Lord of Flames-Chapter 416: The third rank of Vera! Three blessings!

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Chapter 416: The third rank of Vera! Three blessings!

Chapter 416: The third rank of Vera! Three blessings!

After the meal, Tina felt like her knowledge had been refreshed.

It was not only her but also the noble girls and high-ranking female officials she had brought with her.

The food of the Flame Empire was too magical.

One had to know that these delicacies were the ones that Lin Yan had conquered before he transmigrated!

Before he transmigrated, Lin Yan was very particular about eating. He invited more than ten top chefs from different cuisines to cook for him.

In his spare time, Lin Yan himself would pour out some delicious food.

The beautiful chef in the palace of the Flame Empire was a world-famous gourmet. After receiving Lin Yans revelation, she cooked the food of another world. Even Meng Ying and Qing Ling were full of praise.

Of course, not many people were qualified to eat these delicacies.

Now, these people from the Eternal Night Empire had become the second batch to taste the wine.

Not surprisingly, their taste buds were conquered! freeweb novel. com

Its so delicious. It would be great if I could eat such delicious food every day.

After a noble girl cleaned up the dishes, she, who used to eat very little, gave off the feeling that I can still eat ten more .

Its over, its over. What are we going to do when we go back? I feel that the food I ate before is boring.

Another noble girl whispered.

Above the banquet, Meng Ying looked at them and smiled.

At the same time, she was slightly moved.

If they were to train more chefs and open large restaurants in the Flame Empire and Eternal Night Empire, it would be a pretty good way to make money.

On the national rank, Meng Ying might not be interested in the gold coins earned by restaurants, but the food in these restaurants was invented by the Lord of Flame.

Once these delicacies were popularized and sought after by hundreds of millions of people, just like the currency war, the reputation of the Lord of Flame would spread more and more.

The people who would eat these delicacies that were invented by the Lord of Flame for a long time, and their faith in the Lord of Flame would become more and more devout.

This was what Meng Ying saw.

As long as it was beneficial to her God, she would be happy to do it.

Moreover, she could earn a steady stream of gold coins.

Gold coins purpose was to make an Empire more prosperous.

It was not that Meng Ying was eager for gold coins.

In fact, even if someone put a golden mountain in front of her, she would not be tempted. Instead, she would think about what kind of benefits this golden mountain could bring to her God.

After dinner, there were some performances.

Meng Ying and Qing Ling chatted with Tina.

Tina did not say what she wanted to do. It was a simple state visit.

However, she hoped to stay in the Flame Empire for a while.

Meng Ying and Qing Ling naturally agreed.

In the Flame Empire, the core secrets were all in the Miracle City of Yan Province. That place had already been protected by the barrier set up by Meng Ying. There was no need to worry about what Tina would steal if she stayed for too long.

Plus, Tina didnt look like she was going to do that.

It wasnt until 10 pm that Tina returned to the guest platform to rest.

Tina did not rest, instead, she thought about what she had seen in Yan Province.

The kingdom of the Lord of Flame gave her a lot of surprises.

This Empire was not as big as the Eternal Night Empire but in many ways, the Eternal Night Empire was even better!

She decided to stay here for a while longer.

At least, stay for another half month.

In Sky Realm, her sister, Eternal Night Empress, was still preparing. She wouldnt be able to launch her attack for half a month.

For the gods of the Heavenly Realm, breaking from the peak of the third rank to the fourth rank was not easy.

Once she reached the fourth rank, she would become a powerful figure who could dominate the entire God Realm or even several God Realm existences.

However, every peak third rank God would face more or less sniping when they broke through.

The situation of the Eternal Night Goddess was even more dangerous because she had always disguised herself as a fourth rank. With the help of Tina Empress, she had a top ten Eternal Night Empire.

It was precise because of the existence of the Eternal Night Empire that the goddess had reached the peak of the third rank so quickly.

Otherwise, she would have to spend at least ten thousand years but now, once the goddess of the eternal night started to break through, her true and false identity would be exposed.

Not only would she be targeted by a large number of snipers, but the Eternal Night Empire would also become a piece of fat meat and be bitten by many gods.

In order to successfully take down the empire, the gods would definitely attack the goddess.

That was why Empress Tina had advised the Eternal Night Goddess to wait. That was why she had said that the Eternal Night Goddess would die.

Tina stayed in the Flame Empire, accompanied by a few people, she started to travel in the western provinces of the Flame Empire. Meng Ying also sent someone to accompany her.

Meng Ying was prepared to accompany her, but Tina felt that she had been with her for a long time, so she didnt want her to.

At the same time, in the heavenly realm, Vera spent several days cracking the advanced Divine energy given by Lin Yan to completely fuse.

She also understood the mystery of higher Divine energy.

Then, Vera started to breakthrough.

The entire breakthrough took her fifteen days.

Five days ago, within her godhead, she finally relied on her strength to generate a drop of high-ranked Divine energy that belonged to her!

Well, it could also be described as an eleventh ranked Divine energy.

This meant that Vera had reached the threshold of the third rank, but she had yet to become a Goddess of the third rank.

In the middle five days, Vera continued to condense an eleventh-ranked advanced Divine energy.

She condensed her original Divine energy into eleventh-ranked advanced Divine energy,

However, her Divine energy was not enough to condense eleventh-ranked advanced Divine energy.

Vera absorbed a lot of the power of faith from the high-ranked sacred stones and converted it into Divine energy.

She spent a total of two hundred high-ranked sacred stones to absorb all the power of faith from the stones and then make them into the high-ranked Divine energy she needed.

This process lasted for five days.

Five days later, in Veras godhead, the content of an eleventh-ranked advanced Divine energy reached the standard.

From this, it could be seen that Veras accumulation was still far from the third rank.

The power of faith contained in the more than 200 high-ranked sacred stones was terrifying. If Vera had accumulated it herself, it would have taken her at least ten years to gather it.

It would also take her many years to develop an eleventh-ranked Divine energy but at that time, with Lin Yans help, she had succeeded in less than a month!

The last five days would be the process of ranking up.

After the first two steps, Vera began to upgrade her godhead.

After five days, Vera finally raised her godhead to an eleventh rank!

An eleventh rank godhead was much higher than a tenth-ranked godhead.

This was a standard, third-rank godhead!

This meant that Vera had become a third-rank Goddess and two months ago, she was not even on the second floor!

Next, what Vera needed to do was to build a Divine body.

Compared to godhead, a Divine body was relatively easy. She only needed resources.

Thats great; Ive finally reached the third rank. I have to tell my Lord that the Lord is still in the sun, right?

Vera thought.

Her heart was filled with gratitude towards Lin Yan but it was not just gratitude.

It was only a small part of gratitude, but it was more about love.

I wonder how the Lords Flaming Divine Body is doing.

Vera was concerned.

Vera was concerned about Lin Yan, who was absorbing special energy from the sun.

This was a necessary step to build the Flaming Divine Body but not every God could succeed.

Gods that did not come into contact with the rules of Flame would not choose to forge the Flame God Body.

Furthermore, to forge the Flaming Divine Body, he needed this god to dive deeper into the sun.

That was the current layer of the Sun of the Heavenly Realm.

The temperature in the ocean was terrifying but what was scary was not only the temperature but also the explosive currents and energy reactions. There were even some substances that were harmful to the gods.

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