Martial God Asura (Web Novel)-Chapter 5495: Long Chengyu Makes a Move

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Chapter 5495: Long Chengyu Makes a Move

“It looks like everyone here still remembers our Totem Phoenix Clan,” a man from the Totem Phoenix Clan said as he cast a cursory glance at the crowd.

This man was good-looking, but his eyes reflected his conceit and disdain. He did have the strength to back it up though, for he was a rank four Half-God level cultivator. He was the culprit who had exerted his oppressive might to seal off this palace.

“I am the son of the incumbent Totem Phoenix Clan’s Clan Chief, Feng Tiansheng.” The man proceeded to gesture at the lofty woman beside him who shared the same conceited look. “And this is my older sister, Feng Jiuyue. Don’t worry, I don’t harbor any malicious intention for sealing off this area. I simply wanted you to stay here for a moment.”

The crowd was startled to hear those words.

“Young master, what’s your reason for keeping us here?” a confused person in the crowd asked.

“Are my words not clear enough? I’ll be clearer then. There are fortuitous encounters in the Demon Crane that are beneficial to world spiritists, and my big sister is a world spiritist prodigy. Thus, I hope that you can do our Totem Phoenix Clan a favor and back out of this remnant,” Feng Tiansheng said.

A huge uproar broke out right away.

“Young master Feng, don’t you think that you’re being too domineering? This isn’t your Totem Phoenix Clan’s turf. The Demon Crane is Daoist Dedmon Crane’s treasure. What rights do you have to stop us from entering the remnant?” someone exclaimed.


That person was sent flying into the wall right after he finished those words. Feng Tiansheng had struck that person and inflicted severe injuries on him.

“You’re asking what rights I have? I can answer that question—my strength,” Feng Tiansheng sneered.

No one else dared to express their dissatisfaction toward Feng Tiansheng anymore after witnessing his viciousness despite their indignation.

On the one hand, there was no guarantee that they could benefit from the fortuitous encounters here. On the other hand, their lives were much more important than any treasure in the world.

“The Totem Phoenix Clansmen sure are domineering!” Long Chengyu sneered as he removed his concealment, revealing himself to the crowd.

“It’s the young master of the Totem Dragon Clan, Long Chengyu!”

It was only normal for the juniors to recognize him given how well-known he was.

Following that, Chu Feng and the other Totem Dragon Clan’s juniors revealed themselves too.

“The young masters and the young misses of the Totem Dragon Clan are here too?”

The crowd, who were prepared to submit to the Totem Dragon Clan’s tyranny, looked as if they had seen their saviors. A few of them recognized Chu Feng too, but the bulk of their attention was still on Long Chengyu.

“You are Long Chengyu?” Feng Tiansheng assessed Long Chengyu from head to toe.

“Retract that pathetic oppressive might of yours if you recognize me. You’re only disgracing yourself here,” Long Chengyu sneered.

He had the same arrogant expression on his face as when Chu Feng first met him, but this was only to be expected. He had revealed himself to curb Feng Tiansheng’s arrogance, after all.

“Long Chengyu, are you planning to meddle in this matter?” Feng Tiansheng asked with a cold glint in his eyes.

“Yes, I am. What are you going to do about that?” Long Chengyu asked.

“Heh…” Feng Tiansheng burst into laughter before his eyes suddenly narrowed out of viciousness.


Feng Tiansheng suddenly leaped at Long Chengyu to grasp for his throat.

Chu Feng and Long Muxi noticed his movements, but they weren’t worried in the least. They knew how powerful Long Chengyu was, after all. Long Chengyu might be lacking compared to the older generation, but there was no doubt that he was one of the strongest juniors.

Feng Tiansheng didn’t stand a chance against Long Chengyu.

Long Chengyu didn’t even bother dodging. He stood still in his spot and waited for Feng Tiansheng to approach before accurately grabbing the latter’s wrist. It was almost hilarious how easily he had neutralized Feng Tiansheng’s attack!

“You’re at rank five Half-God level?!” Feng Tiansheng exclaimed in horror.

It was only now that he realized that Long Chengyu was a cultivation rank stronger than him. The intelligence he had received was inaccurate!

Long Chengyu didn’t bother saying a word. He simply raised his arm up, and Feng Tiansheng flew right over his head like a sandbag. He then abruptly released his grip, which caused Feng Tiansheng to fly forth like an arrow by the sheer momentum of the movement.

Feng Tiansheng was flying so fast that he would have surely incurred severe injuries if he landed with such momentum.


A powerful burst of light suddenly appeared in the direction Feng Tiansheng was flying toward.

Feng Tiansheng landed in the burst of light as if sinking into a cotton pool. It absorbed the impact of his fall, allowing him to escape unscathed from what should have caused severe injuries.

The burst of light was a formation. The person who constructed this formation was his big sister, Feng Jiuyue.

“Royal Dragon God-cloak! She’s a Royal Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist!”

Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, and the others were astonished. Feng Jiuyue was a Royal Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, which meant that her fighting prowess was comparable to a rank six Half-God level cultivator!

There was hardly anyone in the vast world of cultivation who had reached this level as a junior.

“Did the Totem Phoenix Clan turn into a clan of world spiritists?” Long Chengyu sneered.

His words were dripping in disdain even though he was surprised by Feng Jiuyue’s proficiency as a world spiritist.

Feng Jiuyue casually directed her palm toward Long Chengyu.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Countless formation spears flew toward Long Chengyu.

“Hmph!” Long Chengyu harrumphed.

A golden aura carrying hints of a dragon scale manifested around him, shrouding him with a surge of powerful energy. With a casual wave of his arm, he disintegrated all of the formation spears flying toward him.

Long Chengyu had used the Totem Dragon Clan’s bloodline power to raise his cultivation by a rank to rank six Half-God level!

“Gah!” a furious roar suddenly echoed.

Feng Tiansheng whipped out an Exalted Armament, and his body began to transform. This transformation raised his cultivation by two ranks to rank six Half-God level.

At the same time, Feng Jiuyue embarked on another wave of attack.

The two siblings, with one specializing in martial cultivation and the other world spiritist techniques, complemented each other well. It was clear that they had practiced this beforehand, or else they wouldn’t have been able to launch such a domineering wave of assault.