Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2138 I Shall Burn It All For You! II

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Chapter 2138 I Shall Burn It All For You! II

Let me put to rest the great Dimensional Hellion Ruler!

These words resonated with the blazing skies of Apollyon as they caused Lilith's figure and those around her to become bathed in authority!

Her body was still in a devilish form that had absorbed three Undead Emperors, her hooved hands rising at this moment and burning with flames as she nodded lightly while voicing out.

<You heard the True Empress Katya when she said True Emperors are designated? In the Last Age, there were two beings that had the greatest chance and destiny to become True Emperors. One of those was my Father, and the other…was Feng.>


<The Great Commander Feng…who ended up dying earlier than most Emperors in this Age- in the hands of a being who had an abysmal destiny. Some even say that Feng's Destiny was snatched on that day by OPPENHEIMER as he then went on to achieve what he did. But the crucial thing in all this…is that while my father's body disappeared, I was able to attain the body of Feng. I was able to raise it and keep its Aspects intact even though its soul was gone. I had grand plans for this as I believed it possible to even use the Destined Emperor of the past Age to attain rulership in this Age. I…had all these plans. But then you appeared.>


Her crimson eyes turned clear as her rage and anger were entirely snuffed out.

A dangerous amount of clarity descended as in her devilish form, she stared towards Noah and continued.

<You appeared as all those plans I had for Feng and many others…I shall now throw them out the window. The crucial body of a Destined Emperor, I will now burn it and everything else I have just for you. I will burn it all to challenge that distinction you have and see that all I have done is not for naught. I shall put all of the Quintessential Authority that I have collected so far on the line for this…so let me see. Let me see this Quintessence that you have been boasting about since we were in the Quantum Dimension. Let me see why a being like you rose out of nowhere to even attain such a distinction while the rest of us who have been burning blood and soul are disregarded as if we are nothing!>


A brooding symphony played.

It was a unique sight.

It was akin to the setting sun on a bright and radiant day as Lilith's body began to light up with tendrils of extremely crimson flames- flames that wrapped around her and ground her form down as she was becoming something else entirely!

She was staking all of her hard work that was already getting torn down to prove something. 

That against this unreasonable being that quite literally rose from nowhere…she could overcome him. That the distinction of QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR could be taken down for her to prove her candidacy to the True Throne!

Lucius seemed shocked and unwilling to see such this unfolding result as his vibrant eyes locked onto the figure that was the cause of all this- the Dimensional Inimicus who was in multiple places at once.


There were no words that could be said to rectify any past actions or change what was about to unfold. The Rulers on their side got ready while tendrils of flames scorched Lilith as Ashes fell, and her figure shrank into a fantastical form of a demoness with curves of excellent proportions!

Apollyon Essence surged as the being that was closest to its Source burned all that she held dear, and this essence burned with this being as the very Dimension seemed to be supporting her.

Fair white jade-like skin wrapped on an Armament of crimson black flames, hair burning red and dripping past her shoulders while her opening eyes…


They seemed to contain the mysteries of the vast Dimensions and Reality as they seemed infinitely dense akin to a Singularity. 

Gazing at them just once might be enough to swallow weak Nature Integration Realm existences, desegregate them, and shatter their souls all at once!

Yet against their target…they were only met with utmost majesty.

Noah gazed at the tendrils of demonic flames around a refined figure of Lilith as he thought of many things while shaking his head and voicing out.

<This was never meant to be a contest of strength or authority.>


As he spoke, his surroundings fluctuated as two more True Sanguine Clones appeared to his left and right, their lips moving in conjunction with his as they laid down an affirmation!

<This was simply meant to be the end of your reign.>


Three Noah's spoke as soon after, each of them began to blaze with the scorching cerulean light of Quintessential Singularity Ignition.

Along with this, a radiant silver gray light had begun to illuminate in his eyes as this…was the terrifying light of NULLITY that had been fluidly filling up the Origin of his main body- even this concept about to enter the fray as even with Providence, Noah did not know how drastically things would change!

So his three Clones moved out like the points of Singularities that they were, intent on closing off a chapter of a particularly powerful enemy while at the same time…he eyed to devour the Anchor that was the Apollyon Dimension!

When Lilith made her escape, she disappeared into the Apollyon Dimension with her forces…but what about The Empress?

Her return was uniquely not into the Main Reality- although it was still in the Desolate Mausoleum.


Arcs of NULLITY and waves of spatial light twisted as an injured Althea, Ezekiel, and the Eminent Mastermind appeared alongside The Empress in a region located within the Boundary Between Realities.

It was a region of utter emptiness as there should be nothing here, but The Empress had a stern expression as she clasped the Primitivus Nullity Originator in her hands and communicated with it.

And moments later, she turned her gaze towards a certain direction as with clear eyes, she spoke out into nothingness.

<He said you would be here to lend aid in the case any of them descended.>


She spoke out into nothingness with an astounding resolve, the very fabric of Reality vibrating at her words and focusing as even it didn't know what existence was being addressed by The Empress!