Last Wish System-Chapter 644

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Chapter 644

Chapter 644: Epilogue

Several years after the end of the Second Calamity .

In those years, Yale didn't return from that dimension, so it was unknown what happened to him, but based on their plans, Alrein and Kroh decided that probably he managed to get a tie and both, Yale and the Dimensional God, had their consciousness erased .

Of course, they had already told everything to Yale's family, and the mood had been quite gloomy all those years . They knew that Yale did it to save the multiverse, but they were still unable to believe that Yale didn't exist anymore .

"I am sure he is just trapped in that dimension or somewhere else after obtaining the victory . I can't believe that he died!"

It was strange seeing Lina so hot-blooded in the past, but since Yale disappeared, it was quite usual when she was speaking with Alrein and Kroh . Of course, they knew that Yale couldn't die, but losing his consciousness could be considered something with a similar effect .

Lina wasn't the only one who refused to believe that Yale died . Wyba, Ange, and Aiwai were arguing as much as her each time someone said that Yale wouldn't return .

There were others who didn't believe it either, but they weren't actively arguing when someone said that he wouldn't return .

"Lina, we already told you about everything . The chances he could return were slim from the beginning . It is already great that he wasn't possessed . "

Kroh sighed while speaking . It wasn't that he wanted that Yale didn't return, but he had been in that dimension and battled alongside Yale, so he knew very well how difficult it was succeeding .

Kroh and Alrein were the ones always saying that if Yale hadn't returned, he wouldn't return . They had mentalized of that when he made the plan, but it wasn't so easy to believe for the rest .

Shiba didn't argue back since he knew the plan, but he didn't think that Yale wouldn't return .

"Say whatever you want . We already had this conversation uncountable times . I don't believe that he is dead, and I am not letting you have my soul essence, so go back . "

Lina and the others refused to give their soul essences to Kroh, so unless Kroh killed them, he couldn't obtain them .

That was against Yale's will, but they felt that agreeing to that was the same as acknowledging that Yale wouldn't return .

"Well, the Dimensional God won't return either, so it isn't imperative having your soul essences, but there would be less dangerous for you all . "

Kroh understood that Lina and the rest didn't want to put their lives in the hands of someone else, but Yale had insisted so much on Kroh protecting them if he didn't return that Kroh had been asking for it continuously .

Kroh's friends were all resurrected thanks to Yale, so at least Kroh wanted to fulfill that last wish and protect Yale's family and friends .

Alrein was there for the same reason, but he didn't speak too much . He believed that Yale got a tie, but he insisted that if they managed to retrieve Yale's body and soul, they could use a shadow of the Timeless Border to replace his lost consciousness . At most, some memories would be lost, but that was better than not having any consciousness at all .

However, Kroh said that it was impossible to go back to that dimension, and that trying was too dangerous . If the Dimensional God had discovered Yale's plan and let the Last Wish System erase Yale's consciousness without entering the body after that, going to that dimension would be falling right into a trap .

That was the worst situation Kroh could think, but at least they were safe since the Dimensional God couldn't leave even in that case . After all, a mere consciousness trying to deal with something constantly erasing consciousness was a suicide, so the Dimensional God wouldn't be able to use Yale anyway .

"I am sure that my father will return . When he needed to reincarnate in the past, a lot of people also believed that he wouldn't return, but he did it . I am sure he will also return this time . "

Ange was also far more fierce than usual . She hated conflicts, but when someone said that Yale wouldn't return, she could endure it .

"My big brother will return . He won't leave me behind . "

When Wyba spoke, Kroh and Alrein felt some fear . Wyba's word had forced them to retreat several times . The True Cuteness Divinity was really scary .

However, they learned from their errors and started using protections against it . The problem was that since they would also prefer that Yale was alive, they were still somewhat influenced .

"Wyba, calm down . I am sure that Yale will return someday . They will acknowledge their mistakes then . "

Aiwai hugged Wyba, who seemed about to attack Kroh and Alrein if they didn't leave immediately .

"Alright, calm down . We will return another day . I know it is difficult to accept, but please, even if it is slowly, become aware that Yale won't return anymore . "

Kroh was ready to leave after speaking . If they didn't leave, they would really be attacked . The patience of the other party was already exhausted, and each time, they endured less before losing all their patience .

"Who won't return anymore . I am right here . "

The faces of everyone changed when they heard that voice .

"I am sorry, there was something . . . "

Before Yale had time to explain why he hadn't returned until that moment, he had already been tackled by the simultaneous try to hug him from Wyba, Ange, Lina, and Aiwai .

They were all crying . They really feared that what Kroh and Alrein said was true because there was no way to prove it was false unless Yale returned .

Yale was conscious that he had made them worry too much, so he let them hug him as much as they wanted . He would hug them back if it wasn't because he was already completely surrounded, so he couldn't move his arms without moving the four girls aside first .

After a while, they calmed down and released Yale, although they remained quite close to him . Wyba even hugged him back after a few seconds .

"Yale, if you are really Yale . Explain what happened . "

Wyba, Ange, Lina, and Aiwai jumped to Yale immediately after seeing him, but Kroh and Alrein were still maintaining some distance . They didn't know if the person in front of them was really Yale or he had been possessed .

Of course, seeing how Yale acted when the four girls hugged him made them believe he was the real one, but they were still cautious .

Shiba was trying to hide some tears of joy for seeing his master again, but Eini still noticed it . However, she didn't mock Shiba's action since she also had tears in her eyes . Neither of them doubted Yale's identity .

"It is difficult to prove that I am myself since devouring a consciousness also comes with devouring the memories, but this should be enough for you to believe that I am not your enemy . "

A ray of light flew from Yale to Kroh .

"This is the management authority of the multiverse . This is what took me so long to obtain . Only Transcendental Gods can use it, so Kroh and I will be the ones using it for now, but Alrein, we can share it with you when you advance . Before coming, I have already destroyed the blocking requiring a lot of deaths before being possible to advance to Transcendental God and the permanent deaths of True Gods . "

Kroh knew that what Yale shared with him was indeed the authority to manage the multiverse, so he immediately believed that he was in front of the real Yale .

"It was difficult to get, and if I left that dimension before getting it, who knew when we would have been able to put our hands on it . It took me too long, sorry . "

Yale was about to leave after he successfully tricked the Dimensional God to get erased by the Last Wish System, but he noticed that he could get the authority to manage the multiverse, and something like that was better to be in good hands .

Moreover, there were two big problems provoked by the consciousness of the Dimensional God that needed to be solved, and it wasn't possible without that authority .

Once someone got the authority, sharing it was easy, but losing it was only possible if one wanted or upon death, which in normal circumstances couldn't happen to Transcendental Gods .

However, getting the authority when no one owned it was extremely difficult . The consciousness of the Dimensional God got it because the reset of the multiverse made it easy to obtain .

Yale's explanation was convincing enough for his delay, but the girls still made Alrein and Kroh apologize for their lack of faith in Yale, although Yale calmed them down, saying that it was him who asked them to think that he wouldn't return in that situation .

After that, they organized a huge party inviting all the members of Yale's family and all of his friends .

"Yale, what are you planning to do from now on?"

Kroh and Yale had reached the peak of power, so neither of them needed to train anymore .

"I guess I will just enjoy life with my family and friends . Maybe I will learn some additional Divinity for fun or take some disciples . Prying into the past of the multiverse also seems interesting . "

Yale laughed . He wouldn't be bored in the future .