Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2781 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! VI

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Chapter 2781 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! VI

2781 A Moment of Infinity, A Leap of Quintessence! VI


How did he survive when he was in the hands of a terrifying entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity?!

Such a question buzzed in the minds of all, and as if to answer them- the very cognizant will of Noah seated on the throne boomed out with a voice of utmost regality.

[You cannot extinguish that which is infinite.]



Surrounded by[Celestia's Havenly Protection], Noah uttered such heavy words as around him, reality congealed and shuddered as the Extremity Souls of Tier 5s expressed themselves on this domain, a shocking battle now about to unfold.

The Three-Headed Emperor Lion of the Havenly Animalia Extremity Lineage appeared before the Annals Inquisitor, his head releasing molten flows of time-space as he uttered coldly.

[Spacetime Continuum Desolation]

Space warped and distorted as the surrounding reality began to change.

Before the Primogenitor of Talismans, millions of branches of the Golden Willow Tree shot down, the reality below Noah's throne having already been altered as a shocking Domain Expansion unfolded from below seeking to cover everything!

[Domain Expansion- Life]


The lower end of the Minor Haven was entirely erased as verdant stellar rivers of light shot out with the massive Golden Willow Tree at the center and snaked above to cover everything.

And yet the body of the Prime Devourer continued its bellow as from above…

[9 Infernal Hells of Damnation!]


Thousands of Hyperversal Infernal Extremity Rune Scriptures were burned as the top of the Minor Haven shattered entirely and no longer existed, pillars of obsidian crimson damnation and illusory Havens filled with obsidian flames appearing and layering themselves above!

This whole reality was entirely changed.

The pristine golden mountains within this Minor Haven of the Inheritance of Infinite Extremity became scorched and erased above while below, a few floating ones became filled with the verdant aura of life.

Forces above.

Forces below.

All at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity.

And at the center of it all was Noah who was covered by [Celestia's Havenly Protection], a dense number of prompts appearing before him at this moment!

[You are under the effects of the Celestia's Havenly Protection]

[You are immune to all attacks at Tier 4 and below for the next second.]

[You can resist 80% of all attacks of at Tier 5 for the next second.]

[10,000 Crimson Hyperversal Havenly Extremity Rune Scriptures of CELESTIA surge around and protect you for the next second!]

Prompts of the shocking capabilities of Extremity Solarium were unfolding as even more prompts about the Extremity of Life expanded below were about to come, but Noah tuned them all out.

He focused on the prompts about him as his very existence was currently feeling an unprecedented change!

[Your Records are stretching towards Infinity for the next second.]

[An unimaginable feat with unknown consequences!]

He felt all his Aspects of Existence buzz.

His soul, body, and origin obtained a sense as if they were being stretched out endlessly as he…couldn't truly describe this sensation.

His Origin that was forging the backbone of an Extremity Vein pulsed with ever grander fervor as the Existential Extremity Rune Scriptures of VITALIS and VACUOUS above his main body within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven continued to rain down their authorities, the completion of his Ninth Aletheian Haven now reaching 90% as it didn't waste this chance!

And in the midst of all of this…all of the Loot multiplied by RUINATION that was leftover flowed into Noah's Origin to act as fuel.

He didn't channel it towards the Sporos V of Extremity.

It would not be enough to mature this seed, but it would be enough to aid for the last percentages of the Ninth Aletheian Haven that was urging its completion by refining and assimilating Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Authority- by establishing itself as the Unrecorded Quintessential Existential Hyperversal Extremity Superius Origin!

[An Entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity has pervaded into your Records and sought to extinguish your very existence.]

The prompts continued to come.

[A Profoundly Quintessential Achievement!]

[The might of an Entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity failed to erase your records!]

A blinding light of Quintessence overflowed within his soul.

It was so bright and potent that it gushed out of his main body, and the dazzling spinning singularity of the Quintessence Planalith Krystallos that he was refining this whole time…devoured these massive waves of overflowing Quintessence before a moment later- its rotations came to a halt.


A multicolored crystalline stone now lay before Noah's main body as around it, Reality began to brighten up and become filled with shocking awe as all swirling authorities came to a momentary halt.

All authorities.

Vitalis and Vacuous included!

They all came to a stop at the birth of something so Quintessential.

[The Middle Grade Quintessence Planalith Krystallos has been successfully refined.]

[An impossible and unrecorded feat even for Entities that have stepped on the Gradations of Extremity!]

[Within the Quintessence Planalith Krystallos lies a Quintessential Seed of Extremity.]


