I'll Surpass The MC-Chapter 501 Ruvva Returns

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Chapter 501 Ruvva Returns

?The day Orakha realised that only Inala and Virala had a realistic chance at obtaining the Major Treasure of Attribute due to their cunningness, he began to change himself, working on his mindset. He worked on a lot of his faults and thought of schemes.

In the end, he decided that as long as the Major Treasure of Attribute reveals itself at the time displayed in Sumatra Chronicles, it would imply that all his competitors would appear with full preparations.

Hence, the only way to gain a lead was to bring forward its completion as much as possible. Once he had such a line of thought, Orakha began to accumulate his Mystic Eaters at a location next to the Attributed Region, preparing them in such a way that the Attributed Region could devour them whole and fill up the remainder of the necessary influence.

The Attributed Region was made of water, densely packed to the limit that a droplet had as much mass as a mountain range. Hence, with the property of the Mystic Eater that was capable of devouring minerals, the moment he dumps a truckload of them onto the Attributed Region, the latter would consume them.

And then, through the Mystic Eater's power, it would voraciously consume all streams of water that were connected to it, funneling into it for tens of thousands of years all along.

All streams of water would dry up in the region until the Attributed Region swallowed up as much as was necessary to complete itself. The number of Mystic Eaters necessary for this was just an estimate on his part.

Thankfully, it was enough. The Attributed Region was already nearing the end of completion, having gathered more than enough influence. It just needed to accumulate a bit more water, which was exactly what he had done.

The influx of water was instantly assimilated into the Attributed Region, compressed thanks to the influence. And when it was done, the Attribute stopped influencing its surroundings, deciding that it was time to pair with a worthy owner.

Hence, it unleashed a pillar of light into the sky, one spanning a kilometre in diameter, reaching endlessly into the sky.


The pocket of earth above the Attributed Region that was in the path of the pillar of light was instantly turned into dust, causing dust clouds to swirl across the pillar.

"Tch!" Virala rapidly surfaced upon feeling the pulsating ripples of energy being unleashed by the pillar of light. He then stared at the sky, noticing the Transcendent Worlds flicker once in response. And slowly, like surfacing from fog, more Transcendent Worlds began to appear, 'It's happening.'

This mysterious activity from the Transcendent Worlds was depicted in Sumatra Chronicles. However, no further information was provided about it, causing readers to make multiple guesses. But every time a Major Treasure revealed itself, the Transcendent Worlds reacted in response, causing many more than normal to appear in the skies above Sumatra Continent.

Their activity was enough of a confirmation for Virala, 'Even though it appeared a month early, it seems the Attribute finished creating the Attributed Region.'

He drilled into the ground in a hurry, 'I need to safeguard the baby first and then head into the Attributed Region.'

He increased his speed upon seeing sixteen smaller pillars jut out of the ground in the region, forming entry paths into the Attributed Region.

"Argh!" Yarsha Zahara gasped in exhaustion upon succeeding in giving birth to a baby daughter.

"Mother!" Barla spoke in excitement as she severed the umbilical cord and picked up the baby, "It's a healthy girl!"

"Give her to me…" Yarsha Zahara paused, momentarily too stunned to speak, sensing the presence emanated by her newborn baby. It made her feel as if she had to submit herself to the baby, for the first time in her life feeling a sense of inferiority, something she hadn't felt even while seeing the Boar King.

100 Prana!

The baby girl was born with the literal peak possible for a human, a unit surpassing Yarsha Zahara. It might seem like a mere unit in difference, but signified a grand chasm of future potential between the two.

"She's a…" Yarsha Zahara was stunned because the baby girl didn't exhibit a presence similar to the rest of her kids. Instead, it was of a Free Human, the purest of its kind, one that seemed to continue its unblemished existence. 'Is this what he was going for? A Free Human?'

Yarsha Zahara expressed confusion as she held her newborn child, still in the process of collecting her thoughts when suddenly, a tiny hole formed on the floor nearby as a metre-long worm flashed out.

