Imperial God Emperor-Chapter 1384 - The Grand Finale of Imperial God Emperor

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Chapter 1384 - The Grand Finale of Imperial God Emperor

Translator: Aran

The solution the Divine Light Emperor came up with was very simple; it was reincarnation.

Only by stripping away their Emperor-level cultivation base and become a mortal could they enter the solar system and return to Earth

“This...” Old Fish was hesitant. He came to find the opportunity, and not to find abuse. It hadn't been easy for him to accumulate a powerful cultivation base, and if he were to completely get rid of it and undergo reincarnation, wouldn't that mean all his efforts and practice have gone to waste? Moreover, if he can't find the opportunity that means he has lost everything he had.

Little Nine looked at the Divine Light Emperor with a piercing stare, “Old man, woof rarely reads but don't think of deceiving woof. If we strip away our immortal body and become mortals, we will instantly be turned to dust in this starry sky. How can we enter the solar system? How can we return to your hometown?”

Old Fish nodded, “Yeah, it's simply impossible.”

The Divine Light Emperor gave a smile, “You can as long as you strip away your immortal body and become mortal. I am now a soul so I won't be too affected. I can take you into the solar system, and then descend on Earth.”

Little Nine and Old Fish at the same time stared at the Divine Light Emperor with a very suspicious expression.

“Old man, you have some connection with Woof's Master, you better not be thinking of any bad intentions. Don't you dare think of scheming against a young and good-looking dog like woof.” Little Nine still felt suspicious like he had gone onto a pirate's ship.

Old Fish twirled strands of his beard until they snapped off and said, “Your Highness Light Emperor, you were the blazing sun of a generation, an honourable King of Sovereigns, you've always been a man of your words. You wouldn't not keep to your words this time, right?”

The Divine Light Emperor did not know whether to cry or laugh. “In my life, when have I ever schemed against others.”

Old Fish nodded. The Divine Light Emperor had always been righteous and upright, like the King of Gods. He had never schemed against others. In order to return to his hometown, he did not hesitate to give up on the cultivation base he had accumulated for one hundred and seven lives, and in order to help Ye Qingyu succeed, he almost gave up everything and came to this remote and desolate place. He had no desires. Moreover, there wasn’t anything valuable on the silly dog and Old Fish.

The silly dog muttered to himself, “Don’t scheme against people, then what about the Sky Emperor.”

In the end, the silly dog and Old Fish accepted the Divine Light Emperor’s proposal.

Because once an arrow is shot out, there is no way to get it back. Since they have arrived here, it was already impossible to turn back. Their instinct vaguely told them that the opportunity was really in the wasteland-like solar system. To be precise, it is on that azure planet.

“If there is an afterlife, what would you like to be?” Old Fish asked the dog with a smile.

“Of course I still want to be a greatly admired dog.” Little Nine said smugly, “I want to reincarnate into a more loveable and more powerful dog, so that, after I obtain the opportunity and return to the Vast Thousand Star Domains, Master can still recognize me. Woof, hahahahaha!”

When Old Fish heard that he wanted to reincarnate into a dog, he just thought ‘a dog really can't stop himself from eating shit’, but when he listened to his reason he was completely taken aback. It was as though the softest place in his heart was hit hard. Although the dog was stupid, greedy and lazy... and has a number of bad habits, his feelings towards Ye Qingyu was the most sincere.

The silly dog grinned at Old Fish, “Old man, what about you? Don't tell me you want to become a fish? Haha, be careful of being eaten by mortals on earth or made into a salty fish, hahaha, Woof will sympathize with you.”

Exasperated, Old Fish fumed through his nose, that emotional feeling in his heart immediately vanished like smoke.

“I want to reincarnate into a God, summon the wind and command the rain on earth, and bring the formation martial arts to great heights. Haha I want to become the spokesperson of God, and change the ordinary creatures on that ignorant and backward planet with my actions. Wahaha.”

The Divine Light Emperor nodded, “Okay.”

Regarding the aspect of reincarnation, he was already a Master-level figure. He had been reincarnated 108 times, as well as arranged for the reincarnation of the Divine Generals. Although his power had greatly deteriorated, this was still not a problem for him.

He taught Old Fish and Little Nine the reincarnation mantra, and told them to recite it in order to remove the powerful force within their bodies.

At the same time, a blue glow flowed out from the body of the Divine Light Emperor, shrouding Old Fish and the silly dog.

About half a day later.

The clusters of blue light were turned into meteors, speeding into the solar system.

Suddenly, in the solar system, there were strange forces fluctuating and laws surging, formless and colourless, but extremely terrifying. It rushed towards the blue cluster, as if to completely annihilate it. Even the vast starry sky outside of the solar system was affected and underwent changes.

All living beings on some planets near the solar system felt their heart pounding with indescribable fear, as if a terrifying disaster was coming. Countless creatures without intelligence darted away in panic...

On a bright star, a middle-aged man who was polishing a knife in the depths of the mountains suddenly had a change of expression, “Heavens, someone is forcing their way into the Star Cemetery area?” He transformed into a stream of light in a flash, soared skyward, and directly broke out of the planet's gravitational force, gazing into the terrifying galaxy in the endless distance.

So many years have passed, yet there are still people who dare to enter the solar system?

