Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2775 All Three Aspects Scaled! II

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Chapter 2775 All Three Aspects Scaled! II

2775 All Three Aspects Scaled! II

His History was veiled from the eyes of weak Entities in the Fifth Gradation of Extremity. With this reality affirmed, his gaze went on to the other prompts that explained the surging Existential Authority flowing across his body.

[Transformation into the Vitalis Havenly II Entity is now possible!]

[Transformation into the Vacuous Infernal III Entity is now possible!]

[Your Manipulation of Existential Authority has increased substantially.]

[Hyperversal II Assimilation has been elevated to Existential Hyperversal III Assimilation.]

[Existential Hyperversal III Assimilation]:: The Sources and Origins of other Entities containing Existential Authority can now be desired and assimilated while granting 100% more Existential Authority. Furthermore, you can now choose to devour Concepts of Extremity bound to you or others for the purpose of traversing across the Gradations of Extremity at a faster pace. At its current stage, Concepts of Extremity that have only arrived at the Fourth Gradation of Extremity in power and below can be devoured…


His eyes flashed sharply as he saw the description of the newly elevated Hyperversal II Assimilation into Existential Hyperversal III Assimilation.

Theoretically…he could now devour and assimilate the very Concepts of Extremity others held to empower his own.

This was somewhat similar to what the Boundaries of Plagiarism could do once elevated to Extremity- but it only stole the Boundaries of others and granted them to him as they wouldn't be devoured to empower other Boundaries.

These were the gains made from his Third Awakening as his body brimmed with Existential Authority!

One of the heavier gains was the capability of Inscrutable III Existence, and as he gazed at this distinction, Noah also perused through the information of his elevated lineage and its capability of Obfuscation which was another feature that only supplemented his ability to veil himself before others.

His golden blood pulsed across his vessels like thick molten stellar Panaceas of existence as the information bloomed in his mind soon enough.

Havenly Quintessential Obfuscation had been elevated to the extent that now, Noah could erase his existence passively and actively against weaker Entities on the Fifth Gradation of Extremity! It was along the lines of Inscrutable as with Obfuscation, now could not be standing inches away from an Entity that had traversed less than a fourth of the Fifth Gradation of Extremity as they…

would not be able to see him.

They would not be able to even perceive that he was standing right there!

All of these capabilities had set the stage for what was coming up as now…

there was only one critical piece left.

And just as his Soul came to focus on it…


His Origin pulsed with multicolored light as it devoured over 95% of the Authority of the Ash Tree IV of Gradation.

It was the hardest Haven to forge and it only took more and more resources the closer towards completion, but his Boundary of Cultivation truly elevated the authority he obtained to an obscene level as currently, 48% of the Ninth Aletheian Haven was completed!

The illusory branches of the Ash Tree seemed like evaporating rivers of reality as they released every last shred of authority they held, Noah seeing clusters of fantastical royal cosmos of Elera forming as the number jumped from 48% to 49%.


A second passed.

Branches of the illusory Ash Tree of Gradation disappeared one after another as when there were 5 branches left, the rate of completion reached 50%.


His Origin pulsed with tense authority as prompts arose.

[You have reached the Unscalable Wall of your Origin!]

As if there was an insurmountable barrier that could never be crossed, the point came where before the completion of the other half of his Ninth Aletheian Haven, Noah would have to exceed the absolute limit of the Aspects of the Origin!

This was the only possible way that the ridiculous capability of taking the Sources of Boundaries linked to his Origin to Extremity could have been achieved.

And yet what should have been an arduous thing before…

[The Boundary of Cultivation flashes with quintessential glory at a barrier that seeks to impede your progress!]

[Your Origin mocks the Unscalable Wall and begins to tear it apart!]



His very being was filled with unbound waves of tyranny.

His Origin laughed at the appearance of the Unscalable Wall as it continued to absorb the authority from the Ash Tree of Gradation as if this wall didn't even exist!

And in the span of an instant…


An explosive burst of a storm of authority erupted with Noah at the very center.

The wall demarcating Extremity and Non-Extremity of the Origin was torn down.

The last of the branches of the Ash Tree of Gradation disappeared as a blinding Sporos V of Extremity appeared in their place like a burning multicolored sun!

And Noah's Ninth Aletheian Haven…reached 51% completion.


His Origin began to pulse and oscillate as all his Havens oscillated in a fantastical fashion.

A deep, ancient, and billowing might of Hyperversal Extremity Authority began to rise from the First Aletheian Haven and spread wildly upwards!

[You have gone past the Limitations of the Origin before attaining Extremity within a concept.]

[A Quintessential Achievement!]

[Your Origin is transforming into a uniquetype of Extremity Origin!]

Within his Origin, Quintessence overflowed as Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Authorities began to turn extremely active.

Above him, reality shattered as massive Existential Extremity Rune Scriptures of VACUOUS and VITALIS began to descend!

Just like his Soul and Body, his Origin took the step forward.

And due to this…


Noah found his Origin, Body, and Soul releasing a shocking light of resonance.

He felt his Aspects of Existence resonate and pulse with such a terrifying might that culminated into a terrifying set of prompts.

[All three of your Aspects of Existence have scaled the Unscalable Wall of Extremity before you attained Extremity in any concept!]

[An Achievement Unrecorded in all of History!]

[Your Aspects of Existence are undergoing a Resonance of Extremity as the Boundaries of the Body, Origin, and Soul are at the breadth of Extremity.]

[With your say so, the Boundaries of the Body, Origin, and Soul can be taken to Extremity!]


A phenomenal achievement.

And it came with a phenomenal reward as since his Body, Origin, and Soul had all attained Extremity- why wouldn't the Boundaries associated with them not be capable of taking this step?!




Noah's booking voice filled with authority echoed out as the permission was not granted.

He had already made up his mind in the last day when he stopped the advancement of multiple concepts towards Extremity.

His sights were set on a much grander path.

His sights were set on Quintessence as the first!

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