I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN)-Chapter 1914: Intermission: First Contact

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Chapter 1914: Intermission: First Contact

After being reunited with Nebula, Canaris immediately flew to another world to carry out the orders she had been given. With her pendant as a decisive factor, thinking that someone would soon notice and act upon Nebula's resurrection, it was considered necessary to quickly convey Nebula's instructions.

The first place she visited was the God to whom she had entrusted the world that Canaris had re-created.

[Hello~~ It's been a long———- Uwaaahhh!?]

As Canaris was about to greet them, the God she had approached earlier placed their hands on both of her shoulders and spoke with a serious expression on their face.

(T/N: Not sure what the gender of this God is, probably female coz they refer to themself with "watashi", but not 100% sure.)

[Canaris!? We're good friends, aren't we? That's right, you did entrust me with the world Canaris re-created, so we must be good friends, right!? That's also why you came to me first, right? Right?]

[Ahh~~ Yes. Rather, your eyes are bloodshot……]

[Of course, they're gonna be bloodshot!!! I've been waiting here for a long time…… Nebula-sama had been resurrected, right? By the time I noticed, Canaris seemed to have already gone to Shallow Vernal's world, and I thought Nebula-sama would be angry if any trouble was caused in Shallow Vernal's world. Well, there's also the fact that Shallow Vernal is scary, but anyhow, I held back and waited! It's probably not just me who's like this, I think everyone is waiting for Canaris with the same bloodshot eyes.]

[U- Ughh…… I'm supposed to be going around to everyone's places now, but hearing that makes me anxious.]

[That aside, explanations!!!]

[Y- Yeah……]

Though overwhelmed by tremendous enthusiasm, Canaris told them about Nebula's current situation, her will, and the orders she had given through Canaris.

After listening to all of this, the God released their hands from Canaris' shoulders and nodded in understanding.

[……I see, if that's what Nebula-sama says, then I will follow her will. Unn…… but just for a moment, sorry about this, okay?]


[That's not faaaaaair! Why is it just Canaris who can meet Nebula-sama!? I also want to meet Nebula-samaaaaa……]

[O- Ohh…… W- Well, I understand how you feel. If I were in the opposite position, I would feel envious as well…… Well, meeting her will have to wait until after negotiating with Shallow Vernal.]

[Unn. Since Canaris came to talk to me first, I think I will be the first in order for that negotiation…… That said, negotiating with Shallow Vernal huh…… That's scary.]

[Here's a piece of advice: If you bring along something specific to this world that allows lovers to be lovey-dovey, like certain cultural items or tools, the negotiations will go more smoothly.]


Canaris' advice was extremely accurate, but the God who heard it had no idea what she was talking about, their face like Canaris did when she first negotiated with Shallow Vernal.

After a short conversation, seemingly having remembered something, the God spoke.

[……Come to think of it, I was too concerned about Nebula-sama's current situation earlier to ask, but Canaris, were you able to stay calm when finally reuniting with Nebula-sama? That's absolutely impossible, right?]

[A- Ahh~~ You really are gonna ask that…… I'm a little afraid to talk about it…… Well, as you guessed, I cried a lot in front of Nebula-sama……]

[Unn. I knew that would happen. Even I feel like I'd cry when I finally get to meet her, and Canaris was especially……]

[And, ehehe, Nebula-sama gently hugged the crying me and stroked my head.]


[Tahaa~~ It was truly a moment of bliss. Feeling Nebula-sama's benevolence, my happiness was at its maximum.]


Listening to Canaris happily telling her story, the God put a hand on Canaris' shoulder again with a gentle smile.

[……I see, I'm happy for you. Canaris has been suffering for a long time, and I'm glad you were relieved some of that pain by seeing Nebula-sama again.]

[……I- Is that so…… U- Umm~~? Your hand got crazy strength here though…… my shoulder feels like it's gonna shatter……]

[Unn. I really think it must have been tough for Canaris, and knowing how benevolent Nebula-sama is, her doing such a thing isn't surprising…… Unn. But don't you think that reward is a bit too much? I mean, I'm so jealous I could go crazy here, so you mind if I punch you once? It's okay, right? Sorry, thanks! Then, "Galaxy Annihilation Punch!"]

[I didn't consent to it all though!?]

As a side note, this God, who is good friends with Canaris, is also stubbornly loyal to Nebula. While shedding tears of envy at Canaris who was embraced and patted by Nebula, they brandished their fist at her.


Serious-senpai : [Their loyalty is real, but the way they restrained themself and didn't force their way to Trinia shows that the Absolute had properly educated them.]