I, The Dragon Overlord-Chapter 515 - The Beginning of War

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On an island in the eastern waters of Land of Dragons, a black dragon over a hundred meters long was lying quietly in a muddy swamp. This was the black dragon’s favorite environment - a place that was wet, decaying and possessing an evil aura.

Around this swamp, some stone buildings could be seen, as well as what could be called altars.

“Lord Drexler, everything has been prepared.”

A red dragon more than thirty meters long prostrated in front of this black dragon that was as big as a mountain.

In the entire dragon community, except for those dragons who remained neutral and only live selfishly, the rest of the dragons supported the Obsidian King more than the Mythril King. The dragon’s innate arrogance made them look down on other races. The Mythril King’s doctrine of living in harmony and friendship with other races was not that attractive to them, but for races such as humans, the appeal was very strong.

Those who worshipped and believed in the black dragon were adult dragons and prime dragons. These dragons were incredibly arrogant to the point that they saw no other as equals. They treated the Obsidian King’s doctrine of using fear to rule over all races with respect.

“Well done.”

Drexler glanced at the surrounding arrangements. It nodded its head. These arrangements were for him to ascend to become a god. In this swampy jungle, there were already hundreds of dragons waiting quietly. When the Obsidian King began his ascent, they would pray as believers to help him become a god.

“Lord Drexler, the dragons of the floating island told me that Lord Abdulfraizer has awakened, and he has helped His Highness Louie Galakrond to complete his inauguration as the new Dragon God.”

The red dragon told Drexler the news from Dragon island. After a moment of hesitation, it hastily added, "But we believe that only you are the true God of Dragons, the true god who can lead us dragons to glory!”

In the field of evil dragons, strength was a status. Stronger dragons had a higher position in the group. The apex of this was the demigod Drexler who was their leader and about to ascend as a god.

In fact, Louie still liked the doctrine of these evil dragons, which was weak following the strong. It was simply the law of the jungle. It was a lot better than how most dragons would arrogantly remain stubborn even in the face of death.

“I already know what happened on Dragon Island...”

Although Drexler had a hideous appearance, he was actually different from what his appearance might say. His voice sounded very tyrannical, yet contained an intellectual twist to it. His mild voice would even make people look twice as they wouldn’t be able to imagine such a voice belonging to an evil and terrifying black dragon.

If he was human, then he would be like a ruffian in a scholar’s gown.

After a moment of silence, Drexler spoke in a complex tone of voice, “Has that girl Heloise made a choice?”

He actually knew the answer, but still could not help but ask.

“Yes, Lord Drexler! Lord Heloise has decided to become His Highness Louie Galakrond’s subordinate god. Even Lord Abdulfraizer had also come under the faith of his Highness Louie and was ordained as the Dragon Sage by him.”

“Lord Drexler, this time, we will be victorious. The thousands of years of struggle between you and Lord Heloise will definitely end in your victory. You will also defeat His highness Louie and become the Dragon God.”

The red dragon said in a frenzied tone.

“Hee… Even if I gain victory this time, I will only be able to rip off a part of His Highness Louie’s divine authority and become completely hostile to him. We will fight each other to see who is the sole Dragon God.”

Drexler smiled to himself. Compared to the red dragon, he could see things clearly.

“Heloise and Lord Abdulfraizer have both made their choice. Since that’s the case, I can’t be left behind. Go and prepare, I’m afraid that His Highness Grosh and Her Highness Chuantea can’t wait any longer.”

When the red dragon was far away, Drexler thought for a long time before slowly standing up. His hundred-meter-long body caused the ground to shake as he moved.


The evil dragons, like the dragons on Dragon Island, were all prostrated on the ground and chanted prayers. This time, the object of the prayer was not Louie, but Drexler, the Obsidian King.

Drexler felt the faith of the dragons begins to flow into him. He began to ignite the faith as fuel to burn his divine flames. Then, he placed his already prepared divine authority into his divine flames to turn it into a godhood.

The successful demigods would complete the apotheosis. The losers would be burned under the divine flames and would have a hard time continuing on with their life.

