Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System-Chapter 4234 - : Plan 4233

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Chapter 4234: Plan 4233

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“Roar Roar!”

“Greetings, Dragon King! ”

In the starry universe, the breakthrough of chaos had been completed.

He swayed his huge body, and his eyes sparkled with excitement.

He bowed respectfully to Wang Xian!

Wang Xian smiled and nodded. “Chaos, stay in the starry universe for the time being. Feilian, Gong Yan, Yayu, Xu Hao, and the others have been killed. I don’t know if they will be revived. These are not important. See if all four of their subordinates have been brainwashed and submitted to the universe. If they are all subdued, then kill them!”

“Also, keep an eye on the rest of the Tianyuan universe. Inform me immediately if any exit-level space beasts come out of the Universe! ” (‘I will bring Xiao Lan and the rest here and let them follow you! ”

Wang Xian instructed Hun Yi.

He was going to start setting up the universe.

He had four-fifths of the corpses of the Nine Corpse Beast Emperor in his hands. Xiao Lan and the rest had already reached the peak of the Universe Overlord realm.

Xiao Lan had absorbed all the corpses of the Nine Corpse Beast Emperor by herself, so she should be able to touch the threshold of a breakthrough.

In the starry universe, it was much easier for a space beast to break through to the Heavenly Yuan creation realm compared to ordinary cultivators.

For example, there were more than twenty space beasts in the starry universe that had already touched the threshold.

They hadn’t broken through, but they just didn’t have a spot!

The difficulty of the space beasts in the starry universe could not be compared with the difficulty of a breakthrough in the nine-origin universe!

“It’s the Dragon King. You can rest assured and leave the matters in the starry universe to me, Dragon King.”

Hun Dun nodded, he continued, “Also, Dragon King, you have to be careful of the experts who believe in the universe. They have been in the starry universe for more than two billion years. Feilian, Gong Fu, Yu Yu, Xu Hao and the others have all fallen into the trap. They will definitely not be so satisfied! ”

“I know!”

Wang Xian nodded with a smile. “You have to be careful too! ”

“Don’t worry, Dragon King. As long as I don’t leave the starry universe and there are other powerful space beasts in the starry universe, I will not be in danger! ”

Hun Dun said with a smile.

Although the space beasts did not have intelligence, their territorial awareness was very strong.

Although the Apocalypse was coming, the heaven origin manifestation experts from other universes could enter the starry universe.

However, if they were to engage in a big battle in the starry universe, the powerful space beasts in the starry universe would treat it as a provocation.

They would all attack!

Therefore, chaos was very safe.


Wang Xian nodded his head. “If you have obtained a large number of space beast corpses here, tell me. I need to nurture the disciples of the Dragon

Palace. ”

“It’s the Dragon King! ”

After chatting with Hun Dun for a while, Wang Xian left the starry universe immediately!

He ordered an lie to send Tian Zi back and followed him back to the Dragon Palace.

After that, Wang Xian ordered an lie to bring Xiao Lan and the rest to Hun Dun.

Wang Xian also gave Xiao Lan the corpse of the Nine Corpse Beast Emperor so that she could reach the threshold of a breakthrough as soon as possible.

He was preparing for the next advancement!

He returned to the Dragon Palace and calmed down once again.

Wang Xian stayed in the dragon palace to cultivate and rest. He was very relaxed.

There was nothing special in the nine-origin universe. Everything was very stable! 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶

Millions of years passed very quickly. On this day, news came from Hundun.

After he received the news, he immediately asked an lie to bring him to the starry universe.

“Greetings, Dragon King! ”

When he came to the side of Hun Dun, Hun Dun immediately greeted him respectfully!

“Is there a beginner-level heavenly yuan creation-level space beast about to leave?

Wang Xian nodded and asked Hun Dun immediately.

“Yes, Dragon King. Beast Emperor Qian Jiang is flying out of the starry universe. According to my senses and understanding, its strength is at the beginner-level heavenly yuan creation-level. ”

Hun Dun nodded his head.

“Beast Emperor Qian Jiang?”

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows.

“Beast Emperor Qian Jiang is a giant beast in the starry universe. It is located around itself and there is an incomparably huge river flow that covers its entire body. We call it the Beast Emperor Qian Jiang. Beast Emperor Qian Jiang has a water attribute, but it also contains other energies!”

Hun Dun replied!

“Where is he now?”

Wang Xian continued to ask.

“He is flying towards the south. He has already left the infinite starry sky. If he leaves the starry sky, it will take him another year or so! ” Hun Dun replied.

Wang Xian nodded. He didn’t need to be anxious for a year.

His gaze swept across the surroundings. There were more than a hundred space beasts in the domain of Hun Dun.

Xiao Lan and the rest were here as well.

However, Xiao Lan was absorbing the corpse of the Nine Corpse Beast Emperor to increase her strength.

“Let’s go and take a look! ”

Wang Xian instructed Hun Dun. After that, they flew quickly in the direction of the river-migrating Beast Emperor.

Wang Xian’s speed was much faster than that of the space beasts at the beginner level.

Even with Hun Dun, it was still not something that the river-migrating beast emperor could compare to.

Furthermore, Wang Xian ‘s strength far surpassed Beast Emperor Qian Jiang. Before he could sense him, he had already sensed beast emperor Qian Jiang.

“Dragon King, we have to be careful. The matter of Beast Emperor Qian Jiang leaving the starry universe should be known by the belief universe! ”

“They have been in the starry universe for such a long time. There might be a lot of space beasts being controlled by them secretly! ”

Hun Dun reminded Wang Xian.

“Yes, we do need to be careful. ”

Wang Xian nodded his head. Last time, he had ruined the good deed of the belief universe.

He did not believe that the belief universe would let it go so easily!

There was a high possibility that it would take revenge!

However, this was something that could not be helped.

Back then, the Dragon Palace had formed a feud with the belief universe and killed a large number of their gods.

It would be difficult to reconcile.

This time, the king of the gods who believed in the universe might make a move.

However, Wang Xian could not not take action.

What if he gained something?

After flying with the river-migrating beast emperor for more than half a year, the boundary of the starry universe appeared in his sight! Wang Xian contacted an lie and ordered him to take Tianci over!

(‘I have to make a move this time. This is an opportunity. Also… ”

Wang Xian’s eyes flickered. He had a plan in mind.

This plan would take some time.

However, as long as there was something to gain, it didn’t matter even if he wasted some time!

“Foster Father! ”

Not long after, Tianci’s figure arrived again.

“Get Ready. The target is still a space beast king. Also, be careful this time. You might be attacked by the previous wave of people! ”

Wang Xian instructed tianci.

Tianci nodded.

They followed closely behind the river-migrating Beast Emperor. Soon, they had opened up the starry universe!

Wang Xian and the rest did not make a move immediately.

They continued to follow behind the river-migrating Beast Emperor.

If they made a move now, the river-migrating Beast Emperor could return to the starry universe quickly.

The last time the king of all gods who believed in the universe made a move, he would teleport it to a very far location.

To prevent the Beast King from returning to the starry universe!