Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2255 The True Emperor And His Quintessential Boons! II

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Chapter 2255 The True Emperor And His Quintessential Boons! II

2255 The True Emperor and his Quintessential Boons! II

As Noah's looked at this vibrant source before him, he smiled as he asked lightly.

<So? Which Will are you now?>

He asked this question while smiling because he already knew the answer.

And the reply was one of utmost clarity.

<<I am the Will of the Infinite Plane that is connected to Master.>>


Boundless waves of plasmic essence surged as drums of valor and victory played in the background!


Noah's eyes released a jovial light as after the pressure of battles and apocalypses on his back was now taken off- however momentary it may be, he wanted to now enjoy the boons he had obtained out of all of this!

For him to do this, he had to set a few things in motion and make sure that the Infinite Plane was absolutely safe, with no heavy risks needing to be taken right now as the Authorities of his Boundaries didn't show any abundant opportunities in staying right where he was right now.


<I wanted to move the Plane from its current position and hide it within the Planar Palisades of Extremity while I assimilate all the boons are its defensive and veiling capabilities currently?>

The past Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality had many features as it could veil itself and defend itself in unique ways, and with the dangers of the Planar Palisades of Extremity as well as the Havens of Extremity, Noah needed to understand how all of these features had been revolutionized!

<<This is actually linked to the elevation of Manadynamics towards EXTREMITY. Master can look at the details of this first.>>

The Infinite Plane emanated fantastical words as Noah nodded, glorious information filling his mind as he pulled from one of the newly elevated concepts toward Extremity.

Something that the Ancestors labeled as one of the worst concepts as it should even be below Golden Planar Boundaries!

And yet after its elevation by the Source of Reality, the Evolvable Crimson Innate Boundary of Manadynamics was born!

[<First Boundary Layer of Manadynamics>:: A Boundary Layer brought to fruition due to multiple factors of impossibilities. This isn't just an expansion of a concept towards Extremity, but the expansion of the specific Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics of the Infinite Plane towards Extremity. It allows for greater control and versatility of what this Fundamental Natural Law used to stand for, while also granting a greater level of manipulation of the state of Reality towards the Source of Reality and any User that is permitted to grasp it. The Master of the Infinite Plane automatically gains access to this type of Evolvable Boundary that will proceed to greater stages when more Planes of Existence are assimilated into the Infinite Plane, with the laws governing these Planes absorbed and expanded upon as the stage of Consummate Boundaries is not an impossibility...]

[...Apart from the greater control and manipulation of the state of Reality granted to the Infinite Plane through this Boundary, a User of it is granted a tremendous Reality Altering effect termed Aeonic Resource Administrator- a distinction that requires the formation of Reality Passages within one's Origin as it allows for one to regenerate any and all Resources within the span of half an Hour, the definition of Resources being expanded to count the Aeonic Soul Values that are routinely used to alter the state of Reality. The Reality Passages are required to be linked into one's Origin to allow for the smooth actualization of the effects of Aeonic Resource Master, with additional effects of the Reality Passages being granted as the reality altering effects of Passive Aeonic and Passive Extremity Refinement have come to fruition. Another feature of this Boundary that is restricted to the Infinite Plane is the seamless conversion and mimicking of different sources of essence inside and outside the Planar Barrier of this Plane, allowing for the Aeonic Absolute Masking feature of the Infinite Plane to come to fruition as in any space it is in, the Infinite Plane can seamlessly blend into it as the only path of discovery would be to run into it...


A grandiose and lengthy description descended!

The uniqueness of the Boundary of Manadynamics was shown as it wasn't just any Boundary- where even if over the billions of years out there, an existence had risen and proceeded to expand the concept of Mana or even directly the concept of Manadynamics to a Boundary- it wouldn't be what Noah and the Infinite Plane currently had!

The major thing from this Boundary Layer for Noah was the feature of Aeonic Resource Administrator that even allowed for the regeneration of one's soul power, whereas in the past- Noah's rate of regeneration for his Aeonic Soul Values was split into hours!

And this was increasing as he gained more and more Aeonic Soul Values as even a day may have not even enough for him to fully recover all his soul power without outside means.

Yet all this was wiped away as Noah would recover to full Resources- Vitality, Mana if it wasn't already Infinite, and now even Aeonic Soul Values in the span of 30 minutes!

The moment that Noah accepted this Boundary into his Soul after its creation by the Infinite Plane, he felt his Origin come to life as the incandescent Reality Passages that connected his 9 Dimensional Realities began to pulse.

A cerulean light of grandeur covered them as on top of their multicolored texture, they looked like Celestial mountains one would find on the highest peaks of idyllic planes of existence.

All of them were stretched out across his Origin as the moment the effects of the Boundary of Manadynamics applied to them, they began to erupt and gush out boundless waves of essence that coursed through Noah's Origin and his Aeonic Soul that tightly wrapped around it!

His soul sucked up the erupting essence as it received stupendous nourishment, his Aeonic Soul Values steadily beginning to recover as on top of all of this, the effects of Passive Aeonic and Passive Extremity Refinement began!

Tomorrow's working chapter titles: The True Emperor and his Quintessential Boons! III & IV