Immortal In The Magic World-Chapter 481 - Eli Descends

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481 Eli Descends

Suo Mo City!

It was located in the Saka Plains and was also the most important city on the dividing line between the central and northern parts of the Heart of the Abyss. It separated the central and northern parts and slept like a giant.

In the past thousand years, no force had ever entered this place.

No matter how far it was.

But on this day, the thick fog of war had already enveloped this place.

Tens of thousands of Warlock legions were stationed more than ten kilometers away from the city. In the sky, there were also hundreds of airships. Each of them reflected the sunlight, and the exposed elemental cannons flickered with a cold light.

Opposite them, on top of the huge city that was hundreds of meters high, there were many nervous warlocks of the Heart of the Abyss. Although they were holding weapons, they did not hide the uneasiness in their hearts. There were also a large number of nervous warlocks outside the city.

Although Castellan Suo Ya was also a Radiant Sun Sorcerer, he felt nervous as he looked ahead.

This was especially so when he saw the four-headed snake that was a few hundred meters long. Although its eyes were closed, the aura it emitted was almost at the peak of the Radiant Sun.

Although he had never seen it with his own eyes, this giant snake had gained a huge reputation in the past week. It had been built with the lives of countless Abyss Heart Warlocks, and the name of the Snake of Death, Hydra, had spread to the ears of every Warlock.

“Of course, there are also airships and other… Who would have thought that they would be able to reach this point?”Suo Ya clutched his chest, feeling shocked.

Of course, he was only shocked, but this time, he wasn’t too afraid.

Because he already knew that the Heart of the Abyss, Lord Soran, had arrived here.

With a half-step fifth-circle warlock, it was impossible for them to lose!

“Come on. It’s our turn to win.” He pursed his lips and looked across.

On the Bloodline Tower’s side.

As the person in charge of this battle, Nikola was at the back. Beside him stood Vivika and the other Warlocks. They were all looking forward, and their eyes were shining with the light of revenge.

“Sir Nikola, do you think they will really send out a half-step fifth circle warlock in this war?” Vivika asked Nikola.

“Sir Eli has predicted that there will be at least one half-step fifth circle warlock here today!” Nikola nodded.

“Bring it!” Vivika nodded and took out a statue that exuded a strong aura of faith. This was what Eli had given her before the war.

“That’s good!”

“In that case, let’s attack!”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone immediately took action.



The horn suddenly sounded above the battlefield. Nikola flew into the sky and looked at the city in the distance below the battlefield ruins. He shouted, “All troops, attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Suo Ya shouted from afar, “Attack!”

The two of them spoke almost at the same time.

In the next instant.

Hiss hiss hiss!

Hydra’s eyes flashed as it dragged its huge body and flew far away at a low altitude. The four snake heads lit up at the same time, and four elemental light pillars tore through the sky, heading toward the Abyss Heart army.

Boom! Boom!

A massive explosion resounded throughout the battlefield. Three of the attacks were blocked by the celestials, who arrived in time, but there was also one that streaked across the local army, leaving behind a long trail of several hundred meters. Nearly a thousand people were instantly turned into ashes.

The army of the Heart of the Abyss froze.

However, it was only for a moment because the Snake of Death had already arrived at the center of the battlefield. The Warlock army on the ground was also very close, and the airships in the sky were also ready.

“The flying army will stop the airships. Everyone else, counterattack!”

Suo Ya flew into the sky and headed straight for Hydra. He was also a Radiant Sun Warlock.

The two sounds collided, and an explosion sounded.

At this moment, thousands of flying magical beasts that looked like pterosaurs rose into the sky. At the same time, the elemental cannons of the airships in the sky also turned toward the pterosaurs.

Cannon fire filled the sky!

Along with the sound of elemental explosions, the Winged Dragons fell one by one.

Even if they wanted to resist, when the pterosaurs approached and attacked the airship’s defense circle, they felt even more despair. Their bodies could not tear through the defense at all!

The situation in the sky was one-sided, and the war on the ground had already erupted.

One by one, the Warlocks clashed with the Warlocks of the Heart of the Abyss with their mage Weapons. Many of the Bloodline Tower Warlocks’ weapons were broken, and then they were torn into two by the enemy.

Of course, this was only a minority, but under the same level, with the support of weapons and potions, they could still easily suppress the enemy. They were on a completely different level.

In just ten minutes.

The direction of victory in the war shifted towards the Bloodline Tower.

Even Suo Ya was barely able to withstand the Hydra’s attacks.

“Damned beast!”

After dodging Hydra’s attack once again, Suo Ya quickly took a few steps back. He cursed as he looked at the battlefield. However, when he saw the battlefield, his heart instantly turned cold.

In the sky, the remaining dozens of flying units were dodging the attacks that were like a sea of stars. Further away, a large number of celestials from Bloodline Tower erupted into battle, and the Heart of the Abyss Warlock army on the ground was almost suppressed.

“Can’t hold on anymore?”

Suo Ya opened his mouth wide.

It had only been less than half an hour!

“Lord Soran, you can attack now!” He turned his head and shouted into the distance.

As soon as he finished speaking, a blood-colored figure suddenly flew up from Suo Mo City.


Everyone felt a terrifying pressure descend from the sky.

It was as if the sky was falling!

Everyone even found it difficult to breathe. The aura of the battlefield instantly stopped. At this moment, a bloody figure flew into the sky, and a huge palm flew toward the distant airship.

The 100-meter-long blood-red palm crossed the distance and directly smashed three airships into pieces. Then, they fell to the ground, killing hundreds of people.

Only after all this happened did everyone react.

Looking at the figure in the sky.

He had long, blood-red hair, and his skin was covered in black and red marks. His eyes were filled with bloodlust and madness, revealing his ferocious beast-like teeth as he licked his lips and looked down.

“Heart of the Abyss, Soran!”

Looking at this figure, the celestials in the distance all had fearful expressions.

The person in front of him was the half-step fifth circle warlock who had appeared in the war with the Hamis family.

On the ground, the warlocks of the Heart of the Abyss were already cheering.

“It’s Lord Soran. That’s great!”

“Hahahaha, I don’t need to die, I don’t need to die!”

On the other hand, the Warlocks of the Bloodline Tower on the opposite side became solemn.

Although they had never seen it before, everyone knew how strong the Warlocks were at this stage. They had no chance of winning. Was the situation about to change?

At this time, Hydra on the ground raised its head and hissed at Soran.

“What a bold beast!”

Soran grinned when he saw it.

In the next second, his figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Hydra.

Blood filled the air, and Hydra was sent flying with a punch.


The air exploded, and the Hydra let out a painful wail before flying into the distance. A piece of its body was missing, and a large amount of elements were lost.

On the battlefield, Hydra was easily defeated.

Everyone’s eyes were dull, and their originally high-spirited momentum was even somewhat scattered. They looked at the battlefield, not feeling optimistic about the future of the war.

“So many people. It seems that we can kill a lot today!”

Soran looked at the Warlocks on the ground, revealing a look like he was looking at a pig or a sheep. His cold killing intent was not concealed at all, and everyone only felt a chill.

Everyone stopped at this moment.

Behind the Bloodline Tower.

Vivika held the statue of faith in her hand. The statue in her hand emitted light, and bits of faith gradually dissipated. A light shadow seemed to be about to drill out of space.

Vivika watched the scene and mumbled, “Sir, come quickly. We need you!”

In the next second.

Light blossomed.

Eli’s doppelganger stepped out of space and descended.

Looking at Vivika, Eli looked at the battlefield in the distance and said calmly, “I’m here.”