Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2908 Mors Apokalypsis! II

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Like a valiant warrior, the man veered his head to the side just in time to escape being skewered by the tail he could see the speed of, his club smashing towards the head of the beast in retaliation as…


His body came to a halt.

His club was pierced through by the other two sharp tails, his own vision being obscured in his attack as his head and chest were pierced through a moment after.

The light within his eyes dimmed.

Then, his body became engulfed in white flames as he gradually turned to dust, and even this dust was swallowed up by a raging wind!

Behind him in the cave, the beast spat out white flames as the tools and carvings here all began to burn and disappear.

Very soon, there was no sign of the man.

Not any sign of where he lived.

An empty cave.

The fire he and his family were sitting around was gone, and the lands looked untouched and unvisited by any living thing.

It was the start of the first day of Mors Apokalypsis.And on the first day, all Entities in the First Gradation of Extremity or below…will be wiped out from existence!

Their records. Their very being. Every. Single. Thing!

This was a glimpse within the Planar Palisades of Extremity.

Far from here, between the Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains.

A raging war was still unfolding as Emperor Shao watched out with a tired gaze, chaos currently unraveling as the more powerful Primogenitors in the Supernal Havens of Extremity were stating that something unfathomable had occurred moments ago.

And yet even before all of this could be verified and understood…


Their surroundings vibrated and trembled as both Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Legions raised their heads in shock to see tears in space, and from these tears…beast shining with heavy Existential Extremity Authorities of Vitalis and Vacuous stepped out.

Not one. Not one thousand.


Bathed in Existential Extremity Authorities, millions of winged beasts shining white or black with three tails behind their backs appeared, their white eyes gazing coldly as they shot out faster than the speed of light towards any entities at the First Gradation of Extremity or Apex Aeonic Lifeforms!

All those above the First Gradation of Extremity were ignored as a shocking new reality unfolded, nobody truly understanding what was going on!

The beast bathed in Vacuous Existential Authority surged like an apocalyptic tide towards the Vacuous Entities at the First Gradation and below, while those bathed in Vitalis Existential Authority surged towards Vitalis Entities.

Emperor Shao watched this scene with a stupor as near him, a Tier 1 Extremity quickly came under the attack of one of these beasts as this existence parried its blows, but the beast was obviously and very quickly gaining the upper hand as death seemed imminent.

What was unique was that even with the blinding Existential Extremity Authorities around this beast, the Tier 1 Extremity who didn't grasp any Existential Extremity Authority managed to follow and initially trade blows with it!

'A beast at the First Gradation?' The gaze of Emperor Shao was sharp at the deteriorating situation in the surroundings, his sword ringing and shooting out as he appeared above this beast and swung down.


The three tails of the beast shot out at speeds far faster than those at the First Gradation of Extremity should be capable of.

And…Emperor Shao's pupils changed as he found his sword was actually blocked. freew(e)bnovel

Blocked by the beast who was having a fight against a Tier 1 Entity as this beast itself seemed to be at this level a moment ago!

Yet the moment that Emperor Shao moved against it…


Its aura erupted upwards.

Billowing Existential Extremity Authority raged around it as they formed into dazzling sword light that struck out against Emperor Shao like a storm! fr(e)enovelkiss


The impact was heavy as Emperor Shao was smacked back, his figure only stabilizing a distance away as he turned to find the visage of the beast had 'calmed' after he was rebuffed, but its three tails had now pierced into the body of the shocked Tier 1 Entity as his body burst into white flames and began to disappear from existence.


Thereafter, the beast didn't even spare a glance towards Emperor Shao as it surged towards a group of Apex Aeonic Lifeforms, its aura once more dwindling as at this moment, it seemed to match those at this level as it struck out and battled against them!

After the initial trading of one or two blows, it was very apparent that it had the upper hand as its three tails shot out, piercing the bodies of three Apex Aeonic Lifeforms as they began to burn into white flames.

It was an astounding scene.

And such a hellish scene was occurring all around as even at this moment, nobody knew what was truly going on!

Within the Aeonic Annals of Extremity.

In the gaps between existence and non-existence, a construct of interminable proportions was in a constant paradoxical flux.

A paradoxical flux of existence and non-existence!

But still…it existed within the confines of the Aeonic Annals of Extremity. It even further existed under the undeniable authority of the Codex of Extremity!

At this moment.

Inside the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

Noah's visage was gazing at the eruption of Existential Extremity Authorities all around him as the Primogenitors took in his lineage and concepts, his existence feeling the strengthening of his concepts in real time!

But at such a moment…


The surroundings trembled.

No, it wasn't the surroundings, but the very Infinite Hyperversal Haven itself!

Noah's gaze rapidly changed as the Will of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven communicated with him.

{Millions of foreign Lifeforms have surrounded the Infinite Hyperversal Haven!}


What was this?

His gaze was stern as his existence pulsed!

They couldn't have been located. It was an impossibility.

So what exactly had happened?!


Without notice to others, Noah's body exploded into a cluster of vermillion flames as the Weaver of Extremity moved in earnest.

His will covered the vast Infinite Hyperversal Haven through their connection.

His vision saw what lay outside of its barriers and boundaries.

He saw four legged beasts with wide spanning wings and three tails, their bodies burning with either Vacuous or Vitalis Existential Extremity Authorities!

Existential Extremity Authorities that were so pure- even purer than the Dikastes of Extremity!

And at this moment, their auras were mighty as they were drilling across the barriers of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven.

Noah's existence blared.

{The Weaver of Extremity gazes upon the unidentifiable Lifeforms before it.}

{The Weaver of Extremity gazes upon the Existential Apokalypsis Beasts!}


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