Legend of Swordsman-Chapter 5298 - : The Second Prison

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Chapter 5298: The Second Prison

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Still waiting for Zhu Qi to speak, Zhu Yi was the first to talk. “Zhu Qi was following my orders to bring a little fellow into the Nine Refinements Tower.”

Indeed, she had given the order. When Qiuhuang reported the matter to her, she was quite surprised. She hadn’t expected that among these Grand Yan

Immortals, there would be someone willing to enter the Nine Refinements Tower.

You see, the threshold for entering the Nine Refinements Tower was possessing a 10,000-fold divine body.

Among the inheritors of these Grand Yan Immortals, there was only one with a 10,000-fold divine body—a Special Life Form.

Interestingly, among the Grand Yan Immortals plundered from other universes, there were a few practitioners with 10,000-fold divine bodies. During the plunder, several tier 5 Emperors were mobilized, but she managed to bring them over.

10,000-fold divine bodies of Speicla Life Forms were not uncommon. Each universe would give birth to a few one-of-a-kind Special Life Forms, whether flesh, rock, plant, or even liquid types—they were all 10,000-fold divine bodies.

This fact was not surprising. They were born 10,000-fold, and their bodies were naturally incredibly strong, so they didn’t need to enter the Nine Refinements Tower.

When she heard that Jian Wushuang wanted to enter the Nine Refinements Tower, she was startled at first. Later, considering Jian Wushuang possessed the Beast God Weapon and the Ultimate Dao, she understood.

She wasn’t like that old-fashioned Qiuhuang. With a turn of her thoughts, she saw through Jian Wushuangs ambition and had Zhu Qi bring him to the

Demon Sound Mountain.

Now, it seemed the problem lay here. She just didn’t know if it was Shan Jun who had an issue or if Jian Wushuang was the one at fault.

Missing a strand of the universe’s origin source might seem like a big deal or a small matter.

If they really wanted to investigate, Zhu Qi would probably suffer this time.

If he didn’t want to be punished, he would have to hand over the Demon Sound Mountain.

This time, they were in a dilemma. It seemed that even sacrificing Zhu Qi might not be enough to save Demon Sound Mountain.

Zhen Lings smile widened as he turned to look at Zhu Yi.

“Oh, is that so?”

“In that case, who was responsible for the missing strand of universe origin source on Demon Sound Mountain?” Zhen Ling stared at Zhu Yi, completely ignoring the bound Shan Jun.

“Was it her?” Zhen Ling pointed at Zhu Qi, her expression turning cold, and her aura rising.

Then she pointed at Shan Jun and said in a cold voice, “Or was it this filthy crawler?”

Zhu Yi’s face turned icy. She had been overseeing the core of the Original Universe and had no idea what had happened here. Faced with Zhen Ling’s accusations, she wore a displeased expression.

Shan Jun’s eyes turned bloodshot. Clenching his teeth, he roared, “Old bastard, it was me! What are you going to do about it?”

He hadn’t anticipated that giving that strand of universe origin to Jian Wushuang would lead to such a disaster, drawing even Zhen Ling here in person. But he couldn’t admit it was Jian Wushuangs doing, because Zhen Ling wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Moreover, Zhen Ling was vengeful, and this visit was likely aimed at him or Zhu Yi. Without the protection of the Vermilion Bird Temple, his days were about to get much worse.

Zhen Lings fingers flickered, repeatedly pointing at Shan Jun, and he roared,

“It’s not your turn to speak here. Shut your mouth!”

A beam of starlight flashed, instantly piercing through Shan Jun’s body, causing his aura to plummet.

Just a single finger reduced his strength by 30 percent.

If Zhen Ling were to strike, it was likely that one blow would be enough to kill him. Even Shan Jun, with his strength, couldn’t help but show a terrified expression. For a moment, he dared not utter another word.

On the side, Zhu Qi hurriedly knelt down, wanting to plead with Shan Jun, but was stopped by Zhu Yi.

