Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2616 Inscrutable! II

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Chapter 2616 Inscrutable! II

2616 Inscrutable! II

The power and confidence dwelling within the Scions, Elders, and Extremities of the Seven Clans and Major Inheritances weren't little.

Even in this shocking reality where they watched a top-tier Apex Aeonic Lifeform knocked back with a single hit and a top-tier Hyperversal Extremity return injured with his arm ripped off…it didn't deter them!

It made them more cautious.

But that was it.

In front of one Vein Rift, an Inheritance known as the Extremity Forgers had their Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremity call out.

[Valiant, Gacun, Rosalind…step forward!]

He called from among the strongest Apex Aeonic Lifeforms from his Inheritance as the three called out became serious while floating towards the Vein Rift.

Even at this very moment, the authority of Dissolution mixed with the authority of other Havens continued to spill out and permeate the surroundings, causing the concentration of authority to increase as it made the movements of all beings even harder!

This group of three Scions stepped forward as they received the same message as the one they had heard before- the enemies they faced being those from the Leviathan Lineage of Cosmic Centipedes as three Cosmic Earth Centipedes showing the equivalent 16th Boundary Layer came to face them.

They weren't the only scions to be sent forth as the many Inheritances and forces of Seven Clans here…began to usher their Scions and Elders to continue testing out and gathering more information of this Culmination Step of Dissolution- as well as seek to gain entry if they could defeat their enemy!

The Scions sent weren't the strongest.

The message they received was the same.

[You may gain passage so long as you are victorious.]


They were then matched with equivalent Leviathans of Dissolution as shockingly, the Scions of Inheritances and those from the Seven Clans began taking in loss after loss!

No other Hyperversal Extremity had stepped forward as they continued to observe and gather information.

At the same time, the auras of more Hyperversal Extremities blazed as those from other Havens hearing of this shocking phenomenon made their way over.

All of this…fell under Noah's gaze as his eyes were currently glazed with the gold light of Oraculum!

He sensed boundless possibilities.

He sensed innumerable opportunities!

He just had to grasp them as he asked himself…

'Is it not time?'


Was it not time?

His Aspects of Existence cried out as if they heard his call, the majority of his Soul that had been undergoing the Vacuous and Vitalis Awakenings beginning to rouse as it ushered for their completion!

It had taken its time, but the occurring changes were that heavy and thorough as it wasn't anything that Noah had come across before.

Bathed in Vacuous Hyperversal Authority, the Vacuous Malignancies could undergo the First Vacuous Awakening after their bodies reached a level of potency and purity for this authority. This was a simple enough process…but Noah had undergone both this and the First Vitalis Awakening!

Just how ridiculous had he now become?


Spurred by his Will, his Main Body which was currently surrounded by a swirling storm of liquified Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Authorities woke up.


He looked at himself and the raging Hyper-dimensional Powers that had materialized even in the outside reality, his eyes blinking as he raised his right hand up because he…couldn't feel anything.


He couldn't feel authorities, essences, or anything emanating from his body when he first woke up as it was a new sensation he had to adapt to!

His hand showed fair white skin that held faint stellar obsidian runic tattoos that formed ancient marks all throughout his arms, and they extended upwards as when they met on his chest…a magisterial ecriture of infinity was inscribed.

The runic markings glowed with a simple stellar light as they could barely be seen, but Noah felt that they weren't as simple as they looked because they served a purpose!

He could feel…potent Vacuous and Vitalis Hyper-dimensional Authority coursing through the pathways of these runic tattoos as they cycled over his body and caused a profound reaction!

His Body, his Origin, and his Soul…it all felt so different as he needed to understand and quantify just what had occurred.

When he thought of this, his vision flickered as prompts began to rise.

[You have completed your First Vacuous Awakening!]

[You have completed your First Vitalis Awakening!]

[An unimaginable feat worthy of being heralded across the Eternal Annals of Extremity!]

[Your Soul, Origin, and Body have gained the quality of an Absolute Hyper-

dimensional Inscrutable Existence as all of your authorities will be contained within your body without being expressed outwardly. No existences will be able to discern your Realm, Concepts, Layers, Dynamis, or anything else about you as even when you express a form of authority, you can choose how others perceive it, or you can express it as a formless authority that isn't visible to the naked eye.]


A ridiculous upgrade that came with endless possibilities of applications.

Absolute Hyperversal Inscrutable Existence!

Due to the First Vacuous and Vitalis Awakenings, he attained an Existence that could now not even be perceived of its state of power by others!

It was the reason why when he first woke up, even he was thrown off as he couldn't feel any signs of essence emanating from his body when normally after such a transformation, a whole storm of essence would surround him!

[You have attained the Innate Vacuous Hyper-dimensional Channels and Innate Vitalis Hyperversal Meridians that allow the circulation, accommodation, and utilization of Vacuous Hyperversal Authority and Vitalis Hyperversal Authority.]

[The level of potency and purity of Vacuous Hyper-dimensional Authority is enough for you to actively control and utilize it at the First Vacuous Awakening, but the potency and purity of Vitalis Hyperversal Authority is still too low in relation to its stature as you currently cannot actively control this authority.]


Vacuous Hyper-dimensional Authority could be utilized at Noah's current stage as it seemed…Vitalis Hyperversal Authority placed itself far above.

Thick tendrils of Vitalis Hyper-dimensional Authority flowed within his body, origin, and soul…and yet he couldn't actively command it!