Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2818 An Existential Declaration of War! II

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Chapter 2818 An Existential Declaration of War! II

2818 An Existential Declaration of War! II

Currently, while utilizing tremendous Existential Extremity Authority, Infinity and Quintessence had been working at all times to make it so that the Quintessential Annals of Extremity were masked by a never ending paradoxical light where it did not exist within the Aeonic Annals of Extremity…and it also existed at the same time.

And no records of the Quintessential Annals of Extremity could be found by the Vitalis and Vacuous Annals of Extremity.

No records of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven nor Noah and those he was associated with inside it could be discerned in this paradoxical state of existence and nonexistence!

And thus…

[The Incongruity of the current state of existence of the Quintessential Annals of Extremity, Infinite Hyperversal Haven, and Noah Osmont paired with Quintessence has given birth to a new Concept of Extremity.]

[You have attained the Extremity of Paradox.]


A brand new Extremity arose from an ancient slumber.

Its authority was there and not there, present and ever absent.

Its Rune Scriptures took one color in one instance, and took another color in the next.

It was unfathomable. It was…Paradoxical!


[The Extremity of Paradox gazes at the many incomprehensible concepts under the banner of the Extremity of Quintessence and nods in appreciation.]

[The Extremity of Paradox blares with brilliance and states that sometimes, that which is least understood and makes little conceptual sense is the strongest.]

[The Extremity of Paradox inserts itself into the conundrum of the Quintessential Annals of Extremity, Infinite Hyperversal Haven, and its Master as it activates the feature of [Quintessential Schrodinger's Paradox]]


[Quintessence burns with colorless brilliance.]

[Infinity burns with cerulean grandeur.]

[Tyranny bellows with amethyst resplendence!]

All three of Noah's current Existential Extremity Authorities blared forth as Paradox urged them towards a fantastical conclusion.

Until a stellar prompt bloomed within Noah's mind.

[Until they can be quantified, measured, fully understood or analyzed by others- the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, Quintessential Annals of Extremity, and the Extremity of Quintessence are all in a state of existence and nonexistence- a state of quantum indeterminacy.]


A bold statement.

A temporary solution.

And a pillar for Noah to rely on until he truly understood what Existential represented.

What Vitalis and Vacuous represented…and what those Above Extremity represented!

So long as they did not understand him, his Quintessential Annals of Extremity, and the Infinite Hyperversal Haven…they would never be capable of finding him in a state of existence and nonexistence.

In a state of quantum indeterminacy!

It was a unique state powered by all of his Existential Extremity Authorities as a newly emerging Paradox provided a framework.

It showed that the Tier of this concept was not low.

[The Extremity of the Protagonist gazes threateningly towards the Extremity of Paradox.]


It was to the extent that Noah's authorities seeking the pristine status of Existential gazed towards Paradox with caution due to its unfathomable means.


At this time.

His concepts utterly cleansed the Cimmerian Architect at this moment as finally, after crossing layers of records, safeguards, and protection from endless waves of authority emerging from Infinity….


Her voice was resonant as the Cimmerian Architect blinked.

And she found herself in a place.

A where.

Her billowing Will of an entity at the Fifth Gradation of Extremity spread out as the first thing she saw was the blinding construct of an Infinity symbol stretched out like a massive Extremity Vein, and the stacks of Haven rotating and expanding in real time.

Along with this, trillions of auras of Entities could be felt stretched all around, with a great number of Extremities and Apex Aeonic Lifeforms.

But she didn't care about this.

What she did care about…


Was what she could directly feel.

Her wounded Soul could no longer find a trace of Vitalis or Vacuous.

Instead, she could feel the potent aura of other Existential Extremity Authorities- and multiple ones at that!

It was an impossibility she couldn't fathom as her throat felt dry when gazing at it, with her Soul quickly establishing herself as Intuition blared.

Her gaze looked at the depths of the center of the Infinity symbol as there, she could feel the one at the source of it all.

She wanted to reach out to him, but in the next moment…a set of words appeared over her eyes.

[An astonishing feat!]

[Your unique soul is one of the strongest ones within the Recorded History.]

[The number of concepts you have taken to Extremity exceeds many others and gives you great distinction in the Banner of Quintessence!]


Her pupils widened ever further.

What she saw before her…was records.

But it wasn't records of Vitalis or Vacuous!

It was records etched in something else entirely as the moment she saw it, a shocking affirmation dawned on her soul.

Why he wasn't dead.

He didn't just forge an Existential Extremity Authority…he actually separated himself from the very Aeonic Annals of Extremity and enacted a new Database of Records!

An entirely new Annals!

In her shock and disbelief, she wanted to peer more into this shocking new reality when all of a sudden, another voice rang out not too far from her.

[What is this?]

A similar voice of utter astonishment as when the Cimmerian Architect turned her gaze, she saw the visage of Extremity Solarium whom she was fighting against not too long ago.

Both of them…and many others had just arrived in this unfamiliar new location filled with unknown shocks as they were not the only ones.

There were trillions of others.

All those who had been bathed in the past lineage of the Extremity of Quintessence!

And at this moment as they were trying to get acclimated, a booming authority and symphony blared out across the endless stretches of Havens they could see as a voice filled with Tyranny echoed out.

[The Extremity of Tyranny has broken the bindings of Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Authorities that have just rained down cataclysm on trillions.] f

[Vitalis and Vacuous encompassed life and death, beginnings and endings, reality and non-reality. From this moment onwards, the Existential Authorities of Quintessence and Infinity will replace these unworthy authorities being utilized and placed under the callous beck and call of those designated as the Ones Above Extremity.]

[What Vitalis and Vacuous stood for, Quintessence and Infinity will elevate and bring to a grander level.]


A shockingly amethyst resplendence bloomed across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as a heavy authority and voice boomed out.

[The Extremity of Tyranny has laid down a Tyrannical Existential Judgment after the recently unfolding reality.]

[An Existential Declaration of War has been issued against Vacuous and Vitalis- and all those utilizing these Existential Authorities to carry out their obscene oppression!]


A declaration of war.

An Existential Declaration of War against the Ones Above Extremity!

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