Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha-Chapter 177.2

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Chapter 177.2

But in spite of that, he only said one thing.

If you think Im wrong, then stop talking and destroy me already. I, the Hero, am down to only one source, and my Sword of Three Races had lost its power. If the genuine Demon King of Tyranny had been my opponent, he wouldve obliterated me ten times by now. (Lay)

As if in response to Lays taunt, her magic power shook violently.

Delegate rumbled and vibrated.

Then I shall grant your wish, and destroy your source without leaving anything behind. (Avos)

Avos Dilhevia put more strength into her arm, intending to dig her <Source Kill Vebdoz> coated fingertips even deeper into Lays body.

However, every time she extended her arm, Lay backed off just as far.

But perhaps calling it backing off wasnt accurate. It was more like he completely suppressed the power of her extending fingers.

If her <Source Kill Vebdoz> coated fingertips, or her magic power, were longer even by a few millimeters, his source would be destroyed.

In the face of death, Lay perfectly saw through the false Demon Kings attack.

This was no longer the battle strategy of the Hero Kanon, which was about taking damage so as to inflict greater injuries on his foe.

What he used now was the secret art of self-abandonment, which he learnt by crossing swords with Shin.

That past event may be gone now, but (Lay)

Lays magic power had turned to nothing entirely.

This was what he was going for by allowing the destruction of his sources.

Due to possessing seven sources, Lay had difficulty in reducing his own magic power to nothing.

This was why he willingly let them be destroyed until he only had one left.

Misa. Im sure this is a technique your father taught me so I could save you. Even if that wasnt his intention, it was his destiny to save you. Lay called out to her.

To separate her mind, her consciousness, from that of Avos Dilhevia more clearly.

So come back to me. (Lay)

And this was how Lays source got a grasp on the source of Evansmana.

Sword of Three Races, First Secret: (Lay)

The sound of magic power roared out like a heavy heartbeat.

This was the heartbeat of the Sword of Three Races. The source filled with an extraordinary amount of magic power, hidden deep within the holy sword, began to awaken.

The effects of Nosgalias divine words on it were dispelled.

Is this the gods (Avos)

Avos Dilhevias eyes widened, and she was about to kick off the ground.

However, she was a few moments too late.

Pure white light gathered around Evansmana, then took the shape of a blade as if to reinforce the sword.

A dazzling beam of light emanated from the tip.

Ugh! Ah! (Avos)

The light ray of Evansmana penetrated her thin layer of <Four Worlds Wall Beno Ievun>, and tore a gaping hole in Avis Dilhevias body.

She was engulfed in pure white light.

<Heaven Splitter>! (Lay)

In the span of a sigh, countless blades of light slashed through Avos Dilhevias body simultaneously.

Without even needing to swing his sword, he dealt countless sword strikes on her, and severed her fate.

This was the effect of the First Secret of the Sword of Three Races: <Heaven Splitter>.

Avos Dilhevias body was enveloped in a divine light.

And then, that radiance was sliced in two by the <Heaven Splitter> technique.

The two halves took the shape of two spherical lights, sparkling as strongly as stars.

Im releasing you from the tragic fate of being the Demon King of Tyranny. Thats right, the Sword of Three Races taught me how. (Lay)

Those pure white lights slowly subsided, and eventually disappeared completely.

Avos Dilhevia emerged from one of them, and Misa emerged from the other one.

Their source was as homogeneous as water.

And as if to sever the fate of never reversing that, the Sword of Three Races divided it in two by means of its sword secret.

Misa! (Lay)

Lay immediately reached out to her.

With a flustered look on her face, she ran towards him.

Lay-san! (Misa)

Misa jumped at Lay.

With the Sword of Three Races in his hand, he hugged Misa tightly with his left one.

I brought her back, Avos Dilhevia. I split your source into two. One is the demon half, the other is the spirit half. Even if Misa never possessed a lot of magic power, you wont live long with only half of your source. (Lay)

Avos Dilhevias body turned slightly transparent.

Even though she still had quite a lot of magic power left in her, she was fading away, as if she couldnt maintain her own existence.

This was a phenomenon similar to spiritosis.

As your legend dictated, you will fall to the Hero and his Sword of Three Races. Youve lost, Avos Dilhevia. (Lay)

Holding Misa in one arm, Lay pointed the tip of his sword straight at the false Demon King.

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