Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2611 As Above, So Below! II

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Chapter 2611 As Above, So Below! II

2611 As Above, So Below! II

An unbelievable development!

The Hyperversal Authorities of the very Havens flowed across the coiled Extremity Vein- the authorities of different Havens appearing throughout as the ebb and flow of the authorities caused the massive construct to radiate endless light.

A light that brightened up all Havens as at this moment, all eyes of immaculately powerful beings were on this phenomenon!

The force and surging of all of these authorities was so ridiculously potent that for the Scions and Elders who had entered the Abyssal Sanctimonious Lands within the Extremity Vein felt a rebounding force of authority wrap around them as they were ejected.

The endless veil of Dissolution that Noah's Reified Sources and Scions of Inheritances were watching and waiting to be torn down this whole time was forcefully pulled away from their eyes as all of them were ejected from the Vein!


And it pulsed and hummed as if it was announcing the grand arrival of something.

Those ejected out of the Extremity Vein gathered like innumerable dots on the stellar space as they stared at it with scrutiny.

From her high position above Dissolution, the brows of the Adjudicator furrowed as she waved her hands- her figure and Noah's figure in their isolated space disappearing as they appeared in close proximity with the Extremity Vein that now surged with multiple colors of light.

[A change like this is unheard of.]

Svetlana spoke lightly as they watched, and they weren't the only ones as from the different factions, the Hyperversal Extremities of Inheritances and Clans arrived in front of their Legions of Apex Aeonic Lifeforms that were going to participate in the Culmination Step of Dissolution as they observed the massive Vein that made them all look like ants cautiously!

This was the phenomenon in Dissolution, but in the other 6 Havens, the forces of a myriad of Inheritances and Clans simply had their Extremities gather and observe the pulsing Vein on their side as they waited to see what this phenomenon would usher forth.

But they were bound to be disappointed.

Because at this moment, the brightest shining portion of the Extremity Vein was Dissolution.

The one that triggered this change.

The Haven currently undergoing the Last Extremity Sanctification!

From it, blinding light radiated out as across the stretches of trillions of light years- the Vein began to flicker as it split open to gush out the boundless light flowing through it!

A light that washed out into the surroundings as if stellar waterfalls of Hyperversal Authority had gloriously burst open.

Thereafter, these points where the Vein split open stabilized and formed into massive radiant rifts.

Rifts that reflected an illusory transparent light that could not yet be seen through at this moment!

And the eyes of all Hyperversal Extremities and Apex Aeonic Lifeforms gathered on these massive transparent rifts of light.

Noah's visage floated forward with a light of glory as within his mind, Oraculum buzzed to try and obtain information- and yet it was blocked off all around as nothing of the future relating to what was happening right now could be seen!

Authority of spatial distortion and the violation of the spacetime continuum heavily occurred around the transparent rifts stretched out across the potion of the Extremity Vein within Dissolution.



The transparent rifts trembled as their veil was torn down.

Along with this, the veils were entirely fractured and opened wide, revealing gateways connecting one end to another as the Hyperversal Authority of Dissolution, Helios, Oceanus, Elera, Andromeda, Penumbra, and Genesis flowed out endlessly!

The surrounding space felt like it had become heavy and viscous with the continued release of Hyperversal Authorities of the Seven Havens.

Apex Aeonic Lifeforms felt stifled as they realized their movements were slowed down and restricted by at least 80%!

They also felt as if their souls now carried a heavy weight that they had to circulate their essence to overcome and simply move freely.

It was a feeling of oppression that came with the gushing of Hyperversal Authorities of the Seven Havens into Dissolution endlessly.

And then, there were the gateways.

Noah's body felt the same restrictions, with a part in his Soul that held the beginnings of the term [DISSOLUTION] that he had attained at the end of the Initiation Step lighting up and letting off a glow that made the oppressive effects of the surrounding reality become much lesser for him.

And as his will tried to overcome the raging Hyperversal Authorities gushing out to see into one of the many massive gateways before him, he felt the visage of the Adjudicator of Dissolution come in front of him as her hands pushed him back slightly.

As if she was protecting him from something.

What would the Adjudicator of Disintegration need to protect him from?

Before this question could be answered, her serene voice thundered out in this region as it was shockingly spread out by the raging essence and caused to boom out across all of Dissolution.

[As Above, So Below…]


The cryptic words that the Curagulus of Extremity had unearthed from the Aeonic Annals of Extremity!

As the dense number of transparent tears of the Extremity Vein within Disintegration opened wide and released waves of astounding authority, the veil became torn as from within…a scene that many would remember for the rest of their lives unfolded.

The first thing was one that the Hyperversal Extremities observing at the very forefront sensed before anyone else.

It was the aura of Lifeforms.

In what should be the Culmination Step of Extremity Sanctification beginning, the dense, numerous, and majestic auras of Supreme Beings unfolded in a maddening fashion!

As the scene behind the portals became clear, it was like they were looking into an entirely different Realm past the radiant gateway.

A Realm that just like they were floating and staring into, innumerable sets of eyes were also floating and staring back at them!

As Above, So Below!

This term was quite literal in nature as it ushered forth the bells of change for the Seven Realms of Extremity!