Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2902 Acceleration II

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Chapter 2902 Acceleration II

2902 Acceleration II

An endless sea formed.

Innumerable waves of stellar ash and dust flowed.

And dazzling illusory sword Radiances littered the fiery flows of the Apollyon Aletheian Haven!

And yet the being that these extremes were targeting…gazed at all of this coldly.

For him, there was no future of a struggle or a suspenseful fight.

All he saw was utter and complete domination.

To display his Existential Extremity Authorities, they could only be displayed with complete dominance against all other extremes!

And so, without even moving a muscle, Noah gazed at the hundreds of powerful Entities in the Gradations of Extremity coming towards him as he uttered out coldly.

[Existential Hyperversal Embodiment.]


He cast the skill ushered forth by the Extremity of Skill Trees.

And the target of his Embodiment…caused a glorious colorless brilliance to flash from him.

It was none other than Quintessence.

The moment the three words were uttered, the space above flickered.

Below the Planalith Krystallos and Armaments of Extremity that littered the skies like stars, Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Authority gathered as in the next moment, an illusory pair of eyes manifested!

The eyes followed the curvature of an Infinity symbol as each one held nine rotating pupils, both of them radiating glory as it felt like the eyes of the Extremity of Quintessence had appeared far above the battlefield and were gazing at everything!

And the eyes blinked.


A Colorless glow flashed and passed over everything in this Apollyon Aletheian Haven as a moment later….

[All the weavings of authorities that are not Quintessential shall henceforth be stopped.]


The glorious rusty glow of silver disappeared.

The visage of the Primogenitor of Steel began to shrink as his eyes trembled in shock and stupor!

Dazzling sword lights faded as an endlessly rising sea that sought to assert the Extremity of Water…was turned into nothingness!

A basic and simple manifestation of the shocking Extremity of Quintessence was laid out as under it, no authorities that weren't Quintessential could move.

Their very weavings were nullified as not just Steel, but all prominent Primogenitors that were rising against Noah at this moment found themselves unable to utilize any of their Extremes!

And if they couldn't exert their extremes…what could they do in battle?

This was a shocking and unbelievable reality as the gaze of stupor on Steel quickly changed, his visage bellowing out as he sought to express his extreme.

He was of the Eighth Gradation. His target was of the Seventh. Surely, he could at least express his extreme?!


A radiance flickered, and that was it.


A sense of silence and shock spread on the battlefield as a symphony began to play.

[This…is Quintessence.]

The voice of the Extremity of Quintessence thundered out as in the far distance, the Bard of Vitalis was playing a tune with a stern expression while approaching the distant Noah.

Apart from him and the shaken Primogenitors who were still trying to mobilize their authorities, the figures of Henry, Commander Feng, Hyperion, and many others…their bodies still vibrated with power as they held traces of Quintessence.

If not Quintessence, they held traces of Infinity or Tyranny as even within these concepts, Quintessence flowed!

So they could be expressed.

With a single move, Noah expressed shocking dominance against all the past Primogenitors of Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains as only his people still held a chance- continuing to charge towards him as uniquely…Commander Feng and Henry were leading the charge as others followed behind them.

And the weaving of extremes around these two beings simmering with destiny was unique as they seemed to be collecting and stacking the extremes of those behind them!


They knew they couldn't beat Noah with their own authorities.

So at this point, they tried to take a different path.

They read the weavings of their extremes.

And with Commander Feng and Henry in the lead, they passed their authorities through them.

They intermixed and layered everything towards a single central point as shockingly, around Commander Feng, an illusory celestial purple mountain formed with him being at the very peak!

Droves of Existential Extremity Authority coursed from the base of the mountain and towards the peak as space split apart, with it seeming like a massive mountain was smashing towards the Extremity of Quintessence!

But this mountain wasn't alone as opposite it, with Henry in the lead, a dazzling celestial cerulean mountain also formed as burning with Infinity…the son of Destiny called out.

[Existential Hyperversal Embodiment]


Commander Feng called out.

[Existential Hyperversal Embodiment]


The single blue mountain spearheaded by Henry pulsed as a moment later, over ten other celestial mountains similar to it manifested.

Strain appeared in the eyes of Henry and those behind him as it was only after 36 dazzling blue mountains covered all regions of this side of the Arena did they stop multiplying!

And the purple mountain with Emperor Feng at the very peak…the amalgamation of a massive illusory purple-robed Emperor appeared behind it seated on a throne, his right hand grasping the base of the mountain as with an overabundance of Tyranny…he prepared to throw it.

At the same time, a dazzling glow of gold began to cover the illusory figure of the massive Emperor as Destiny was doing something behind the scenes!

It was all part of the contrived plan.

In the face of all of this, Noah gazed down coldly as he observed the weavings of unfolding authorities.


They were crucial, yes.

But in the face of sheer, unadulterated power…what plans were nothing.

While embodying one Existential Extreme, Noah uttered out silently once more.

[Existential Hyperversal Embodiment].


The target this time…was none other than Infinity.


Noah's visage was already imposing enough.

His figure gave off an immense sense of suffocation.

Many on the lower rungs of Gradations couldn't even gaze into his eyes due to his glory!

And yet at this moment…

In the skies littered with Planalith Krystallos and Armaments of Extremity that hung like stars, a thousand more figures of Noah appeared.


Each one carrying the same momentum and power as the single figure from before!

And this wasn't all as with a gorgeous and unforgettable glow of blue, another thousand figures of Noah appeared.

And this number just continued to balloon upwards as it very soon exceeded 10,000, and it wasn't stopping!


The gaze of Commander Feng flickered.

The eyes of the Son of Destiny flashed!

And everything…came to a standstill!