Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System-Chapter 747: 0748 panic assassination (5/5)

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Chapter 747: 0748 panic assassination (5/5)

You deserve to die!

The terrifying power of Immortals and gods covered the entire sky, and the wind and clouds changed color!

The head elder of the Hunyuan Immortal Sect, who was standing in the middle, had his hair standing on end, and he was exuding a terrifying pressure.

Below, the faces of the disciples of the Hunyuan Immortal sect changed drastically. Under the terrifying pressure, they directly lay on the ground, their eyes filled with shock.

“What? You want to make a move?”

At this moment, a golden sword arrived instantly, and Ao Jian’s voice appeared above the group of DRAKONIDS.

“Haha, don’t Tell me that our Hunyuan Immortal Sect’s supreme elder wants to challenge the immortal-god agreement?”

A maniacal laughter was heard, and soon after, another figure appeared beside Ao jian.

“Ling Xiao!”

The Hunyuan Immortal Sect’s supreme elder’s body trembled slightly, and the anger in his eyes could not be suppressed.

“Ling Xiao, and you, don’t go too far. You killed more than a dozen of our immemorial immortal sect’s infant realm experts. This enmity is irreconcilable!”

The first elder suppressed the urge to make a move and roared in a low voice.

“Haha, Golden Ancient Jia, when you sent out all the infant realm experts to assassinate my son, why didn’t you think of the consequences now? Regret? It’s too late. I’ll just continue to kill. What can you do to me?”

A terrifying aura also surged out from Ling Xiao’s body, and a storm raged above his head.

His eyes were filled with killing intent!

“Good, good!”

Jin Gu Jia clenched his fists tightly, and his gaze was cold as he stared at Ao Jian. “It was the hands of that strange creature of yours, right? Today, our grudge will definitely…”

“We won’t rest until one of us dies!”

Before Jin Gu Jia could finish his words, Ao Jian looked at the old man and said with a calm expression.

The golden ancient Jia’s expression changed slightly. He gritted his teeth and said, “We will not rest until we die!”

“We only killed seventeen. Don’t worry. We will leave in three days. Therefore, on the third day here, Hehe, I will let you know the consequences of injuring our eldest princess. I will also let you feel fear!”

Ao jian stared at the golden ancient Jia and said calmly.

“Three days!”

The golden ancient Jia and the two immortal gods beside him had a drastic change in expression as they stared coldly at Ao Jian.

“Haha, three days later, the heaven and earth will still belong to our Yellow Heaven Immortal sect. Do you have any objections?”

At this moment, Ling Xiao immediately transmitted his voice to Ao Jian and told him about the heaven and earth.

The Heaven and earth was a very powerful place for cultivation. It was also because of this place that the experts of their Yellow Heaven Immortal sect were able to suppress the other two immortal sects.

Now, Ling Xiao had promised some benefits and wanted ao Jian to help him stabilize heaven and earth.

Ao jian nodded slowly. Ling Xiao had given him enough benefits. Moreover, it was better to support his allies than let his enemies develop.

Ao jian stared at the Golden Ancient Jia!

“Heaven and Earth!”

The golden ancient Jia’s face was almost bleeding. He looked at Ao Jian beside him and clenched his fists.

“Leave this place immediately. Heaven and earth will still belong to Your Yellow Heaven Immortal sect!”

“The Yellow Heaven Immortal sect’s condition is their condition. We Are Us!”

Ao jian stared at Jin Gujia and said calmly.


Jin Gujia took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. “There will be plenty of time in the future!”

With that, he moved and flew directly toward the immortal sect.

“Don’t sleep for the next three days. We will protect you!”

The sect leader of the Chaos Origin Immortal sect shouted in a deep voice. His eyes were filled with helplessness as he moved and disappeared.

“Don’t sleep for the next three days!”

Everyone in chaos origin city was stunned as grief and indignation appeared on their faces.

Not only did they not dare to go out when they were blocked at the city gate, even the city was not safe anymore.

They could not even sleep. They even needed the protection of the immortals.

And their great elder had made a major compromise.

Their Chaos Origin Immortal sect was completely defeated!

After today, their chaos origin immortal sect would once again become the laughing stock of the jianghu.

“There will be some trouble in the next three days. They are already on guard. With three immortals protecting them, it will be very difficult to carry out an assassination!”

Ling Xiao frowned slightly and said to Ao Jian.

Ao jian nodded slowly. Unless they had been guarding Hunyuan city, the chances of success in the assassination during these three days were very, very small.

Moreover, it was not worth the risk!

“Lord Ao Jian, let’s go back directly. Let’s Let Hunyuan City fall into panic for the next two days!”

Mo Qinglong’s eyes flashed as he said to Ao Jian.

“Alright, let’s go. The Dragon King’s task has been completed!”

Ao jian nodded and said to the void, “Brother Ao Yao, let’s Go!”


A voice replied from the void.

“Let’s Go!”

Mo Qinglong said to the crowd as he flew towards the Yellow Heaven Immortal sect.

“Let’s go as well!”

Elder Feng said to the group of immortal sect disciples.


The group nodded.

“We’re leaving. You can leave the city now. You Can Sleep well tonight. Don’t worry, really!”

The Yellow Heaven Immortal sect youth rolled his eyes and shouted towards the direction of the Chaos Origin Immortal sect.

Elder Feng smiled when he heard his voice.

They had left, but did the people of Chaos origin city really dare to come out?

Did they really dare to sleep at night?

No, they definitely didn’t dare!

Because they didn’t know where a terrifying existence had appeared to kill them.

They didn’t dare to gamble!

“They’ve left, they’ve left this place!”

“They’ve left, they’ve left, we…”

“It must be their scheme. They left on purpose and then came to assassinate us at night!”

“Fourteen elders and deacons were actually assassinated without a sound. What kind of terrifying assassins are they? Even the assassins of the assassination clan aren’t that terrifying!”

“That’s right, we can’t be careless!”

Seeing them leave, the people in mixed Yuan city all had ugly expressions as they conversed.

They weren’t careless at all. They were still tense.

It was too terrifying!

The death of so many experts in one night had already caused them to panic.

Just as elder Feng had guessed, they wouldn’t relax. Instead, they became even more vigilant!

And the strange demons displayed their terrifying assassination techniques for the first time, causing the entire immortal sect to be on tenterhooks!

There were still more than a hundred strange demons in the Dragon Palace.

If all of them came out, they would be able to intimidate more than half of the entire jianghu!

For the next three days, the city gates of Hunyuan City were still tightly shut. No one dared to sleep day and night!

After three days of peace, not a single person died, and there were no attacks.

This made all the disciples of the Hunyuan Immortal sect look even more embarrassed. They had been played!

Although they knew that they had been played, they could only accept it!

This matter was once again exposed on the Jianghu website. The Hunyuan Celestial sect had once again become the laughingstock of the jianghu celestial sect.

At this moment, Wang Xian walked out of Jiang City.

There was a sudden change at Guan Shuqing’s side. According to Prime Minister Gui’s report, terrifying flames would erupt from Shuqing’s body from time to time. The Flames could not be controlled and were extremely terrifying!

After Wang Xian heard about this, his expression changed drastically. He immediately went to the celestial sect personally to look for spiritual herbs and elixirs!