Legend of Swordsman-Chapter 5274 - : Abyss Flower

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Chapter 5274: Abyss Flower

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Jian Wushuangs eyesight was incredibly powerful; he could differentiate billions of droplets from a single one. However, when he looked at these pollen grains, he couldn’t discern their internal structure.

He wrapped a strand of Thought power around the pollen grains and carefully contemplated them. In an instant, that strand of Thought power transformed into a vast expanse.

“Such a precious treasure!”

One Thought Universe, one thought, and the flowers bloom.

The two were strangely similar in their effects.

Unfortunately, all he got was the flowers; the pollen of the Abyss Flower was the lowest grade. If he could pluck a petal, it would be much more valuable.

The Extreme Dao and Sword Dao could both break through and enhance Thought power.

“Senior!” Jian Wushuang suppressed his excitement and wanted to ask.

But Qiuhuang hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Stop. I can give you the secret recipe privately; it’s my personal belonging. As for the idea of the Abyss Flower, don’t even think about it. Even if it could be exchanged, it’s not something you can afford. Don’t forget, in the Qishen Temple, there is still the Emperor of your Original Universe.”

If it weren’t for Zhen Ling establishing the Elder Palace, raising his status, ancient secret recipes wouldn’t be available to Jian Wushuang.

This was already a breach of the rules; the Abyss Flower was something he couldn’t give away.

This was Zhu Yi’s treasure. The treasures left by that existence for Zhu Yi. Even if the Emperor wanted to exchange for it, it would be difficult.

After all, Vermilion Bird Temple was in charge of the Grand Yan Immortals. The Emperor was not a member of Vermilion Bird Temple. Now, the four major secret realms had established the Elder Palace, dividing the power of the four temples. Trying to exchange treasures from them was too difficult, especially unauthorized exchanges.

Jian Wushuang also understood the preciousness of these items. He had only asked out of curiosity. But upon hearing about the Emperors, he asked, “Elder, what about those Emperors? Where are they?”

“Their situation right now is much worse than yours. Although all of you are in the Original Universe, the dangers they face are much greater, and the treasures they obtain are very few, if any at all. They are given just a chance, and they have to risk their lives for it. You all need to cherish what you have been given.”

Qiuhuang was right; these Emperors indeed had no rewards in terms of treasures.

Climbing the Demon Sound Mountain would be somewhat helpful for their cultivation. However, halfway up, they encountered a group of Devouring Demons at the level of tier 4 Emperors. They are still in a standoff, making it difficult to reach the summit, unless they were tier 5 Emperors.

On the Demon Sound Mountain, there is a Demon Lord, a tier 6 entity, although it is suppressed and constrained. It can split into several hundred avatars, each with tier 5 power at the summit and tier 4 power at the mountainside.

The strongest Emperors in the Original Universe are at the tier 4 peak level. Even Fengyu, despite using the Eternal Tower, is only at the tier 4 extreme-level.

Reaching the peak is extremely difficult.

In Qiuhuangs eyes, these Emperors were pitiful; nobody wanted them.

Perhaps, back when they didn’t come out, the Qishen Temple might have kept them around for odd jobs, managing the operations of the temple. Now, it seemed even that purpose had disappeared.

They might end up as cannon fodder someday.

The Qishen Temple is an ancient inheritance that collects successors. It was never intended for Emperors; it was meant for those on the Yan Immortal level.

Of course, in the eyes of the Qishen Temple, there isn’t much difference between Yan Immortals and Grand Yan Immortals; they just slightly favor Yan Immortals more.

The earlier the cultivation, the more likely peak-level experts would emerge. That’s why they abandoned those Emperor-level experts. Well, not exactly abandoned; they might select a few, just for show.

Jian Wushuang had thought that those Emperor-level experts would directly receive the inheritance upon entering the Qishen Temple. After all, they were Emperors!

Each of them was a powerful being with great destiny. Now it seemed that the Qishen Temple didn’t even consider them worth its attention.

But that was fine. At least Jian Wushuang now knew that the Qishen Temple would focus on nurturing people like him, not those Emperors.

“You exchanged three million treasure points for treasures and didn’t even flinch. You have quite the courage, young fellow!” Qiuhuang said with a hint of amusement. 𝗳𝐫𝗲𝗲𝐰𝗲𝐛𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Jian Wushuang smiled faintly and replied, “l don’t shy away from improving my strength, but treasure points are just external things.”

Next, Jian Wushuang inquired about the plan for forging the top- grade physique again.

“Have you decided on forging a top- grade physique?” Qiuhuang asked.

Jian Wushuangs lips curled up as he asked, “Senior, I possess the Eye of the Candle Dragon, which can elevate my physique to a level thousands of times stronger. I wonder how it would be if I cultivated the top- grade physique?”

This statement surprised even the experienced Qiuhuang. No one had tried this before, so he didn’t have a clear answer. However, he did think of one thing.

Tempering the physique was not a matter of days or months; even with the most top-notch treasures, it would take centuries. Could the Eye of the Candle Dragon maintain a thousandfold divine body for a century without pause? That was clearly impossible.

Qiuhuang conveyed this point to Jian Wushuang and advised him to give up the top- grade physique. After all, it was just the physical body; it was better to concentrate all his energy on the divine body and origin source.

In Qiuhuangs eyes, Jian Wushuangs current origin source was already sufficient. He could start planning to enhance his divine body.

With the millions of treasure points on Jian Wushuang, he could easily elevate his basic divine body to 5,000 times its strength. Later, when he entered the four major secret realms, he could further enhance his basic divine body.

In case the old man with the horns could truly restore the spatial origin source within the Beast God Weapons, his Beast God Domain would become even stronger in the future.

The basic divine body multiplied by 5,000, combined with the Beast God Domain, made it easy to surpass the 10,000-fold divine body.

10,000-fold divine body!

Back in the day, even Qiuhuang couldn’t achieve this. Those who could break through the 10,000-fold divine body, regardless of whether they used external forces or Special Life Forms, were incredibly extraordinary. It could be said that among peers, they were no less inferior than those Ultimate Dao existences.

Of course, this required corresponding secret methods.

Just like among the Emperors, the one coveted by Zhen Ling was probably that Ultimate Emperor. But to be chosen by the Four Great Temples, even to be evaluated by them…

Chishui’s potential was also astonishing. Qishen Temple could help him break through. Once he became a tier 5 Emperor, coupled with supreme techniques, his strength could reach near invincibility among peers, and his divine body could once again break through. novelbuddy.co(m)

Just walking the path of the divine body alone could break through all laws and become a supremely powerful being.

Jian Wushuang was originally a practitioner of the Ultimate origin source Dao. If he embarked on the path of the divine body, his future prospects would be limitless. He was in no need to forge his physical body anew.

Jian Wushuang understood. He had treaded too many paths, but his physical body was crucial to him.

Once his physical body became indestructible, his close combat abilities would increase several times over. The way of the sword was inherently about

aggression. The divine body was like water in a container, and the physical body was that container.

Once the physical body became powerful enough, his divine body could also progress more rapidly.

This was undeniable. It’s just that no one else was as extravagant as him, or saw things from such a distant perspective.

After all, even if he enhanced his physical body to 5,000 times, the container could still accommodate it all..

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