Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart-Chapter 202 - : 202: Woman, you seem in a good mood today

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Chapter 202 - 202: 202: Woman, you seem in a good mood today

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“Um.” Rose Howell knew that she was Tobias’s mom, and even though she was utterly distracted by dragonflies everywhere, she still made an effort to lift her head to answer Enna Clark’s question in a sweet voice.

Enna Clark always wanted a daughter. With Rose being so cute, how could she not like her! She gently touched Rose’s fuzzy head once again, smiling and joking, “Tobias will come to kindergarten tomorrow too. Rose can see him again then. Would it be alright if Auntie took him home tonight? Auntie hasn’t seen your Brother Tobias for almost two days.”

Tobias Clark, his phoenix eyes suddenly glaring, much like a certain someone else: What’s this about ‘her’ Brother Tobias? He certainly isn’t the property of this little snot-nose!

With clear, large eyes, Rose Howell reluctantly glanced at the unyielding face of Tobias Clark, and then in the gentle direction of Enna Clark, her little face became quite troubled, her tiny fingers curling tighter.

What to do? She did not want to part with Brother Tobias, but Brother Tobias’s mom had not seen Brother Tobias for a long time either…

She was just a five-year-old kid, she had never faced such a choice before. In no time she was sweating profusely, quickly blinking her eyes. Despite her reluctance, she still nodded her head, her voice tiny, “Alright, Auntie can take Brother Tobias home. Rose will see Brother Tobias tomorrow.”

Once done speaking, she without any reservation, immediately asked, “Auntie, can I call Brother Tobias tonight?”

Wyndham Howell, his left hand resting on his forehead, feeling a mix of amusement and exasperation, lifted the little one into his arms, playfully teased her, “You have not seen your dad for a whole day. Are you sure you’ll ignore me tonight to call your Brother Tobias?”

Rose Howell turned her thoughts around and came up with a great idea, “I can watch daddy while talking to Brother Tobias on the phone.”

Tobias Clark very much wanted to reply to her by saying he wouldn’t take the call in the first place.

Out of consideration for Wyndham Howell being there, he held back his frustration!

Keeping a mental note to avenge his embarrassment caused by the clueless Rose Howell, he planned how to get back at her tomorrow so she wouldn’t say anything about liking him in front of adults.

Wyndham Howell lightly flicked her forehead and kindly rejected her, “No, tonight you need to stay with dad. Brother Tobias needs to stay with Auntie

Enna.” fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

Not being afraid of him, Rose Howell pouted her lips, about to retort when Wyndham Howell quickly precluded her, “Alright, we should head home now. If you continue fussing, I’ll keep you home from kindergarten tomorrow.”

“I won’t fuss anymore.” Rose Howell was quicker to compromise than anyone else, showing an expression of fright afraid that he wouldn’t let her go to kindergarten.

His five-year-old daughter’s heart had already been kidnapped, and she didn’t even reserve any allowances. Wyndham Howell shook his head in a mix of exhaustion and helplessness towards Enna Clark, laughing as he said, “Ms. Clark, Tobias, she has a bit of a cold. I’ll take her home now. Goodbye.”


Wyndham Howell walked off into the distance while holding Rose Howell in his arms…

Enna Clark stood up again, holding the little boy’s hand, with a smile as bright as the sun said, “Let’s go, time to go home.”

Tobias Clark’s small hand held onto her big one, as he turned his head to observe her few times then suddenly asked, “Woman, you seem to be in a great mood today, anything good happened? Got a raise?”

Enna Clark was caught off guard by his question, giving a perfunctory answer, “… Nothing like that. When was I in a good mood?”

“Is that so?”

Tobias Clark noticed the slight blush on her ears, his eyes gleaming, totally not buying her bluff. But being the clever boy he was, he didn’t press her any further. Instead, he started to ponder about what might have happened during the day that made the woman of his family so happy..

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