Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart-Chapter 176 - : 176: He Doesn ‘t Know How to Apologize

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Chapter 176 - 176: 176: He Doesn ‘t Know How to Apologize

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The bedroom was still the same, but the objects inside had changed significantly. Enna Clark didn’t want to lie on the only bed, and since she had nothing to do, she wandered over to Baron Lawrence’s desk and casually picked up a book to flip through.

All the texts inside were incomprehensible to her.

She put the book down casually, then glanced at the documents spread out on the desk, discovering it was a company acquisition case.

He truly was a wealthy businessman.

Even a random document was about a company acquisition. Just as she wanted to take a closer look, the bathroom door opened— “What are you doing?”

Enna was startled, quickly shifted her gaze away, and turned to explain, “I didn’t touch your things, I was just casually looking.”

Baron Lawrence strode over with his long legs, and when his gaze fell on the documents on the desk, his brows furrowed. He closed the documents and threw them aside before asking, “Where are the disposable towels in this house?”

Seeing his action, Enna’s face burned hot, as if she had been slapped.

She had really just been casually looking and hadn’t even seen what was written on it—she only noticed the acquisition plan. Yet Baron Lawrence reacted as if she were a thief.

Feeling stifled, but not wanting to show her discomfort, Enna looked away and said, “There are no disposable towels at home, only a hairdryer.”

Baron Lawrence noticed her reaction.

He silently cursed, damn it!

But the document just now was about the acquisition of Sullivan Corporation. If this woman saw it, she might cause more trouble for him.

That’s why he had quickly put the document away.

Although Baron Lawrence knew that Enna was angry, who was he? From birth, he had only been treated with reverence by others. There was no way he would accommodate others.

He noticed her anger, but in the end, he couldn’t bring himself to apologize. His expression only grew darker…

After adjusting her emotions, Enna took the initiative to find the hairdryer from the drawer and handed it to him. freeweb(n)

“The wind power is a bit weak, but you’ll have to make do with it. I’ll go get a glass of water.” freewebno(v)


Enna was surprised that he actually wanted her to help dry his hair, but she wasn’t a masochist. It was better for her not to help! So she happily left the room.

Once she was gone, the man with a tight face gripped the hairdryer, feeling irritated for no reason. His irritation almost caused him to throw the hairdryer onto the floor!

He managed to control his emotions, plugged in the hairdryer, and casually dried his hair.

Enna came back after having some water.

She pulled open the closet, took out a thin quilt, and prepared to leave the room.

Baron Lawrence’s face darkened, and he closed the door, coldly questioning her, “Where are you planning to go?”

‘…Aren’t you sleeping in the bedroom? I’m going to sleep on the couch.” It was another attempt to avoid his sharpness.

Baron Lawrence felt a suffocating sensation in his chest. He gripped Enna’s chin and suddenly lifted her face. His hawk-like eyes seemed to see through her heart, and his thin lips touched hers, “Enna, are you really stupid or just pretending? Can’t you see that I want to sleep with you tonight?”

He had actually said it so directly. Enna couldn’t back out now, gripping the quilt in her hands, remaining silent, and motionless.

Baron Lawrence couldn’t be bothered to waste words with her.. He pulled the quilt from her arms, tossed it on the bed, and pulled her onto the bed with him

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