It was a crystal like stone about 9 inches wide.

It held processed, refined, and purified authority of Quintessence…that contained a semblance of Extremity.

[Your proficiency in the Modified Golden Hyperversal Planalith Krystallos Refinement Art has increased by 10%!]

Not a Low Grade Planalith Krystallos.

Noah brought forth a Middle Grade Quintessence Planalith Krystallos in an unprecedented fashion due to an influx of achievements and waves of Quintessence, in addition to being in a state of Quintessential Unity of Existence and having his Records stretch towards Infinity!

[The Middle Grade Quintessence Planalith Krystallos is the second refined Krystallos from the True Emperor of Quintessence, and it has attained an impeccable level of grandeur as it is 100% effective in aiding the elevation of the Extremity of Quintessence across the First to the Fifth Gradation of Extremity, with its effectiveness fading greatly within the Sixth Gradation of Extremity. Forging something like this is an impossibility with the Golden Hyperversal Planalith Krystallos Refinement Art, and yet such a product was produced in your hands.]

[It's forging was an impossibility as when devoured only by the True Emperor of Quintessence, its fuel is theoretically enough to aid you in taking the step forward and arriving at the Extremity of Quintessence.]


Another millisecond had passed.

Within a second, there were 1,000 milliseconds as so far, three milliseconds had passed since Noah activated the 17th Boundary Layer of Infinity.

Time seemed to be moving so gloriously slow as at this moment, Noah's main body grabbed the Middle Grade Quintessence Planalith…and he threw it into his mouth and devoured it completely.

A Planalith Krystallos with a semblance of Extremity…of Quintessence. freeweb novel. com


His Aspects of Existence buzzed as a terrifying multicolored light exploded with immeasurable intensity.

His advancing Origin churned as trillions of Royal Cosmos were forged, the booming multicolored light of Quintessence flowing into it as the backbone of the Extremity Vein being forged was bombarded by the heavy multicolored light of Quintessence!

So much of this multicolored light flooded into it as another millisecond passed.


[The Extremity Vein of Quintessence is being born.]

[The Ninth Aletheian Haven has reached 99% completion!]


Everything was coming to a close.

His Origin was about to be completed as thereafter, it promised the Sources of the Boundaries within it to achieve Extremity.

The Middle Grade Quintessence Planalith Krystallos was forged as within it lay a semblance of the Extremity of Quintessence.

And then…there was infinity as his records were being stretched towards it.

In this glorious coalescence of factors and time…Noah's will moved as at this time, he called forth the rewards of all Honorariums he had accumulated so far to be released.



The booming sound of a beating heart resounded, but it wasn't from Noah's body.

It stemmed…from the endlessly vast Infinite Hyperversal Haven around him as at this moment, this very Haven began to undergo a tremendous change.

[The forming Extremity Vein of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven is resonating with the Extremity Vein of Quintessence within your Origin.]

[A tremendous amount of Quintessential Feats and Honorariums have been accumulated over the last days.]

[Every single Quintessential Honorarium has only elevated itself from the last as with so many feats and actions of Quintessence, the Boundary of Quintessence can no longer deny it.]

[Your Body reflects Quintessence.]

[Your Origin radiates Quintessence.]

[Your Soul manifests Quintessence.]

An unimaginable radiance of multiple colors erupted from his main body freely as it began to travel towards his many clones.

Within his soul, this light was concentrated the most as at this moment, a Rune Scripture sought to form.

The light that surrounded it…was not crimson.

Nor was it obsidian.

Nor was it gold.

[You have opened the doors of an Unprecedented Path.]


The surrounding reality flowed once more as now, utter wildness flowed with it.


Booming drums began to resound.

[The Vitalis Annals of Extremity shudder at your achievement.]

[The Vacuous Annals of Extremity tremble at your path!]

[The Aeonic Annals of Extremity herald your achievements across it.]


A terrifying crescendo began to build as within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, a low chant began to echo out.

The chant…echoed out Noah's name.



Like a boom, it spread out far and wide.

Across Recorded History.

Across the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

Within the Nether Haven of Dissolution.


The chanting of a devilish name began.

Within the Nether Haven of Genesis.


The chants continued.

An unprecedented reality began to unfold as across innumerable records, his distinction spread as his achievements were revered!

Within the Nether Havens of Extremity.

Within the Supernal Havens of Extremity!

And…even in the far away Vacuous Domains of Extremity!

His name was being heralded across eons as before his eyes, a glorious affirmation rose.

[You have attained the Extremity of Quintessence!]


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