I Transmigrated Into a Novel and Became the Vicious Stepmother of Five Cute Babies-Chapter 834 - : Disgusting

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Chapter 834: Disgusting

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“Ruyue isn’t an outsider. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Ming Sihan said to He Xi.

He Xi treated Ruyue as an outsider.

Ming Sihan didn’t like this.


The corner of He Xi’s mouth twitched slightly. They hadn’t even started talking yet, but Ming Sihan really didn’t think of himself as an outsider.

MO Ruyue looked at the two of them, observed their expressions, and slowly said, “Master, why don’t you guys chat? Zeyan and I will go prepare dinner.”

She didn’t want the two of them to have any conflicts.

It was just a matter of avoiding him. It was not a big deal.

It was a natural evasion.

“No need. You’re not an outsider.’

Ming Sihan insisted, not letting MO Ruyue leave.

“It’s not really anything important. It’s fine to stay here and listen.” He Xi said.’

“Even if it’s something important, Ruyue can listen here!” Ming Sihan emphasized.

Did this fellow know that his words could easily hurt Ruyue?

What did he mean by ‘it’s okay to listen to unimportant things?’

Can’t I listen to important things?

“Ah, right, right, right…”

He Xi said helplessly. Was this man still the same Ming Sihan that he used to know?

Perhaps this was the magic of love.

“Tell me, what is it?”

Ming Sihan asked seriously. He did not let go of MO Ruyue’s wrist.

He did not use too much strength, afraid that he would hurt Ruyue.

He Xi looked at MO Ruyue with a complicated expression.

“What did you do to Ruyue? Right?”

Ming Sihan!s expression changed and he immediately let go of MO Ruyue’s


“Ruyue, you and Li Zeyan go and prepare dinner first.” He turned to MO


He Xi and Mo Ruyue were both speechless.

This person was really amazing.

“Alright then.”

MO Ruyue helplessly left with Li Zeyan.

He felt like he had been played.

However, she still chose to forgive him.

It was inevitable that he would be muddle-headed when he was old.

He Xi watched MO Ruyue and Li Zeyan leave, and a smile spread across his face. He said teasingly,”Ruyue is not an outsider. Even if it’s something important, Ruyue can listen here.”

He imitated Ming Sihan’s tone and mocked him. He had even said it before, but now there was…

“Hmph, I just don’t want Ruyue to worry.”

Ming Sihan snorted.

He didn’t know that He Xi was going to talk about cultivation.

If it was about cultivation, he wouldn’t be so confident.

He Xi stopped smiling and stood up from the rocking chair.”Why are you doing this? Do you know how dangerous it is to cross the threshold of cultivation?”

She was already so old. Did she still treat herself as a child?

It wasn’t like MO Ruyue’s cultivation couldn’t be improved. Was there a need to limit her cultivation?

“You might lose your cultivation, and all your years of hard work will be in vain. ”

He Xi was somewhat helpless facing this man.

“He succeeded in not mastering his cultivation base? What you were worried about didn’t happen.”

“It’s best if it doesn’t happen. If it really happens, 1 won’t be able to save you!’

He Xi snorted. He was a doctor, not a god!

Not everyone could be treated. “Alright, I understand.”

Ming Sihan said impatiently.

He understood the logic, but he had his own plans and ideas.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Seeing the man’s impatient face, He Xi didn’t pay too much attention to it. Instead, she asked curiously,”Why did you transfer your cultivation to Ruyue?”

Could it really be as he had guessed?

He Xi thought to herself.

“Isn’t it good to let her be stronger and protect herself better?”

“You don’t have to take such a risk.’

Ming Sihan turned around and faced a pond with lotus leaves in full bloom. He stood by the pond, enjoying the breeze.

“Of course, I have my own selfish motives. I want to bring Ruyue to the Seven Saint Continent. If I don’t transfer my cultivation base to her, I won’t be able to bring her to the Seven Saint Continent.”

“The Seven Saint Continent is very dangerous!”

“l know, but if I leave her here, I’m afraid that Ruyue will have already become someone else’s woman by the time I return.”

After all, Ruyue was charming and easily attracted men’s attention.

He had to stay by Ruyue’s side and destroy all the rotten peach blossoms.

Ruyue was his.

“Alright, I knew it. It’s exactly as I guessed.”

He Xi looked relieved. This was all within his expectations.

Since ancient times, heroes could not resist beauties.

Therefore, Ming Sihan’s weakness was MO Ruyue.

In this life, Ming Sihan had fallen into MO Ruyue’s hands. “So don’t mention the matter of cultivation in front of Ruyue.”

“Don’t worry, 1 know.”

He Xi rolled his eyes. He felt that Ming Sihan thought he was an idiot.

It was ridiculous.

After they finished talking, MO Ruyue’s dishes were almost ready.

He Xi loved to eat the food prepared by MO Ruyue. Every time she ate such delicious food, she would feel very happy.

As they were eating, they heard a subordinate coming in to report.

“Demon Venerable, the sect master of Xuanling Immortal Sect, Ling Shoumo, requests an audience.”

Hearing that familiar name, everyone looked at each other.

MO Ruyue’s beautiful brows furrowed tightly.

This Ling Shoumo, he didn’t come early or late, but he came when she was eating. Wouldn’t this make her lose her appetite?

What was Ling Shoumo’s purpose for coming here this time?

“You guys eat. I’ll go take a look.”

Ming Sihan got up and prepared to meet Ling Shoumo.

She really didn’t even let him eat without worry.

This Ling Shoumo seemed to know how to pick the right time.

“Master, I’ll go with you.”

MO Ruyue stood up and quickly followed Ming Sihan.

Anyway, when she heard that guy’s name, she no longer had the appetite to eat.

He came at the wrong time.

Outside, the two of them saw Ling Shoumo bathing in the sun. His white clothes fluttered in the wind.

His silhouette seemed to be coated with a layer of light, making it hazy.

Mo Ruyue paused.

Suddenly, a big hand grabbed her soft little hand.

Ming Sihan smiled at her and said,”I’m here. Don’t be afraid.”

Seeing the gentleness in the man’s dark red eyes, MO Ruyue nodded her head and chose to believe the man in front of her.

When she came back to her senses, her face turned red and she urgently needed to find a place to hide.

She was actually absent-minded.

It was all her master’s fault for being too good-looking. Her dark red eyes were too alluring.

Her palms were sweating and she was a little nervous.

Ling Shoumo’s gaze fell on MO Ruyue, and finally on her interlocked fingers.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable.

She wanted to separate her hands that were interlocked with each other.

She seemed to be living very well here.

“Yo, what a rare guest. Why does Master Xuanling have the time to come to the Demon World? If you’re here for me, then you should go back. I won’t go back with you.”

MO Ruyue asked herself to talk to divert her attention so that her thoughts would not be on Ming Sihan.

The sharp voice was filled with mockery.

Ling Shoumo merely looked at MO Ruyue and said nothing.

She was very bold.

He was like a completely different person from when he was in Xuanling Immortal Sect!

Maybe it was because Ming Sihan was behind her that she was so bold.

Ling Shoumo’s mood became very complicated..