It was unknown how many planetary-level experts had been buried in that Star Cemetery in the past millions of years. 𝑓𝓇𝑒𝑒𝚠e𝘣𝓷𝘰ѵe𝑙.com

All of a sudden, detecting a familiar aura, he turned to several other directions.

“Those old monsters are startled too...”

His lips were curved in a slight arc.

There wasn’t a large life star in this domain, but many martial arts planets. This was a martial arts star domain. There was no shortage of peerless planetary-level experts here that can leave the star domain and enter into the universe with their tyrannical cultivation base alone. It was clear that the fluctuations of power in the Star Cemetery Domain had attracted the attention of all the planetary-level experts. One by one, they descended into the starry sky to find out what was exactly happening.

But soon, the middle-aged man revealed a look of astonishment.

He sensed that the old monsters had all been startled and showed up. In other words, the experts who had invaded the Star Cemetery galaxy were not known planetary-level experts, but a new talent...

Who exactly broke into the Star Cemetery galaxy?

This problem troubled all the planetary-level experts. 𝗳𝘳𝒆𝘦𝑤𝐞𝚋𝗻𝚘𝘷𝘦𝙡.𝑐𝐨𝘮

Adding to this, some people found that, following this invasion, some of the powers and laws in the Star Cemetery galaxy seemed to have changed? It was beginning to weaken?




The clear sky.

A faint blue figure, almost transparent, was floating in the void, looking below.

No one else could notice him, but he saw everything in the world, like a ghost.

On the road was an endless stream of cars.

Mournful cries rang throughout the streets. A grizzled-haired middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman with short hair were hugging a young man lying in a pool of blood on the side of the road crying. A car accident had just happened, and their son was seriously injured in the car accident, at his last breath. The doctor from the ambulance that arrived first revealed an unbearable expression. From a professional point of view, the injured youngster could not be saved...

“Dad, Mum, I'm back...”

The soul of the Divine Light Emperor couldn’t help but shed tears.

How many years had passed, how many times had this scene appeared in his dream. Now he knows how broken hearted his parents were when he got in a car accident.

At this moment, his heart was almost broken.

No matter what kind of storm and glory he had experienced in the Vast Thousand Star Domains, he could hardly control himself when he saw the sorrowful faces of the two elderly.

He had finally come back.

“My divine power has been completely drained clean... From now on, I am just an ordinary person. The laws and forces of the solar system are too terrifying. Sigh, my forced entry seemed to have disturbed the operation of heavenly laws of the solar system, and may cause unpredictable consequences. I hope I won’t become the sinner of earth...”

The Divine Light Emperor sighed.

His return had formed a great cause and effect.

Old Fish and the silly dog had been sent to other parts of earth and will soon be able to complete reincarnation.

It’s just that earth... isn’t suitable for cultivation. They will certainly experience calamity one after another, but hopefully they can get through them smoothly.

“My strength has been completely removed by the laws of the solar system, and now I only possess the last trace of strength. Dad, Mum, I'm finally back. This time, I will not make you upset. I missed the days of ordinary life. I will always be with you from now on. The fate of the earth, the fate of the solar system, let the fourth symbol of the heavenly law solve it. I hope Inspiration King and the silly dog can find him...”

The Divine Light Emperor thought to himself. He had completely let go of the burden and psychological pressure of so many years.

From then on, it had nothing to do with him anymore.

He was just an ordinary person. The great responsibility was given to those destined to carry it.

He turned into a wisp of light and entered the body of the badly wounded youngster.

After a while, the body of the seriously injured youngster was twitching, and then opened his eyes, “Mum... what's wrong? Don't cry, I'm fine...” His breathing began to recover very quickly. Although his injuries appeared to be still the same, his internal organs were undamaged.

The sobbing woman wiped her tears in disbelief, “Little Ye, you... don't scare mum, are you all right?”

“Doctor, doctor, come and see, Little Ye, he...” the grizzled-haired father cried out in joy.

A smile lit up the young man’s face.

He knew he had finally got the life he wanted most.

His last trace of strength was used to repair his body, and completely sealed his memory. From now on, he will live as an ordinary person with his parents and friends.

The feeling of returning home... was really nice.


“Ahhhh, I'm going crazy... Divine Light Emperor, are you playing with me?”

On the Qinling Divine Mountain, a Taoist with hair draped over his shoulders wildly howled with indignation.

He trudged across mountains, unable to display his powerful strength. The tide of power on earth was so weak that it was infuriating. He felt like a big shark that had fallen into a desert.

“It seems that we can only slowly search for it... If not, I’m going to be trapped and die on this planet.”

The Taoist sobbed without tears.


“Woof woof woof...”

A stray puppy was blankly traveling back and forth between the endless streams of traffic.

“Woof's power is all gone... This body is too fragile... Heavens, what evil did Woof commit... This planet is simply a land of death... My memory is beginning to blur... I'm not going to become an ordinary dog and die here right?”

The little dog yelled

It didn't take long for him to completely lose all his memory.

The stray puppy shuttled across into the city, without attracting any attention, suffered all kinds of bullying, unable to get enough to eat and lived in a state of apprehension. Finally he assimilated into the bustling city, forgot everything, but also forgot himself.