Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2944 Dominium! VI

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Chapter 2944 Dominium! VI

2944 Dominium! VI

Those who enacted their Existential Dominium were not entities to be taken lightly.

Noah was very hurriedly about to knock on the doors of such a stage, but there were others who had been in it for eons.

And such beings were currently his enemies.

Not any common being among those in the Existential Dominium Realm, but those distinguished as Archons!

Away from the brilliance of Noah knocking on the doors of Existential Dominium.

Within the Archaeos Vitalis Pylos.

The visage of Archon Basileus Al-Abalem floated at the very peak of this domain as he stared at the illusory Manifestation of the Codex of Extremity above.

He could still feel his connection to the Codex itself, and the fact that as of right now, it had only stopped taking Fruits of Existence once his remaining 50% were taken away.

50% of the reserves of an Archon Basileus.

Such a number was a heavy one as it left him exposed to his enemies.

And Al-Abalem did not have a few enemies!

The Fruits of Existence were akin to garments that stood around him protectively- a weapon of caution against his enemies as one could do many things with the sudden eruption and usage of Fruits of Existence.

To be left with his reserves so low, Al-Abalem felt like he was lying naked in a field that could have enemies swirling by at any moment.

This couldn't be allowed to continue.

The first time it occurred, it could be attributed to an unexpected change that the Codex had to react to.

But this second time?

The reduction of his reserves of 50% of Fruits of Existence?!

If the Archon Basileus sat still after all of this, he would not be Al-Abalem.

The other option would be for him to sit and wait passively to see what result the Codex would produce with its recent actions.

But what if that result was similar to what had just occurred twice before?

How many of his Fruits of Existence would be left then?

No. Archon Basileus Al-Abalem was not a passive being.

With such a thought, his figure was wrapped by a blazing transparent light as he instantly disappeared.

He shuttled across the weavings of Records and Existence as within an instant, he crossed into a tenebrous domain where he felt the other blazing Soul Dominium that shone brightest apart from him.


When the raging Existential Extremity Authorities cleared, the figure of Al-Abalem bathed in white light was gazing at the figure of none other than…Ignatius.

Billowing darkness wrapped around him as his expression was also sour.

The other Entity who was under the same situation as him!

Al-Abalem appeared before Ignatius as he spoke with a calm gaze.

[We seem to have come across a paradoxical Seed that even the Codex of Extremity unleashing Mors Apokalypsis is having a hard time clearing away.]


His words were uttered calmly even though they held immense gravity!

Archon Basileus Ignatius nodded back with a sharp gaze while Al-Abalem placed his hands behind his back and continued.

[We must take a step back and react to our best interests in this situation. If it unfolds as is, the worst case scenario is one that is neither favorable for me nor you. I propose…we stop abiding by the Existential Absolute Restrictions of these Domains of ours. I propose our descent to clear out everything ourselves before this progresses into an even worse issue.]


Terrifying words echoed out as the pupils of Ignatius burned with dark flames!

His expression was filled with doubt as he replied cautiously.

[The restrictions make way for us to harvest the Fruits of Existence the way we have been harvesting. Violating the restrictions will hurt the Domains themselves and make it so that we cannot harvest anything for the next 9 eons…]


There were intricacies behind everything that occurred.

If they violated that which should not be violated…

[It matters not.]

Al-Abalem waved his hands dismissively as he gazed down before him.

[My enemies are your enemies since we occupy the same lands. If they find out our resources are being depleted this much, they will swarm and devour us whole. We have been bleeding a great deal. Let us stop this bleeding, and we can come out of the other side stronger. To break the restrictions, it will have to be the both of us.]

His words were undeniable.

Ignatius remained silent briefly before his eyes lit up with darkness, becoming resolved as he thought of his own Legacy!

[Will we still have enough to pay our tributes for 9 eons?]

A question only the two of them would understand.

And Al-Abalem shook his head while replying.

[Maybe for half of those eons. The other half, we will have to find other means to make sure no injunction is filed against us to strip our control of these domains. We could set off to do…

that. Dangerous as it may be, it will ensure survival and control.]


The mind of the Archon Basileus Al-Abalem was made up as all factors were considered!

And since they arrived at such a junction, Ignatius could do nothing but…nod his head.

[Very well.]

An irreversible decision was made.

It was a heavy one as it showed…Entities following the Existential Soul Dominium were not to be underestimated!

And as the two Archons came to this decision…

Back in the Archaeos Vitalis Pylos.

The visage of Basileus Anaine gazed at the illusion of the Codex of Extremity as if she were reading the weavings of the skies themselves, her expression coming to a resolution as she affirmed Archon Basileus Al-Abalem had truly left.

The action of his leaving right after this event meant too many things to her as after an instant…it affirmed her resolve.

She placed her hands on her chest as her eyes closed, a terrifying Dominium spreading around her and covering her entirely as within moments, nothing of her weaving could be discerned!

In such a state, she spoke as she sent a message out.

|Things have changed. He may very well be at his weakest right now- both him and Ignatius. The time to move is now.|


Her message fluttered into and out of existence as it went towards a destination only she knew.

One being after another made their move at this moment as their Dominiums sought to encompass everything.

And the Entity whose Dominium had not even formed at the center of this all…

He was enjoying the empowerment of the Extremity of Extremity as all the ridiculous things he could do before…

were about to be made entirely too broken!

To the extent that in the midst of his elevation, the following prompts washed over his will.

[Your Infinite Forge is going towards its ultimate extreme.]

[Within your forge, the authority of the Fruits of Existence has seeped in abundance as it seeks to replicate it.]

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