Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King-Chapter 522 Adding Space

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Chapter 522 522 Adding Space

That was what Cassie was up to at that very moment, recreating all the Garden Charms on the fields, and working with the Rank Two witches to expand them out to increase their growing area in expectation of a massive influx of refugees.

Now that they had Rank Three witches, there was a lot of enthusiasm to redo the enchantments on the garden anyhow, as it would increase the magical qualities of the food grown, as well as the growth speed, but because they were expecting more people, they had started to expand the gardens again, preparing for even more residents.

Wolfe considered their options, then decided to go with the simplest one.

"The first plane we made should still be at the northwestern corner of the forest, we never moved it to the airstrip, since we were using the twin engine models for deliveries. That will save you some time and attract less attention as you fly in. Stop off at the Academy, they already know the plane, and it will be safe there.

Don't forget to message us with updates so that we know when to expect you back.

I think that things are going to get very bad, very quickly on the eastern border, but I'm not sure how quickly it will start to spread our way.

If that United World Army loses against the Grand Dutchies they will lose their minds, and who knows what sort of army they can send to the Continent."

Ella nodded. "No more than three days. If I can't get anything sorted out after two days of negotiations, I will leave and come back here without anyone."

"And keep your armour spell up. I know, it's home. But now that you're more powerful than any of them by a wide margin, they're going to get jealous and possibly try to force you to stay and take over from Reiko. If you see her, do say hi from the rest of us, though. Maybe let her know that there is a magical construct here that would be interested in meeting her. The Lumix Family should be her ancestors, after all."

Ella stood up on her tiptoes and kissed Wolfe on the cheek. "I know you're worried about me, but I will be fine. I'll tell everyone what they need to know and be back as soon as I can. Now, go see what you can do up above, I know that they still need help with the preparations for the new visitors."

Then she was off, headed out to go sort out what she could with the possible Magi of the Morgana Fortress City, while Wolfe realized that he had something big waiting for him up above. He could feel massive amounts of mana, both witch and Fae, being used constantly, so they were definitely doing more than preparing meals for a load of refugees.

What Wolfe found when he reached the top of the ramp was incredible. The witches, or nearly all of them who had reached Rank Two or higher anyhow, as well as Khalifa and a number of Fae, were casting a magical ritual that had already moved the wall of trees backward hundreds of metres, and was growing new walkways to the trees that the wall had bypassed.

Those trees that were now inside the village were growing homes all along them, not just on the level of the walkways, but all up the length, making them living wooden skyscrapers, and the open spaces that were outside the walls were being turned into sports fields and a large marble auditorium.

The village was now more of a city, and a city designed for high density occupancy.

There was no way that their current kitchens could keep up with that, so Wolfe hoped that they had made more, or at least some sort of plan for the market so that they had a way to get food to all the people they planned to take in.

He had underestimated the scale of what they were expecting. The villagers coming their way weren't planning to leave again, they had given up on the eastern border as unsafe in the long term, and they were planning to move here. Add to that the thousands of deserters that they had either captured or who had willingly come with them, and the demand for services was going to skyrocket.

They were also going to have countless injuries when they arrived, so he would need a few powerful witches with him for the moment, in order to get them safely to Forest Grove in the first place.

He thought about it for a moment and called the best healers to come with him to greet the new arrivals.

[Mary, Mio and Nia, can you come meet me at the spire in fifteen minutes? I want to discuss our plans for the evening.] Wolfe mentally instructed to the Rank Three witches from his Pentacles.

[Of course, we will see you soon.] They answered in unison, while Wolfe went to talk to Khalifa to see if there was anything that she needed.

"Oh, good, you're here. We decided that we would expand the village without waiting on approval so that we could get it done before the guests arrived. But there is one more thing that we need you for. There is an array that we have in Faerie that I can't use. I heard that the ancient Magi made it for us, and I want to put it on the city.

Well, make that two arrays, since you're better with Lightning Magic than I am. The first is the [Peaceful Souls] array. It prevents the rise of undead in the city, which will protect against curses as well as some forms of mind control.

I have the diagram here. The second one that I would like for you to set is a new barrier around the city. Made by an Adept Level lightning magic user, it should keep anything that broke through the Fae deterrence and the [Kind Intentions] spell at bay. They might go for long-distance artillery shelling, and that could very well still hit us, as they're firing blind." Khalifa explained.

They also had multiple Rank Five witches, which meant they could likely break the enchantments on the region long enough to get to the city, and if he couldn't keep them away from the core of the defensive spell, they might be able to do it permanently.

"Alright, as soon as the boundary is set, I will start enhancing the barrier. Just allow me some time to look up stronger arrays in the Inheritance. I'm sure there are more in there that I haven't had an opportunity to study yet."

Khalifa chuckled. "Is there ever enough time for everything that we have to do? The city will stop expanding within the hour, and then you can cast the barrier. I know that you want to get to the boundary with the witches to prepare for healing duties as well, so I won't keep you too much longer. The Fae of the Forest insisted that we do something right away, though, since it is their home at risk if the United World Army tries to get to us by force."