mine, while others believed it could connect to another world because from time to time, the magical vortex would emit creatures they had never seen before.

It was precisely because of Greenriel's rich magical creatures and ore resources that a small Wizard's Domain could support so many formal wizards.

But with it came many troubles, such as more than ten years ago when several Mindflayers inexplicably appeared in the mine. With their strange psychic powers, they broke through the heavy defenses and caused chaos within the Wizard's Domain. It took the council a great deal of effort to find and eliminate them.

While Lynn was asking, Harof was in discussions with the council members about the next course of action.

Kogar Mountain was too close to Greenriel City, and the emergence of a powerful and unknown creature inside was undoubtedly a huge threat. Many council members proposed immediately assembling a team led by legendary wizards and consisting of all senior wizards to swiftly search and eliminate this creature.

However, Tiek and others believed that this proposal was too risky. They had no idea about the creature that attacked Fayz, and their numbers and abilities were all unknown. Reckless action could lead to significant casualties.

"We can wait for Lord Fayz to wake up and find out what happened before deciding how to proceed," suggested Raphael. But his proposal was met with opposition.

"That's too simple. Lord Fayz's injuries are severe, and nobody can be certain when he will wake up. If we delay for too long, the creature, just like the Mindflayers, may roam the Wizard's Domain, causing even more trouble. Who will deal with it then?"

"Why don't we send a few people to investigate the situation first?"

"Send who? Are you willing to go? That's no different from sending someone to their death."

The entire meeting hall descended into chaos, with council members splitting into two factions: those advocating immediate action to deal with the problem in the Magic Stone Mine and those who preferred a more cautious approach, investigating first and acting later.

Lynn did not participate in the discussion. He had just become a council member and was not familiar with the council's procedures. Besides, there was very little information available, and he couldn't think of a foolproof plan.

After an urgent consultation, Harof soon made a decision, opting for a decisive approach. He would lead a team along with the other two council members and bring nine alchemists skilled in the use of alchemy to ensure safety.

Harof was inspired by Lynn's theory of Universal Gravitation and thought they could set up an alchemical array to further restrict the peculiar space gate, preventing a recurrence of such a situation.

Thinking about it, Harof hesitated about whether to include Lynn in this mission, but after careful consideration, he decided against it. The situation inside the Magic Stone Mine was still unknown, and even Fayz had suffered severe injuries. The danger was evident, and Lynn, despite his deep knowledge of astronomy and gravitational theory, was just a regular wizard with limited self-defense abilities. In the face of danger, he might not even be able to resist.

"Ougust, in our absence, you will oversee the council's affairs," Harof ordered with solemnity.

"Thank you for your trust, Chairman!" Ougust placed his hand on his chest and respectfully bowed.

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