Long Live The Emperor!-Chapter 684 - : 69. The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, and the Cicada Turns into an Oriole

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Chapter 684: 69. The Mantis Stalks the Cicada, and the Cicada Turns into an Oriole

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A month later.

by the lonely cliff in the wind and snow.

Xia Ji sat under a tree. There was a fluffy cushion under the tree, and on the cushion was an elegant small coffee table. On the coffee table were fine wine and wine glasses.

He only waited for a while before he heard unconcealed footsteps behind him.

A moment later, a man in a luxurious fur coat sat beside him. He took off the sword on his back and placed it beside his hand. Then, he turned to look at Xia Ji. He spoke with the air of a superior. ” What’s wrong? You didn’t accompany your beautiful wife today? ”

” We have our own pursuits, ” Xia Ji said. ” Why would we indulge in love every day? ”

As he spoke, he grabbed the wine jug and filled two glasses of wine. He said,”Please.”

This man was called Yu Mingzi. He was the new Grand Elder of the Dragon Slaying Temple and also the host of this battle.

Yu Ming Zi picked up his wine cup and clinked it with Xia Ji’s before drinking it in one gulp. He then narrowed his eyes as he looked at the snow that filled the sky in the empty valley. He muttered in a seemingly casual manner,”A few days ago, Senior Brother Sect Master led a team to Vulture Water Village and found two pages of talisman papers.”

Xia Ji’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t ask.

Yu Ming Zi saw the light in his eyes, but he kept him in suspense and did not elaborate further.

One had to know that if one could write their name on the scroll, they could directly advance to the 14th realm and increase their lifespan by an additional 1,000 years. However, there were very few scroll pages, and there were many people in the 13th realm.

When Xia Ji was at his position, he had thought that this page was nothing. He would not even use it if it was given to him. However, in reality, this item was extremely precious in the sect.

Since Yu Ming Zi didn’t say anything, Xia Ji didn’t ask. According to the rules, he should have lowered his stance and used a flattering tone to ask how he could obtain this page.

However, even if he was acting, he would not be bothered to act like this.

After a long time.

The pot of wine had been emptied.

A snowstorm had already been seen.

“Is Xuan Qing really not interested in the scroll?” Yu Mingzi asked coldly.

Xuan Qing and Hu Bai were Xia Ji and Bai Zhu’s alias.

“Please enlighten me, Great Elder,” Xia Ji said.

“I don’t dare to accept your teachings,” Yu Ming Zi replied.

After saying that, he stood up coldly and left.

Xia Ji looked at his back and roughly understood what the new Great Elder meant.

He went out today, clearly not only to his house, but also to a rare commodity that could be hoarded and sold at a high price.

He had come to find him because he might be one of the people qualified to obtain the page. However, there were many people who could do so. At the critical moment, he could exercise his right to speak and distribute the page.

At this moment, he was here to ” bargain ” to see who was willing to pay more or to stand on his side. However, Xia Ji did not say anything.

Thus, Elder Yu Ming Zi naturally left coldly.

In fact, Xia Ji knew what he wanted. Ever since this elder took a glance at Bai Zhu when she took off her mask half a year ago, he had fallen in love with her. After that, he had even tried to curry favor with her secretly, but Bai Zhu would never pay attention to him.

Thus, this elder wanted to use the matter of the distribution of the talisman pages to break through from him.

He had to admit that his thoughts were really dirty.

Shaking his head, Xia Ji emptied the glass of wine he had just drunk and then started drinking.

The wind and snow were raging… f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m


A green sprout suddenly sprouted from the frozen rock by the cliff where he was.

The green sprout quietly spread out and turned into a palm of roots.

He opened his fingers and found a letter inside.

Xia Ji took the letter, opened it, and shook the paper. There were two pieces of paper.

He looked at it carefully.

The first letter was written in unfamiliar handwriting, but Xia Ji knew that it was a message from the messenger he had sent to Weizhou.

Weizhou was also in chaos. The sects killed each other without restraint, and it wasn’t unique to Yanzhou.

The second piece of paper was written in Ji Xuan’s handwriting. It contained information about the changes in a few special sects that Xia Ji had investigated, including the Northern Demon Tribe, the Southern Buddhist Sect, and Madam Xue’s White Cloud Villa.

Without exception, all of them had been “tricked”.

All the sects in the world seemed to have suddenly fallen into this frenzy.

After Xia Ji finished reading the letter, he burned it.

The Dragon Slaying Temple’s year-end martial arts competition was in two days.

That night, he and Bai Zhu lay on the bed and summarized the information.

The two of them had basically figured out the problem. The problem lay in the “page” or the “receiver”.

“I can roughly guess what happened,” Bai Zhu suddenly said.

” I have to go back after winter, ” she said in a heavy tone. Also, if you see Pangu in the future, don’t tell him that you once lay in the same bed as me. ”

Xia Ji was speechless.

He suddenly felt that something was wrong and asked tentatively,”Are you a woman?”

White Candle was speechless.

Her eyes curved into crescents as she smiled, looking like a ” funny ” person with raised eyebrows.

Xia Ji heaved a sigh of relief. ” As expected, people like you don’t care about gender. ”

” No, you’re wrong, ” Bai Zhu said. ” I’m a woman. The coquettish fox that you once had a conflict with is also a woman. Besides, Mother Xingxing who injured you is also a woman. ” You’ve been abused by a woman before.”

Xia Ji was speechless.

A coquettish fox? Was he talking about Su Tian?

Xingxing’s mother? Was this the Grand Supreme?

He thought for a moment and decided to change the topic.”What’s south of Yanzhou?”

“Go and take a look when you have time, I won’t tell you,” Bai Zhu said.

” You’re so useful, ” Xia Ji suddenly said. ” Why don’t you join me? ”