Legend of Swordsman-Chapter 5270 - : One Thought Universe, Explode!

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Chapter 5270: One Thought Universe, Explode!

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The domains of these two individuals were incredibly strong, especially Leng Shuang. She had exchanged for a large number of spatial treasures, along with the frost snow Dao-related treasures.

Inside the Frost Snow Realm, she summoned six ice phoenixes, instantly creating six Dao Lord-level experts. Moreover, some breakthroughs happened on their city walls, and their origin source burning was comparable to Dao Lords.

Because of this, being able to successfully defend wasn’t surprising.

On Jian Wushuangs side, there was no one to cooperate with him. Even if Si Tian descended from the city walls, it wouldn’t help. He lacked a domain and could only rescue people from all corners of the city walls.

The rest of the people, in terms of strength and potential, were all mediocre. Even if they gained many treasures, there was no qualitative change; at most, they improved by one level.

Those half-step Dao Lords, even after burning their origin sources, couldn’t take that step.

This made Jian Wushuang feel like someone was plotting against him.

Why was he always the unluckiest one?

After the sword formation was withdrawn, it protected the area around him.

In his sleeves, there were millions of universes, and in his gourd, half a jar of wine. 𝗳𝐫𝗲𝗲𝐰𝗲𝐛𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦

“Let’s go all out!” Jian Wushuang gritted his teeth.

He didn’t want to fall here. Regardless of what Qiuhuang said about the sword or the water crystal origin source of the 11th wave, he was determined to obtain it. He would never give up.

“One Thought Universe!”

He poured all the wine into his mouth. His spiritual power and Yan power were restored to their peak.

The One Thought Universe, covering 30 million miles, became increasingly solid. The sun, moon, and stars kept changing.

The terrifying thought power not only affected the Devouring Demons but also made the Grand Yan Immortals on the city walls feel dizzy. as if they couldn’t sense their own physical bodies.

Jian Wushuang’s body resembled a divine stone, affecting the surrounding environment.

“What’s happening?” Si Tian exclaimed!

He had a bad feeling about this.

As expected, in the next moment, Jian Wushuang erupted in tremendous brilliance, illuminating the entire One Thought Universe.

“Are you crazy!” Si Tian exclaimed, not understanding. He thought Jian Wushuang was about to self-destruct.

Indeed, the fluctuations from earlier seemed too much like self-destruction, with all the energy gathering at a single point on his body, ready to explode.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Jian Wushuang self-destructed, leaving Si Tian unsure whether to be happy or mournful.

If Jian Wushuang fell, how would he deal with these Devouring Demons?


Jian Wushuang just self-destructed, didn’t that mean he killed these Devouring Demons?

And he could leave behind the Candle Dragon Wings and another precious item from the Candle Dragon on his body!

At this thought, Si Tian’s breathing became erratic.

The dazzling light instantly struck, and everyone gritted their teeth, enduring.

The brilliance covered the sky and ground, swallowing up several million additional Devouring Demons, annihilating those Devouring Demons nibbling at the barrier.

The previous Thought power, enveloping each Devouring Demon, couldn’t entirely kill them. But under this immense pressure, barely one in ten Devouring Demons survived. Only a few hundred thousand remained.

The light gradually dissipated.

Only then did everyone straighten their bodies and look towards the center of the battlefield.

Especially Si Tian, he led the charge, rushing into the core of the battle first.

The sky was filled with fist-sized dust particles, and the once-white ground had turned pitch black.

“Where is he?” Searched Si Tian everywhere!


A figure suddenly appeared in front of Si Tian, barely holding on. His face was pale, covered in dirt and bloodstains, and his armor was partially shattered.

His long hair floated in the wind.

“Jian Wushuang!” Si Tian couldn’t believe his eyes.


The Candle Dragon Wings hidden behind him unfolded in an instant.

The wings were sharp and domineering, suppressing the void around them.

“What’s the matter, surprised?” Jian Wushuang sneered, his mouth curling upwards.

Si Tian shook his head hurriedly, utterly shocked. He had never expected Jian Wushuang to be alive. But he had clearly sensed Jian Wushuangs self-destruction, hadn’t he?

Apart from self-destruction, he couldn’t imagine any Grand Yan Immortal releasing such a terrifying aura.

Even Heavenly Emperor Wan Xing couldn’t achieve this, right?

“N-no I’m not!”

Staring at the stunned Si Tian Dao Lord, Jian Wushuang spoke again, “You should think carefully about what I told you last time. I have quite a few treasure points left on me now.”

After saying this, Jian Wushuang flickered and rushed towards the remaining Devouring Demons.

His aura was actually very weak; he was just forcing himself to keep going.

“One Thought Universe, explode!”

This move was inspired by his battle against those Emperors in the Great Wilderness.

But he couldn’t use this move too often.

In fact, it was a last resort.

If he made a mistake, he would self-destruct along with his One Thought Universe.

After all, it was a moment of self-destruction for the origin source of the One Thought Universe.

Although it couldn’t compare to a true cosmic explosion, the origin source and the operation were similar.

This strike could harm an Emperor-level expert, depleting half of his divine body and origin source.

His strength drained entirely, not a trace of Thought power left, but luckily, Heart power was limitless. He contemplated the recent scene, understanding every tactic intricately, knowing he might need that move again someday.

Others also grasped the situation and rushed towards the remaining Devouring Demons. Sensing the urgency, Si Tian regained his composure and hurried over.

After this wave, most of them couldn’t gain any more treasure points.

Every extra point now meant a peak-level treasure. Even though Jian Wushuang was severely injured, he couldn’t form the Transcendent Immortal Formation, let alone the Illusionary Sword Technique.

He had to rely on the Beast God’s Domain and the sharp edges of the Candle Dragon Wings to kill these Devouring Demons.

Even with everyone’s efforts, it took hours to finally end this 9th wave of the city-defense battle.

The sky dimmed, either nightfall or obscured by dust; it was hard to tell.

Back on the city wall, Jian Wushuang sat cross-legged in the only pavilion. This used to be where MO Long guarded. Upon hearing of his demise, Jian Wushuang poured a jug of wine as a farewell.

Fate brought both opportunities and deaths, a realization they had upon entering the Qishen Temple. Dying wasn’t regrettable. He had been to this battle; that was enough.

Exhausted but unable to produce even a single pill, Jian Wushuang didn’t bother recovering. These injuries were the heaviest he’d ever suffered.

This kind of trade—damage for death—couldn’t be used frequently. Without the Qishen Temple, using this move without the boost from the murky wine, he might have fallen into deep sleep.

To regain his peak, it would take countless years of cultivation. In the past, even with severe injuries, his divine body almost on the brink of collapse, he could recover in a day.

Now, it would take millions of years. That showed the extent of his injuries. His divine body crumbled, and the origin source extinguished. His physical body was long gone; his empty eye sockets stared ahead.

Pale flesh fell off his face in chunks.

He couldn’t hold on any longer; his flesh body was in ruins, only leaving a skeleton behind.

Thankfully, the Demonic Annihilation Armor covered him, hiding the horrific scene. His skull remained intact at least; even his scalp’s hair hadn’t fallen out.

On the inside, aside from the four main origin sources, there was nothing much left—just some useless trinkets obtained from killing those Grand Yan Immortals.

Digging around, he found a scarf woven from hemp.

He wrapped it around his neck and skull, leaving only three gaps. freew ebnove l.com

His eyes, nose, and mouth..

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