Drexler was very calm. His eyes were empty as if waiting for someone to come.

Suddenly, in the sky above Drexler’s huge dragon body, an extremely tiny dot flickered, followed by a burst of overflowing killing intent. This was the heaviest killing intent in the world that condensed the killing intent of all creatures in the world. This was Louie’s killing incarnation.

“Nothing is true; everything is permitted!”

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With this faint voice, all killing intent instantly disappeared and converged onto a single point. That killing point seemed to cut off even space, time, and fate.

A figure emerged above Drexler, leaping down from mid-air with unparalleled momentum. The dragon tooth dagger in his hand absorbed all light. Nothing reacted to him at all, neither the dragons nor the atmosphere. Only Drexler’s scales were erected as his soul seemed to completely turn into cold ice.

“You are here, Your Highness Louie Galakrond!”

The Obsidian King spoke out softly. He was neither frightened nor panicked. He only looked straight at Louie.

Drexler did not resist, because he knew that any resistance was useless. In front of a mid-tier god with a level 6 incarnation, even a weak god would be helpless outside of its divine kingdom.

This was especially true against a god with possession of the divine authority of killing, one of the strongest combat divine authorities in the world of San Soliel. Even if the divine authority was only 30% complete, it was still quite terrifying to the gods.

Drexler was the Obsidian King, an ancient dragon who had lived for thousands of years. He was an apex demigod, but even so, he could not resist Louie’s full-force assassination.

Drexler also did not need to resist, because he knew that there were many gods who did not want him to die and would not let him die.

Louie’s dagger was about to pierce Drexler’s scales. With the power of the divine authority of killing, just a single stab of the dagger would be enough to kill him. There was no need to aim for the vitals as divine power would pull him to the realm of the dead. There was no way to be spared.

In front of death, even a dragon’s powerful body was useless. At that moment, a large axe with a ferocious aura appeared beside Louie’s incarnation. The axe wielder did not try to cut Louie’s body because the owner knew that the axe would not be able to destroy the incarnation in one blow. If that happened, Louie would be able to thrust his dagger into the Obsidian King, and he would have failed.

For Louie, as long as he could kill the black dragon, he would be victorious. Losing one or two incarnations was no big deal.

The axe struck the tiny dagger, deflecting it. At the same time, an evil, cruel, and tyrannical figure emerged and laughed at Louie, “You’ve finally arrived, your Highness Louie! I have been waiting here for a long time!”

The master of the axe was the Beastman God Gorsh. When his incarnation appeared, the aura of war emerged.

The divine authority of war was also one of the strongest combat divine authorities in the world of San Soliel. All powers derived from it were related to combat and war.

In fact, the divine authority of killing and divine authority of death were different. The divine authority of death was the manager of the world of the dead, which was the result of death. On the other hand, the divine authority of killing was the process of granting death. Killing was for combat while death was for management, but its combat ability was not weak.

Gorsh’s divine authority of war caused the environment to burn with the searing heat of the battlefield. Louie’s killing incarnation looked at Gorsh as if he saw the endless battlefield. This battlefield was related to the beastmen. The beastmen let out ferocious roars and fought against various races. Countless creatures died on the battlefield including the beastmen.

These wars go in an infinite cycle, and each kill contained the power of war, making Gorsh stronger and bringing him closer to war.

“Your Highness Louie, I cannot let you kill the black dragon. Come, I shall be your opponent. Let us show the world who between dragons and beastmen is the most ferocious and most powerful race!”

“Drexler, continue your ascension, I hope that I can soon address you as ‘Your Highness’!”

Gorsh instructed the Obsidian King as he roared and raised the huge axe to cut Louie.

Louie’s incarnation of killing, on the other hand, was looking for Gorsh’s weakness with absolute sanity and calmness. The dagger in his hand slashed at His giant axe that could easily shatter the earth.

“Thank you for your help, Your Highness Gorsh!”

The Obsidian King opened his mouth in response and just ignored everything as he continued to ascend. The surrounding dragons also returned to their posture and prayed once more.