Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System-Chapter 748: 0749 searching for herbs (1/5)

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Chapter 748: 0749 searching for herbs (1/5)

“Occasionally, there will be terrifying flames emitted from her body. The temperature of the flames is extremely terrifying. Each time, the flames will cause her pain!”

Wang Xian muttered as he looked at a map in his hand.

When he learned that Guan Shuqing’s flames were coming out from her body, he realized the severity of the problem!

It might be related to the Vermillion Bird’s blood essence.

The Vermilion Bird was a peak race that was comparable to the divine dragon. They possessed an extremely terrifying ability, nirvana!

After Nirvana, the Vermilion Bird would be even more terrifying after being reborn.

Similarly, the Vermilion Bird’s vitality was extremely terrifying. A single drop of their blood could resurrect it. It was comparable to the ancient god Feeding Kun Lord.

Wang Xian didn’t pay too much attention back then. From the looks of it now, there must be something wrong with the Vermilion Bird’s bloodline.

“Dragon King!”

At this moment, Prime Minister Gui’s voice was heard. A figure flew over at a terrifying speed.

On Prime Minister Gui’s back was a crystal box that was emitting a chilly aura.

The crystal box was about the size of a human. There were beautiful patterns carved on it.

“It’s here.”

Wang Xian reached out his hand and took the crystal box from him. He opened it slowly.

“Dragon King, this is the level-13 metal ice soul stone that you have obtained. I have made it into a crystal bed. The cold properties of the Ice Soul Stone can suppress the eruption of flames and reduce the pain on the Dragon Queen’s body!”

Prime Minister Gui said to Wang Xian.


Wang Xian looked at Guan Shuqing who was lying inside with a blush on her face. He gently touched her face and sighed.

He didn’t expect that an injury would cause Shuqing to remain unconscious.

“You can go back now!”

Wang Xian said to Prime Minister Gui.

“It’s the Dragon King!”

Prime Minister Gui nodded and flew toward the Dragon Palace.

Wang Xian closed the lid and carried Guan Shuqing on his back as he walked forward.

Sun Lingxiu and Lan Qingyue didn’t follow him out this time. Wang Xian told the two girls to stay in Jiang City and rest well.

“The immortal gods from the Mingwang Immortal sect and the puppet immortal sect said that the innate immortal sect is good at growing spiritual herbs. They have a lot of spiritual herbs over there!”

Wang Xian muttered in his heart. His gaze swept across the map again.

The territory of China had undergone a huge change. The eight new cauldron worlds had increased the territory by more than half.

The innate immortal sect belonged to the world of Tang Ding.

Tang ding was considered a relatively strong region among the nine cauldrons.

The entire region had two immortal sects and one immortal academy.

The Immortal Academy was a relatively special force compared to the immortal sects. It was also the only immortal academy among all the powerful forces.

It existed in the form of an academy.

The Ice God Immortal Sect, the Natural Born Immortal sect, and the True Martial Immortal Academy were the three major forces of Tang ding.

Tang Ding’s region was the same as the Yongchang world. There was only one huge city called Tang city.

Tang city was incomparably huge. It was much bigger than the first-tier cities in China. Zhenwu Academy was located at the center of the city.

Wang Xian was here to look for medicine. He headed straight towards the direction of the natural born celestial sect.

If he wanted to enter the natural born celestial sect, he had to pass through Tang city.

“This city is even bigger than Yongchang City!”

After entering the area of Tang Ding, Wang Xian carried a crystal box that was the size of a human on his back. He scanned his surroundings.

There was a wide road which was divided into a human-shaped road and a horse-drawn carriage road.

“Come, come, come. Everyone, line up. When you are browsing the soup city, remember not to litter and abide by the rules of the Soup City. Remember to Remember!”

At this moment, a voice came from the side. Wang Xian looked over curiously and realized that it was actually a tourist group.

There were more than a hundred people in the tourist group. A group of tourists looked around curiously.

“Looks like the eight cauldrons world will gradually integrate into the real world in the future!”

Wang Xian swept his gaze across the city. A smile appeared on his face as he walked straight into the city.

Walking in the city felt like he was in ancient times. Although Wang Xian was dressed differently, the people around him did not pay too much attention to him.

As he passed by the center of the city, Wang Xian saw the entrance of the Zhenwu Celestial Academy. It was like a miracle in the world. It was filled with majesty.

Wang Xian was not here for a vacation. He walked straight in.

“Guji Guji!”

Just as Wang Xian passed by the Zhenwu Celestial Academy and was in the path of the unique wooden houses on both sides, a creature suddenly flew over from the upstairs window.

The creature was about half a meter in size. Its entire body was green in color and emitted a strong wood attribute energy.

The strange thing was that the creature had a pair of eyes and its branches were legs.

The creature pounced toward Wang Xian and opened its mouth to bite him.


Wang Xian was slightly stunned. He lowered his head to take a look.

The crystal box on his back was supported by a branch formed from the Green Dragon attribute.

Meanwhile, the creature was biting toward the branch formed from the Green Dragon attribute with glowing eyes.


Wang Xian’s expression didn’t change as he waved his arm toward the creature.

“Guji Guji!”

The creature’s expression changed drastically as a look of horror appeared in his eyes.


His body crashed into the wooden house.


A surprised voice came from the house upstairs. A net formed by trees caught the creature’s body.

A woman appeared in front of the creature in an instant.

The woman had red fiery red lips, raised her eyebrows, and coiled her hair. She had a unique heroic bearing.

She had a strong sense of majesty!

She stretched out her hand to catch the creature and sized it up carefully.

“Guji Guji!”

The creature looked at Wang Xian timidly and turned around to look at the woman pitifully.

“Young man, you’ve gone too far!”

The woman caressed its head and a cold look flashed across her eyes. She looked at Wang Xian gently.

“Take care of your pet!”

Wang Xian looked at the woman and said plainly.


The woman laughed when she heard Wang Xian’s words. She picked up the creature slowly and raised her head slightly.

In an instant, a faint aura engulfed Wang Xian.

“You have offended my dignity. Come and apologize to Qing Qing!”

“What is this?”

A hint of surprise flashed across Wang Xian’s eyes as he raised his eyebrows!

Offended your dignity?

Wang Xian, who was already in a bad mood due to Guan Shuqing’s incident, had a hint of coldness in his eyes.

“Don’t look for trouble!”

A hint of dragon aura engulfed the woman directly.

Cracks appeared on the ground in an instant as it extended towards the woman.

“You… you are also an immortal!”

The woman’s expression changed drastically. She felt the pressure from Wang Xian and a hint of fear flashed across her eyes.

An intermediate immortal!

At least an intermediate immortal’s pressure!

It was one level higher than her.

Wang Xian glanced at her and ignored her. He walked straight in.

“My Lord, I have offended you!”

The woman’s voice rang out from behind. Her expression turned slightly ugly when she saw Wang Xian ignoring her.

“No Wonder Qing Qing ran towards him. It’s because his body is emitting an even denser energy than mine. Which immortal from the celestial sect is coming to my cauldron for?”

The immortal from the lower level was one level higher than the middle-level immortal and had reached the level of an immortal God. Those who were addressed as higher than themselves were addressed as “Sir”.

The woman looked at Wang Xian’s figure and revealed a look of astonishment.

He was heading in the direction of their immortal sect!