Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine-Chapter 196.3

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Chapter 196.3

Jin Wang has never feared fighting against two armies, often winning despite the oppositions superior numbers. War was fought with both soldiers and strategies. The superior general attacked the enemys strategies and aims to conquer their hearts. It was nothing more than that.

And conquering hearts

Jin Wangs calm gaze shifted toward the position of the Forbidden City.

That person who rose to that position crookedly must be feeling anxious by now. Otherwise, they wouldnt have resorted to such desperate measures. Jin Wang wasnt actually panicked. With the troops he currently commanded, he had more than enough to ensure his safety. However, his father

Had his father truly died? Or did something happen? Based on Jin Wangs understanding of Emperor Hongjing, he couldnt possibly let things go to this extent. Something serious must have happened.

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Sun Mang left these words behind and departed with a small group of soldiers. The people he left behind all belonged to Jin Wangs command and were under his orders. novelbuddy. com

Hopefully, whatever happened was just a small matter and not

Chaos erupted in the capital. The Wucheng Militia and Shuntian Prefecture were also thrown into disarray.

They were originally colleagues, but suddenly some became rebels, while others joined the forces to suppress the rebels. Comrades turned against each other, while other unrelated individuals, like Su Yucheng and Yao Cheng, returned home and dared not get involved.

The entire alleyway was silent, with every household tightly keeping their doors tightly shut. Even families with infants dared not make any extra noise.

Fortunately, the residents here were common people, and it was unlikely for rebels to come here. This allowed the people to avoid many disasters. Even if some bandits wanted to cause trouble, the households in this area belonged to well-off commoners. Their courtyard walls were tall, and their gates were secure, making it impossible for them to break in.

These past few days, Su Yucheng and Yao Cheng had secretly gone out once or twice and learned that it was Dai Wang in the palace who was rebelling. This Dai Wang was truly an extraordinary person. After killing his own father he now wants to kill his biological brothers as well. He only wished he could wipe out his entire family, leaving only himself to ascend to the throne.

Who among the common people didnt curse and hate him? But despite the curses and hatred, the common people wouldnt rush to the streets and fight the rebels. It wasnt their responsibility to do so.

For people like them, who were lowly and of humble origin, this was their way of life. When faced with corrupt officials and wicked officers, they would curse them a few times, but when they needed to back down, they would still back down. When they needed to be afraid, they would still be afraid. Life went on, and whoever became the next emperor had nothing to do with them.

However, they did have a connection with the Yao and Su Families. Su Yaoniang served as a concubine in the princes residence, and now that Dai Wang wants to eradicate his various brothers, they couldnt help but worry about their daughters safety. Huiniang was also full of anxiety.

Su Yucheng wanted to go to Jin Wang Manor to take a look but was stopped by his family. The Su Family only had one male, Su Yucheng. What would they do if something happened to him? Even if something really went wrong in Jin Wang Manor, Su Yucheng, a little nobody, wouldnt be able to help.

If our sister is not favoured in the residence, who knows if someone will take advantage of the chaos to harm her? Im really worried. I have to go and see whats going on. Ill be careful, Su Yucheng insisted when the others tried to persuade him against it. Only then did Yao Cheng and Huiniang tell him the truth, saying that Yaoniang was not just a concubine anymore; she was now Consort Jin, Jin Wangs legitimate wife. Even if something happened in Jin Wang Manor, she wouldnt be affected.

Not to mention how surprised the Su Family was, but after revealing this, Su Yucheng still insisted on going to see for himself.

If shes the consort thats even more reason to go and see her. Dai Wang wants to kill his own brothers. If she were just a concubine, nobody would care. But now that she is Consort Jin, shell definitely become an important target. Ive heard that Jin Wang is currently leading people to fight against the rebels. We dont know if there are guards in the residence. If its true that Yaoyao is trapped in the residence with the two children, what will happen if chaos erupts again and theres no one to protect them?

Moreover, Im just going to take a look. I have the uniform for the Wucheng military forces. Nowadays, both the rebel forces and the loyalist forces outside are wearing this kind of attire. If I act well and avoid trouble along the way, nothing should happen.

Previously, Su Yucheng and Yao Cheng had gone out twice in disguise like this. Surprisingly, this set of clothes really worked. Whenever they encountered the rebels, they would claim to be rebels, and whenever they encountered loyalist forces, they would say they belonged to them. Like this, they could pass without arousing suspicion.

Wu-shi still wanted to object as she held onto her sons clothes tightly, but upon hearing her sons words, she couldnt help worrying about her daughter and burst into tears.

Yao Cheng could only say, Alright, I will accompany brother-in-law on this trip. Make sure to lock the doors tightly at home, so nothing should happen. Well go quickly and return soon.

With the matter settled, the two of them disguised themselves and prepared to set out.

Lancao had countless reasons not to let the men go, but she knew it was impossible to dissuade them. If nothing happened, it would be fine, but if something really went wrong because they didnt go, it could cause a severe rift in their relationship.

Go and come back quickly, dont forget that I, our parents, and the three children are waiting for you at home.

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