Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years-Chapter 780 Brown-noser

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Chapter 780 Brown-noser

?Hearing William's analysis, Samuel suddenly felt like he had an epiphany.

What William had said was something most humans wouldn't consider.

In the typical human mindset, Mutated creatures are the enemy!

When Mutated creatures attack cities, the human response is to reclaim the lost ground by exterminating them and then rebuilding the cities.

For a long time, humans have felt that the entire planet belongs to them. After the animals mutated, the once easily slaughtered creatures became ferocious and even began to kill extensively.

This is something humans find unacceptable.

At least, it's something most normal humans can't accept.

"Mr. Johnson, your ideas are quite unique," Samuel nodded and said. "But if humans want to survive, shouldn't they leave their bases and attack them?"

William nodded, "If the strength permits, of course, it's possible to leave the bases and launch attacks, turning those Mutated creatures into food just like the animals of the past. Isn't that a normal thing to do?"

"I've even written the recipes for you."

William's database on Mutated creatures even included clear recipes.

He was straightforward about it—if you can beat them, definitely fight!

Survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle, isn't that what it's all about?

Samuel gave a wry smile, "But what if we can't beat them?"

As William walked, he said, "Then we must try harder! We can definitely do it."

Samuel felt utterly dejected, wondering how it could be so simple.

Last night, Frederick also talked with him for a while. Based on the data about Mutated creatures provided by William, Frederick realized that the creatures were evolving and becoming stronger.

Even if, as William said, Mutated creatures haven't yet prioritized humans as their preferred food, as the creatures grow and multiply, conflicts with humans will become increasingly intense.

What if the Mutated creatures find out that these bipedal beings are easier to prey on...

Just the thought of it is terrifying, isn't it?

But William didn't care about these concerns,his focus now was on teaching and doing his own thing.

From a certain perspective, he had already done a lot for humanity based on his personal likes and dislikes,that should be enough.

The two arrived at the school under the bright sunshine, while the howls of Mutated creatures near Mount Olympus could still be heard occasionally from outside the base.

The students had already begun learning combat skills.

The Pantheon Guild's Soulmancers were also teaching here, but they only chose to instruct a select few talented students.

Becoming a Soulmancer required talent, and training an ordinary Soulmancer consumed a lot of resources. The resources needed to train an exceptional Soulmancer were unimaginable.

No Guild would recruit disciples without considering the cost!

The reason the Pantheon Guild sent people to teach at this school was merely to help with the revival of human civilization.

Most of the other teachers at the school were superhumans.

Five years ago, there had already been a massive recruitment drive for Soulmancers on Earth. After gaining experience, the leaders of major Soulmancer organizations realized that having too many disciples was a burden.

Rapid expansion only resulted in a group of mediocre disciples.

The Guild needed a legacy, and some exceptional disciples required the entire Guild's resources for their training...

Especially now, with Mutated creatures everywhere, resources were somewhat strained.

William could see that both the superhuman alliance and the Soulmancer guilds were still trying to adapt to the new environment, and they were still in a process of continuous exploration.

"Good morning, Mr. Johnson." Garen had been waiting at the school entrance for a while. Upon seeing William and his companion, he immediately came forward to greet them with a smile. As for Samuel, he just gave a casual greeting.

Samuel finally understood what kind of status William held.

There had been rumors before about William and Garen having some unspeakable relationship.

Damn, those who said such things were just idiots.

Garen, such a powerful warrior, couldn't possibly have those kinds of inclinations. Besides, even Ares showed such respect to William, Garen's attitude was clearly that of a "brown-noser"!

"Vice Principal Garen, good morning," William also greeted Garen.

"Mr. Johnson, what do you think of this arrangement?" Garen carefully handed over a schedule, "Regarding your salary, it will be paid at ten C-grade Mutated creature crystals per class. What do you think?"

"That's fine," William glanced at the schedule, which included a class every day, and found it quite satisfactory.

"Mr. Johnson, if you think it's okay, then it's settled." Garen didn't even consider asking Samuel for his opinion.

In Garen's view, Samuel's strength as an S-class fighter was just average. In a real fight, he could probably take him down with one hit.

What objections could Samuel possibly have about Mr. Johnson's schedule?

Now that Samuel knew William's capabilities, he naturally didn't dare to speak out of turn.

"Mr. Johnson, I would like our Guild's disciples to attend your classes, would that be alright?"

Garen had been waiting here for a long time, and this was what he really wanted to say.

A lecture by Mr. Johnson was a rare opportunity, and how could the people from his Emerald Lion Guild afford to miss it?

No matter what Mr. Johnson taught, it was worth listening to. Maybe Mr. Johnson would take a liking to one of the Guild's disciples and teach them a secret sword technique—that would be a jackpot!

Hearing Garen say this, Samuel immediately responded excitedly, "Yes, Garen, that's a great idea!"

The fighters of the Emerald Lion Guild were all swordsmen with formidable combat skills. If all the Guild's disciples came to the base, wouldn't expanding the base be a breeze?

It seemed that saving humanity could very well start from the Arcane Village base!

Using Arcane Village as a hub and expanding from there sounded like a solid plan.

"I'm asking for Mr. Johnson's permission, why are you butting in?" Garen gave Samuel a sidelong glance, really wondering if there was something wrong with Samuel's brain. Mr. Johnson hadn't agreed yet,how could he dare to bring his Guild's people over?

Samuel: "…"

William said, "You want your Guild's people to attend my classes, what does that have to do with me? You don't need to ask me about this kind of thing. If there's nothing else, I'm going to prepare for my class."

"I understand, Mr. Johnson, please proceed as you wish." Garen bowed his head, his face full of smiles, feeling that the Emerald Lion Guild was on the rise.

William was somewhat annoyed by Garen's attitude, always bothering him with everything. Time to slip away and prepare for his class.

After William left, Samuel didn't follow him but asked, "Garen, did you know Mr. Johnson before?"

"Of course, I did." Garen looked proud but was unwilling to elaborate, mysteriously smiling, "You wouldn't understand!"

"I…" Samuel really wanted to curse, but he was too angry to speak.

I don't understand!

Yes! I damn well don't understand!

How could I understand if you don't tell me?

Garen ignored Samuel and leapt into the air, flying away. Now, he was about to move the entire Emerald Lion Guild over.

There was a Pantheon Guild on Mount Olympus, but now that Mr. Johnson had allowed him to move his Guild over, what could the people of the Pantheon Guild say?

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