"Watch out!" Barla barely managed to notice the intruder but wasn't fast enough to take action in her human form. She watched helplessly, feeling as if time had slowed down. But even when her perception had accelerated to such an extent, the speed of the worm was many times higher than everyone in its surroundings.

It was Virala, in his Mystic Ewworm form. Approaching Yarsha Zahara, he reverted to human form, grabbed the baby, and leapt away, watching Barla barely miss grabbing his leg.

"What the…?" Yarsha Zahara was stunned for a moment before roaring in anger, "Loot!"

"Ahh, that name again!" Virala rolled his eyes in annoyance as he noticed the condensed orb in his mind space had vanished. He sensed that the baby girl had inherited his Mystic Path. Or rather, she had instinctively activated her Primary Nature to gain the Mystic Path as her Secondary Body.

Secondary Body—Empyrean Tusk!

'Now, that's a funny twist of fate.' Virala sighed upon noticing the stark familiarity of the baby, soon figuring out the cause, 'No wonder.'

'She looks exactly like Ruvva!'

Using the Skill of Primary Extortion, Ruvva stole Virala's Primary Nature. Then, Virala transformed her body into the Nature Weapon of Tusk.

During the process of him becoming a Mystic Human, the Nature Weapon of Tusk was used as fuel alongside his Empyrean Tusk body and Mystic Path. They had all combined into the condensed orb that remained in his mind space.

The human version of this was Ruvva, for it was her body that had become the Nature Weapon of Tusk. And due to the influence from it, the baby inherited Ruvva's appearance, and possibly her characteristics too, gaining all her genetics.

"Guess I needn't think of another name," Virala said as a tail jutted out of his back and blocked an attack from Barla, producing a loud clang. He stared at the baby girl and muttered, "Ruvva! That'll be your name."

'Since you inherited the same characteristics as an Empyrean Tusk, so as tradition, you'll gain the name of the one you inherited from.' He smiled in response.

"Fucker! Don't you go around naming my child!" Yarsha Zahara roared as she got up, intending to fight before collapsing weakly. She had just given birth and was in a weakened state, unable to attack him. f(r)eenovelkiss

"You don't need to care what I do with her," Virala said and smirked upon watching Ruvva finish condensing her Secondary Body. He then took out the Mystic Nature Weapon of Eddy and placed it on her chest while putting a Spirit Slip in her mouth.

The Spirit Slip exploded subtly and poured some information into Ruvva, using which she instinctively activated her ability and began to pour her Prana into the Nature Weapon.

This was why Virala targeted Yarsha Zahara, happy that his gamble was a success, 'This is worth the risk.'

"I need to thank you, Yarsha Zahara," Virala said as he blasted out of the house and continued to retreat while his Mystic Ewworm tail flashed around like a whip and defended against the attacks of six Empyrean Boars. "You have successfully birthed someone who inherited your genetic lottery and surpasses you in your innate field."

He didn't even need to experiment to know that Ruvva was capable of moulding Prana to unleash abilities on par with Iron Grade Natures. Her talent in this aspect was a tad superior to even Yarsha Zahara.

It was why the moment he planned to have a child with Yarsha Zahara, he picked the perfect body for the child—the body of a Bludder—to fuse with. It was a creature that spun at terrifying speeds and emitted Prana in the shape of a blade to sever through its opponent.

With Ruvva's talent of mounding Prana, adding onto the body of a Bludder, she'd be capable of unleashing an effect on par with the Bludder's Primary Nature without issues, even without having the Nature.

'I created the greatest lifeform on Sumatra.' Virala was damn excited, waiting for the day his daughter grew up and became an unstoppable force of nature. After all, she had a Gold Grade body that was capable of evolving into the Mystic Grade in the future—thanks to the Violet Mystic Path—and a Mystic Grade Body famed for its spinning capability.

Secondary Body—Empyrean Tusk!

Tertiary Body—Apogee Bludder!

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