Martial God Asura (Web Novel)-Chapter 5891: Sacred Mountain’s Temple

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Chapter 5891: Sacred Mountain’s Temple

Chapter 5891: Sacred Mountain’s Temple

“What kind of circumstances?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m not sure. Our fathers triggered it by coincidence,” Sansheng Qiutian said.

“You mentioned earlier that my master is considered half a master of yours?” Zi Ling asked out of curiosity.

“Elder Chu Xuanyuan is your master too?” Sansheng Qiutian’s interest was piqued.

“Mmhm.” Zi Ling nodded.

“That makes me your senior! I should be calling you my junior then.” Sansheng Qiutian was excited to hear that. However, he turned to Chu Feng right after and asked, “Brother Chu Feng, you don’t mind me calling Miss Zi Ling junior, right?”

“Of course not.” Chu Feng wasn’t so bothered by a mere title.

After chatting for some time, Chu Feng felt that Sansheng Qiutian was a ditzy person, and it didn’t seem like he was faking it. He looked to be a simple-minded person, evident from how he continued addressing Chu Feng’s father as ‘elder’ when others in the clan dared not do so.

That greatly improved Chu Feng’s impression of him.

But right after Chu Feng said those words, Zi Ling interjected, “But I mind. I went through an official ceremony to acknowledge my master. Did you do the same?”

“I didn’t, but a man doesn’t fuss over trifling details,” Sansheng Qiutian said.

“I’m not a man,” Zi Ling refuted.

Sansheng Qiutian wanted to rebut that, but he couldn’t find the words for it. In the end, he hesitantly conceded, “That... seems to make sense.”

Not long later, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up.

He saw the silhouette of a massive mountain range in the distance. It was still a far distance away, but they could already see its rough outline. In particular, the center mountain was very tall, so much so that the clouds only reached its foot.

Standing in the presence of something so huge brought about an inexplicable pressure on them. It was hard to imagine just how humongous it would be when they got closer to it.

Without a doubt, that was the sacred mountain.

“Have you been to the sacred mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course.” Sansheng Qiutian nodded.

“What kind of formations are in the sacred mountain? Are there recovery formations?” Chu Feng asked.

He had initially come here in search of fortuitous encounters to further his cultivation, but treating Zi Ling had become his priority instead.

“There are many formations in the sacred mountain, but most of them have been breached. Formations that have been breached can’t be breached again. The only ones left are those deep in the sacred mountain, and there are only a few of them left.

“You’ll be bestowed with the sacred mountain’s energy if you breach the formations deep in the sacred mountain, and the sacred mountain will randomly bestow a treasure to you based on the amount of sacred mountain’s energy you have. The more sacred mountain’s energy you have, the more formidable the treasure will be.

“If you manage to obtain beyond a certain amount of sacred mountain’s energy, you’ll be able to enter the Sacred Temple and choose the item you want. There are plenty of good stuff there, ranging from cultivation resources, recovery treasures, weapons, and so on,” Sansheng Qiutian said.

“How much of the sacred mountain’s energy do we need to enter the Sacred Temple?” Chu Feng asked.

He preferred to choose what he needed from the Sacred Temple.

“The amount isn’t fixed, but it’s no easy feat to enter the Sacred Temple. Elder Chu Xuanyuan has been to the sacred mountain thirty times, and he breached a few formations each time, but even so, he has only entered the Sacred Temple twice,” Sansheng Qiutian said.

“What did my father obtain from the Sacred Temple?” Chu Feng asked. fre(e)webnov(l).com

“The first time he entered the Sacred Temple, he took a formation talisman that enhanced the keenness of his observation. The second time was also the last time he visited our clan, but he didn’t reveal what he took. It should be a treasure though, as he has never used our cultivation resources. Whenever he obtains cultivation resources from the sacred mountain, he would approach my father or Elder Sheng and trade them for something else,” Sansheng Qiutian said.

“Why doesn’t my master use your cultivation resource?” Zi Ling asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t know. Elder Chu Xuanyuan never explained, and I never asked either,” Sansheng Qiutian replied.

“It could be that the Three Saints Monstrous Clan’s cultivation resources are forged specifically for their clansmen, and they harness unique monstrous energy. Using their cultivation resources to cultivate will undermine his bloodline. These high-tier pills are a good example of that.”

Chu Feng took out the hundred high-tier pills he had obtained as a reward when he cleared the trial that granted him access to the city.

He had taken a close look at the high-tier pills then—they were excellent cultivation resources, such that they were helpful to him even at his current cultivation level. However, he refrained from using them because he noticed that the high-tier pills contained unique monstrous energy that he wouldn’t be able to expel.

“Is that so?”

Sansheng Qiutian, Zi Ling, and even Sansheng Xingyu examined the high-tier pill out of curiosity upon hearing those words.

“At least that’s the case for the high-tier pills. I don’t know if it applies to the other cultivation resources too,” Chu Feng replied.

This was just a conjecture on his part at the moment. He had previously thought that this unique trait was exclusive to the high-tier pills, but Sansheng Qiutian’s words suggested that this trait might apply to the other cultivation resources here too.

According to what Elder Sheng had told him, Chu Xuanyuan had first arrived here when he was still a junior. The cultivation resources here would have been of great help to him at that point, not to mention he was in a rush to raise his cultivation too. There were compelling reasons for him to accept the Three Saints Monstrous Clan’s cultivation resources.

Chu Xuanyuan must have a reason for not using the Three Saints Monstrous Clan’s cultivation resources.

If those cultivation resources had similar traits as the high-tier pill, it would shake his foundation if he consumed them. Naturally, he wouldn’t consume them.


Chu Feng and the others’ speed abruptly hastened. At the same time, a person quietly appeared before them.

It was the Three Saints Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief.

The clan chief took a high-tier pill from Chu Feng’s hand and examined it. “I see. He couldn’t expel the monstrous energy. He could have just said so instead of claiming that he doesn’t need cultivation resources.”

He passed the high-tier pill back to Chu Feng and said, “At least you’re more honest than your father.”

“That’s just a conjecture on my part. It could be possible that my father might not require cultivation resources, since he probably acquired plenty of cultivation resources wandering the world,” Chu Feng said.

“No one knows a man better than his son. There’s a high likelihood of what you suggested to be true,” the clan chief said.

Their surroundings suddenly blurred. The speed of their movement had increased once more, reaching a level comparable to traveling in a teleportation passageway.

“How fast! Big brother Chu Feng, how strong is the Three Saints Monstrous Clan’s Clan Chief?” Zi Ling sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

“I’m not sure, but he’s definitely above True God level,” Chu Feng replied.

With the help of the Three Saints Monstrous Clan, it didn’t take long before they were standing right before the sacred mountain.

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