I'm an Ordinary Returning Student at the Academy-Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

Shulifen, Wilhelm, Alexander, and Joachim.

The self-proclaimed pillars of the Empire, and otherwise known as the quartet.

Also, in Karl’s words, ‘the Hydra that makes me lose my mind.’

Today, the four of them were stretching their bodies in boredom after finishing a lecture.

They were bored. Really bored.

While other students were screaming about lectures and whatnot, they only had to take three classes, leaving their week empty.

“Should we have just signed up for other elective courses?”

“I know, right? I thought it would be nice to have some time left over.”

They didn’t realize it when they were busy. They didn’t know that this sudden leisure would be hard to adjust to.

Karl, looking at the quartet, would say, ‘You guys even messed up the required lecture credits! You idiots!’ But despite appearances, these four had never fallen out of the top ranks throughout their four years.

That meant they had been working really hard for four years. Lectures, assignments, and exams. At least as much as others. Now, they were spending even more time than others.

In such a situation, they suddenly had free time with no lectures. Naturally, they couldn’t adapt.

They wished they were busy, but unfortunately, the quartet’s lectures, and even their family matters, were going too smoothly, making them increasingly bored.

“Ah, damn it. Hey, Wilhelm. When is Karl coming back?”

“Why are you asking me?”

“You know the Ministry of Foreign Affairs well. Haven’t you heard anything?”

“According to the schedule, he’ll be back in two days. There are still two days left, so please just stay still, Shulifen. Maintain your dignity as an Imperial noble.”

At Wilhelm’s rebuke, Shulifen shook his head, thinking, ‘Really?’

It wasn’t just anyone else, but the person who was as undignified as himself who was saying that. It was ridiculous. Wasn’t that just self-destruction, as Karl would say?

“It’s so boring without Karl…”

It was Joachim, of all people, who said that. He was the quietest of the four, so if even he was saying that, it meant their boredom had reached its peak.

“How’s Selena these days?”

“She’s radiating an aura of ‘I’ll kill you if you interrupt me’.”

“Except for Karl.”

“Except for Karl, that is.”

In the past, it was difficult to even talk to Selena due to the memory of being rejected.

Now, thanks to Karl, all the awkwardness has disappeared.

On the contrary, now, teasing her with ‘So when are you two getting married?’ results in a delightful reaction.

So, even last year, they teased her several times, but now they can’t do that anymore.

Grad school is indeed a dangerous place. Even Selena has changed this much. It must be a den of devils!

“By the way, what’s that elf up to? Eloise? That junior?”

“She’s been sticking with Princess Lefia… no, Junior Lefia.”

“And Junior Lavrenti?”

“She’s also with Junior Lefia.”


They already knew that Eloise and Lavrenti had romantic feelings for Karl.

But the two of them were with Lefia? And Lefia was the one Karl kept taking care of?

‘They’re wary.’

‘It’s jealousy.’

‘Karl, you’re in big trouble.’

Selena was completely immune.

She had already visited Karl’s family and formally introduced herself. With her position secure, there was no reason for her to be anxious.

But Eloise and Lavrenti were different.

They were aiming for the next opportunity, and Karl suddenly seemed to be taking good care of another woman, not them? If they could stay calm after seeing this, they wouldn’t be human.

‘Ah, Eloise isn’t human. Anyway.’

“Ah, I’m bored. When is Karl coming back?”

“Why are you looking for me when you’re bored, you damn hydra bastards?”


Wait. Did I hear that wrong? Why does it sound like Karl’s voice is mixed in?

“Are you guys not going to remove those rotten eyeballs? You’re making faces like you’ve seen a ghost.”


It’s really Karl? What? How did he come back so soon?

The quartet scrambled to their feet and shouted Karl’s name in unison.

“My ears are falling off, you guys. Quiet down.”

“How can we be quiet?! What? When did you get back?!”

“Weren’t you supposed to arrive in two days?”

“Things went better than expected, so I got off work early. Why?”

Early leave! The gift that Imperial officials want the most! He got it, our Karl is doing a great job! Hahaha!

The four of them patted Karl’s shoulder, thinking they could finally shake off their boredom.

But then they noticed something and let out a groan, ‘Ehhh?’

“What’s that, Karl? That sword? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Yeah, you never carried something like that around. You said it was inconvenient.”

“Ah, this.”

The sword was obviously antique. Karl fiddled with it for a moment before speaking.

“I got it on the way back.”

