Martial God Asura (Web Novel)-Chapter 5625: Not Just Asking

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Chapter 5625: Not Just Asking

Chapter 5625: Not Just Asking

“You can do whatever you want as long as I don’t see it. This is what our trial is like.”

The elder’s answer was as direct as Chu Feng’s question.

The true nature of this trial was survival of the fittest. As long as it happened out of the elders’ line of sight, those who were taken advantage of could only blame their own weakness.

The two juniors who came asking for protection fees turned pale, knowing that Chen Hui was a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist. They would be goners if Chen Hui exacted vengeance on them.

“Is there anything else you’d like to ask?” the elder asked Chu Feng.

“That’s all from me,” Chu Feng replied.

The elder nodded with a smile before leaving the area. The two juniors anxiously left together with the elder, fearing that Chen Hui would harm them once the elder was gone.

Chen Hui didn’t bother chasing after those two juniors. Instead, he turned to Chu Feng and said with a smile, “Brother, you’re more capable than I thought. I underestimated you.”

He then sat down on the ground and earnestly examined his sickle, knowing that there had to be a reason Chu Feng’s crops could be exchanged for so many World Spiritist Pearls.

A day passed in a flash.

Quite a few people gathered around Chu Feng’s field when it was about time for the elder to drop by and collect the crops once more. News of what had happened yesterday had spread, so they were curious to see if the rumors were true.

Hundreds of people were already crowding around Chu Feng’s agricultural field by the time the elder arrived.

Chen Hui was so focused on examining his sickle that he hadn’t harvested any crops, so the elder only collected Chu Feng’s crops. This time around, Chu Feng received a hundred World Spiritist Pearls for his crops.

“He actually received one more World Spiritist Pearl than the rumors?”

The crowd stared at Chu Feng in awe, especially the ladies. His astounding accomplishment had made him look much more dashing and majestic to them.

The elder left without saying a word, but the crowd continued to linger. Countless voices were relayed to Chu Feng’s ears, enquiring how he pulled off the feat. However, Chu Feng ignored them and headed straight for his house. The isolation barrier around the house prevented the crowd from further disturbing him.

The following day, Chu Feng stepped out of his house to harvest his crops, only to find that the crowd gathered around his agricultural field had grown to over ten thousand people.

The crowd immediately gathered around him to ask him how he was able to receive so many World Spiritist Pearls for his crops. Some of the ladies even threw themselves at him.

Annoyed, Chu Feng’s face turned increasingly dark.

Just as he was about to flare up, Chen Hui suddenly shouted at the crowd, “Oi! What are you doing? Chu Feng did it with his own ability. Who do you think you are to demand his secret? Aren’t you world spiritists? Figure out the method yourself then! You shouldn’t dream about joining the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion if you can’t even do that much! I’m only turning a blind eye to your behavior right now because Chu Feng is tolerating you all, but don’t blame me for turning nasty if you dare get in his way!”

Chen Hui released his spirit power as he spoke, prompting the crowd to immediately evacuate from Chu Feng’s agricultural field.

Someone who had reached White Dragon God-cloak as a junior was a top-notch prodigy. It would be foolish to offend Chen Hui.

While no one dared to mess with Chu Feng under Chen Hui’s watch, more and more people gathered in the area as news continued to spread. By the time the elder dropped by the third time, the area around Chu Feng’s agricultural field was already flooded with tens of thousands of people.

This time around, Chu Feng traded his crops for 101 World Spiritist Pearls.

“He received one more pearl than yesterday.”

“His results are improving? How did he do it?”

While the crowd was discussing the matter, the elder nodded with a satisfied smile before leaving the area.

Shortly after the elder left, three men landed in the middle of Chu Feng’s agricultural field. They shared similar appearances, but they were dressed in different-colored robes. The leader wore a white robe, whereas the other two wore a green robe and a red robe. Even though these robes weren’t world spiritist robes, it was evident that they were participating in the trial too.

“Look, another group of fools! They must be unaware that Chen Hui is a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist! They must have a death wish to dare confront Chu Feng when Chen Hui is around!”

“We have a show on our hands!”

Those who were here yesterday revealed gloating smiles.

“Leave this place,” the white-robed man ordered Chu Feng.

Chu Feng ignored the white-robed man, not even bothering to spare a glance. That brought a frown to the white-robed man’s face, but it was the green-robed man who lost his temper.

“Are you deaf? Can’t you hear my big brother talking to you?” the green-robed man bellowed as he marched up to Chu Feng.

He was just about to grab Chu Feng’s shoulder when someone else suddenly grabbed his wrist.


It was Chen Hui!

“Let me educate you on two things. First, the quality of the crops has nothing to do with the agricultural field. The important thing is the harvesting method. Second, Chu Feng is my friend, and he’s under my protection. You must be courting death to dare trouble… Uwa!!!”

Before Chen Hui could finish his words, his face suddenly warped in pain as blood seeped from the corners of his mouth. It turned out that the white-robed man had flitted up to him to hurl his fist into Chen Hui’s stomach.

This punch had Chen Hui staggering backward before eventually falling to his knees.

The white-robed man was a Gray Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist!

“I know him! He’s the son of the sectmaster of the Seven Realms Galaxy’s Constellation Sect, and those two are his younger brothers! Chu Feng and Chen Hui are in trouble this time.”

Someone in the crowd recognized the three of them and shouted out. The crowd quickly backed away, not wanting to get implicated. They could tell that the trio from Constellation Sect were not to be trifled with.

“What a busybody. Beat him up.”

The white-robed man crushed Chen Hui with his spirit power, pinning the latter to the ground. The other two guys angrily walked up to Chen Hui.


A person suddenly stood in front of Chen Hui. It was Chu Feng!

“Scram unless you wish to die,” Chu Feng said with icy eyes.

However, the trio was not intimidated by Chu Feng’s threat, thinking that he was a weakling under Chen Hui’s protection. Even Chen Hui wasn’t a match for them, so why should they fear him?

They sneered at Chu Feng’s threat. The green-robed man even grabbed Chu Feng by his collar and said, “Who do you think you are? Know your…”


Fresh blood splattered over the air. The green-robed man had been decapitated.

It was Chu Feng’s formation sword that had severed the green-robed man’s neck.

“H-he is a Gold Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist!”

The crowd was stunned, as they realized that they had been underestimating Chu Feng.

The one who reacted the most strongly of all was the red-robed man, who was the green-robed man’s brother. His first reaction was not fear but anger, but he dared not to attack Chu Feng, so he pointed his finger at the latter and berated him instead, “Y-you… How dare you kill my second brother? You’re dead meat. We are the Constellation Sect’s…”


The red-robed man was decapitated by Chu Feng before he could finish his words.

“Damn it!”

The white-robed man panicked. He quickly fled into the sky, but Chu Feng’s formation sword flew forth in pursuit of him. A split moment later, fresh blood rained as he suffered the same fate as his two brothers.

The surroundings fell eerily silent.

The crowd was previously afraid of Chen Hui, but it turned out that Chu Feng was the truly fearsome one. Not only was he a Gold Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, but he also had no qualms about taking the lives of others.

Even Chen Hui looked at Chu Feng with different eyes. He was initially taken aback, but a smile soon crept onto his lips as he said, “I get it now.”

Chu Feng looked at Chen Hui, curious to know what he had realized.

“I finally know why you asked the elder that question that day,” Chen Hui said.