I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated-Chapter 1191: Neighboring Village

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Chapter 1191: Neighboring Village

The people around the village entrance were discussing whether or not they should send anyone to save the neighboring villages. Considering the possibility of an attack, focusing on their own defense was clearly the safest option.

However, it’s not easy to abandon the neighboring villages after so many years of history connecting them. Many had friends or relatives living outside.

That said, no one could suggest venturing into danger to save a village that was supposedly already gone. The risks were simply too great.

It would just be a futile effort, adding to the danger they were already in.

Yet they couldn’t say that in front of the women who had fled the neighboring village.

As a result, the discussion never reached a conclusion.

Fran spoke up, breaking the heavy atmosphere.

「We’ll go.」

「Woof woof!」

「But it’s too dangerous!」

「We know you’re strong, but we can’t simply let you go alone…」

「A-Alright, I’m going with you!」

The adults in the village seemed concerned about sending Fran alone, but Quint and the other half-insectkin agreed with her suggestion.

「Black Lightning Princess-dono is capable of scouting the village from the sky!」

「And she’s way stronger than you think!」

「She might just eliminate the enemies in the neighboring village before we can do anything.」

They knew someone of Fran’s caliber could wipe out “slightly strong soldiers” as if they were nothing.

Once the mercenaries voiced their support, the villagers began thinking along those lines as well.

In the end, they approved our plan to have Fran and Urushi conduct reconnaissance from the sky.

We departed immediately after getting detailed information about the neighboring village’s location.

「All right, let’s go.」

「Best of luck.」

「Please don’t do anything too dangerous.」

Fran smiled happily upon hearing the sendoff from the villagers.

「Don’t worry.」

「Woof woof!」

『Man, everyone in the village was so nice.』


We first did a circle in the sky, but there was no sign of any nearby soldiers. However, they showed up pretty quickly once we headed in the direction of the neighboring village.

Just like the fleeing women said, they looked like ordinary soldiers from a distance. A few stood quietly in front of the village gate, so they seemed normal enough to me.

However, we definitely sensed something strange inside. There were simply too many people in the village, given its size.

We scanned the entire village from the skies, and it was packed by an army of considerable size. Everyone was lined up in the village square, wearing the typical Raydoss armor we saw on the battlefield.

As for the villagers themselves… Over there!

『They seem to be gathered at the back of the village.』

(Nn. But…)

『Yeah, they’re already dead.』

The place was originally a graveyard, and they had piled the corpses of the villagers haphazardly on the ground, as if they were mere objects, showing absolutely zero respect for human life.

『Did they really slaughter everyone…?』



『I agree, but why would the Raydoss army do something like this…?』

(We can ask them directly.)

『True. Let’s try grabbing someone with info.』

That said, the soldiers were mostly crowded together. Isolating a few for questioning will be difficult.

『The reconnaissance units patrolling the vicinity might be a good target.』


Targeting a small group will allow us to interrogate them for their objective, as well as give us a measure of their strength.

(Let’s go.)

『Hold on. There’s something I want to try first.』

(What is it?)

『First, let me go over here…』

I had come up with a technique to enhance the effectiveness of our stealth skills. Fran would use her Convert skill as usual, while I morph myself to cover her entire body. Then, I would activate my own Convert skill for another layer of stealth.

If it works, we might be able to double the skill’s effects.

I morphed my body into an armor-like coating, covering Fran from head to toe. After adjusting a few of the details, Fran looked like a warrior wearing full plate armor.

This also served as a disguise since Fran was completely covered up. No one will be able to see her face, or even recognize her black cat race.

『How about we stay like this and hide your identity?』

Raydoss doesn’t know that Fran remained in the country, and it will make things easier on us if they continue believing that.

『Urushi, you stay in the shadows for now. They probably know what you look like by now.』


『Oh right, and Fran, you don’t need to speak.』


『I’ll talk for you telepathically. That way, we can make them think you’re male.』

(I see.)

My armor form is covering Fran’s face and body, so she can pass herself off as a male of one of the smaller races. Nothing to do with her lack of curves. Now I just have to hope we don’t encounter anyone with a dangerously powerful appraisal skill.

(Should I stop using thunder magic too?)

『Oh yeah! We can try using land magic and such as our main weapon.』


Having completed the perfect disguise, we descended to the ground and headed towards some of the soldiers we identified earlier. They were apparently patrolling the village’s perimeter in multiple groups of three.

『There they are. Try not to kill them, okay?』


We silently approached the soldiers before ambushing them. Fran knocked one of them out, while Urushi and I used magic to immobilize the remaining two.

Two soldiers were entangled by our earthen vines and shadowy tendrils. However, they quickly broke free from the restraints due to their tremendous strength.



Oh yeah, these guys have definitely lost their sanity.