* * *

A few days ago, when the Imperial delegation was still in Lasker.

“I think you sent the invitation to the wrong person?”

Karl was sitting in front of several knights, tilting his head in confusion.

They were none other than Lefia’s maternal family, the Etalland family of Lasker.

To be precise, it was the head of the Etalland family, his sons, and their knights.

The Imperial delegation’s mission was over. They had clearly conveyed all of their opinions.

Queen Imir II of Lasker was focusing on shifting the excessive privileges of the ‘knights’ and the excuse of ‘honor’ to the new concept of the nation.

They provided covert support where needed. They eased the debt burden and humbled the knights, showing them they weren’t invincible, all through one man.

Initially, the atmosphere wasn’t great, but eventually, they would come to realize.

That the privileged class of knights couldn’t last forever. That honor couldn’t be the ultimate pride.

After all, hadn’t they lost in war and even in a friendly match on their own soil?

They needed something more practical, more urgent. Imir intended to change their thinking from a kingdom ‘Of’ knights to a ‘Kingdom’ of knights, by fostering patriotism.

In any case, the delegation members just had to attend the banquet and brighten up the place.

There, they could show that the Empire was eager to move forward with Lasker.

And Karl, after the friendly match, intended to mingle with the Lasker knights.

He judged that approaching them without reservation would be better for the Empire than boasting about his victory.

The problem was that the first invitation came from Lefia’s maternal family, the Etalland family. In other words, the family that had been thoroughly defeated by Karl’s father, the current Count Friedrich.

‘This is awkward. Very awkward.’

The knights who had lost to him in the recent friendly match didn’t even come near Karl afterwards.

Whether it was due to mere pride or fear, they didn’t even look at him, let alone speak to him.

Yet, at such a time, the family that had been shattered by Count Friedrich suddenly invited him to tea.

Even though he knew it was unlikely, Karl couldn’t help but worry, ‘Did they poison the tea?’

“To see the son of Baba Yaga. This is quite fascinating.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Etalland family stroked his white beard with a strange smile.

The image of the man who had crushed him, his sons, and his knights was still vivid in his memory.

Karl looked more delicate than his father, but his martial prowess was just like him.

No, wait. He might even be more monstrous. At least his father used the same sword as them.

But this young man named Karl had ravaged the knights with a much shorter military greatsword.

It was said that the greatsword was blessed by the Radiant Church, but that alone couldn’t explain his extraordinary skill.

“Do you think so too, Father?”

“What’s even more amazing is his skill. They say he’s not a warrior born of a warrior, but I never expected him to be this good.”

Well, I’m not a warrior born of a warrior because I spent three years as a soldier on the battlefield, fighting against the veterans.

To survive, I had to roll around like crazy, you know?

I’m sorry to say this, but it’s not even comparable to you knights swinging your swords around!

Karl couldn’t bring himself to say those words out loud, so he just laughed.

“You may have heard this from your father, but we used to cross swords together. That was, hmm, more than twenty years ago?”

“I heard about it from my father. He said he met worthy opponents when the Empire and Lasker were fiercely competing.”

To be precise, they were ‘friends who were fun to spar with,’ but Karl didn’t mention that part.

He wasn’t foolish enough to throw cold water on this pleasant atmosphere.

“Hahaha. I’m glad he said that. But your father must have said it out of courtesy. After all, against Baba Yaga, all we could do was run away after being defeated.”

“I don’t consider running away to be shameful. I see it as choosing life over a meaningless death, while waiting for another day.”

Retreating or withdrawing from battle was not a disgraceful act. It was a hundred times better to regroup and seek a new battle than to die here.

Retreats were a daily occurrence in the Luzernes War, so Karl answered sincerely.

But it seemed that his answer left a strong impression on the Etalland knights.

“Indeed. Baba Yaga, and his son. They’re different from us.”

“I thought fighting and dying was honorable. But it’s not. Hmm.”


No, if you guys get so serious, what am I supposed to do? Why are you acting like this?

Karl wanted to scream, but he endured it with superhuman patience.

“Young Lord Karl Adelheit. Please accept this.”

The head of the Etalland family rummaged through something and held out an object. It was wrapped in luxurious silk, and Karl could roughly guess what was inside.

“This is…”

“It should have gone to your father. But he refused it. And now, it’s not too much to give it to his son.”

Karl tilted his head and carefully unwrapped the silk.

What appeared was a single sword, exuding an antique and elegant aura.

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