“There’s nothing for you here, Zhu Qi!”

“Why are you still staying here? Go!” Zhu Yi roared, her eyes fixed on Zhen Ling.

It seemed this time they were serious; there was no room for mercy. Letting Zhu Qi leave was a way to protect her. If she stayed, she would have to go to prison with Shan Jun.

Zhen Lings eyes flickered, and his voice turned cold. “This time, I’ll let it go.

But remember, everything in Qishen Temple is left behind by the ancient gods, not something you own. Understand?”

Zhu Qi was escorted down the mountain.

On the mountaintop, the cold wind bit into the skin.

Fluffy snowflakes suddenly descended.

The reason why Demon Mountain was black was because of the origin source in the Universe Bronze Furnace, Now that the origin source had been given away, the earth fire was gone too.

Demon Mountain had returned to its original appearance.

Shan Jun preferred Demon Mountain the way it was now, covered in pristine white snow, just like when he first met Zhu Qi.

Watching Zhu Qi leave, Shan Jun finally felt relieved.

He could handle whatever was left. Going to the Third Prison was not a big threat to him. Once his strength fully recovered, he might even live more comfortably than now.

Zhen Lings eyes were sharp; how could he not know what Shan Jun was planning?

“Stealing the origin source of Qishen Temple, Shan Jun, your crime deserves death. Considering your past connection with the old master, I’ll spare your life. However, you can’t escape punishment. I will send you to the Second Prison and you’ll serve a sentence for 10,000 eras!”

As soon as her words fell, even Zhu Yi, let alone Shan Jun, was shocked!

The Second Prison, 10,000 eras; wasn’t this a death sentence for Shan Jun? freewebnov el.com

It was no different from death.

Zhu Yi would never forget what was held in the Second Prison.

She would rather die than see those things come out.

Shan Jun, compared to those existences, was like a child.

“You damned old man, if you have the guts, kill me now. Why bother scheming like this!” Shan Jun knew Zhen Lings murderous intent but showed no fear, cursing vehemently.

Zhen Ling stood aside, thoroughly enjoying the situation, a smug look in their eyes.

Turning to Zhu Yi, Zhen Ling continued, “Master Zhu Yi, any objections?”

Zhu Yi, feeling the intense gaze upon her, quickly shook her head, not daring to say much. 𝑓𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝒷𝑛𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝘮

“Also, I will personally send this Demon Mountain to the Four Great Secret Realms. I’ll entrust it to the Elder Palace to manage. You don’t mind, do you?”

Gritting her teeth, Zhu Yi shook her head again. Suddenly, she thought about the person inside, unwilling to give up hope. He spoke up, “My lord, there are still people inside the Demon Sound Mountain. I’ll wait until the young one finishes his trial, and then I’ll send the Demon Sound Mountain to the Four Great Secret Realms.’

Delaying it for a while wouldn’t hurt. What if there was a change in the situation?

On the Demon Sound Mountain, apart from the large bell, there was also a cosmic treasure. Although this treasure was connected to the Nine

Refinements Tower, it was still a complete cosmic treasure. She couldn’t bear to just hand it over to the Elder Palace, especially with over 10,000 Emperors on the mountain.

“l don’t need you to worry about that. When he comes out, 1 will bring him back,” Zhen Ling was determined to reclaim the Demon Sound Mountain.

Now that the Elder Palace was established, there was no shortage of manpower, but they lacked treasures. They needed a treasure that could win people’s hearts. Moreover, there were more than 10,000 Emperors on the Demon Sound Mountain.

At this moment, the two of them realized that there were still tens of thousands of Emperors on the mountain. When they moved to other timelines in the River of Time, they would be unfamiliar with the places. They would need a lot of manpower. Initially, they didn’t plan to bring these Emperors, but now it seemed they had to.

Killing two birds with one stone, they not only took back the Demon Sound Mountain but also sent so many Emperors to the Elder Palace..

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