Master of Lust-Chapter 43 Rick and Gloria [1]

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Chapter 43 Rick and Gloria [1]

Rick pushed open the glass door to the store, the familiar chime of the bell above the entrance greeted him. He glanced around, his eyes quickly locking onto his store buddy, Ryan, who was behind the counter stacking bags of chips.

"Hey, Ryan!" Rick called out, offering a friendly wave, "How's it going, buddy?"

Ryan looked up, his face finally felt relieved. He dropped a bag of chips, and it crinkled loudly as it hit the floor.

"You are finally here," Ryan whispered in relief.

Rick furrowed his brow, a perplexed expression crossing his face as he approached the counter. "Dude, what's up with you? You look like you've seen a your father."

Ryan leaned in closer, his voice barely above a whisper. "Gloria's already here, man."

"Oh, Gloria, huh?" Rick whispered back with a mischievous grin.

Ryan nodded vigorously, his eyes darting towards the door of the back room. He then tried to communicate something to Rick with a series of exaggerated eye movements and mouthed words, but it was all so cryptic that Rick couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Rick squinted at Ryan, trying to decipher the message. "Dude, are you trying to tell me something? Because right now, you look like you're auditioning for a mime gig."

Ryan's eyes darted around nervously before he pointed to his watch, then pretended to sweep the counter and finally pointed to the broom in the corner.

Rick scratched his head, still utterly confused. "Okay, so you're telling me she's early, and we need to clean up? Is that it?"

Ryan shook his head vigorously, frustration mounting. He then pointed to Rick, then to the broom, and finally to the back door, as if trying to draw a connection.

Ryan pulled Rick close, his voice a hushed whisper tinged with anxiety. "Rick, Gloria's waiting for you in the back room, and she's not in a jolly mood, man. Be careful."

Ryan nodded his head vigorously.

Rick smirked and patted Ryan on the back, his confidence unwavering. "There is nothing to worry about. But I didn't knew she would be here quite early."

"You knew?" Ryan was surprised to hear that.

"Of course. I am suppose to meet her here," Rick told Ryan.

Ryan grabbed Rick's arm, desperation in his eyes. "Rick, please, just promise me you won't do anything crazy."

"Oh, I am looking for something crazy, actually," Rick murmured to himself with a smirk.



Quest: Fondle Gloria's Breasts

Time Duration: 30 minutes

Reward: Temptation: +15; Ero Points: +3000


"Oh," Just as Rick was about to enter the room, the system gave him another quest. 'Boobs?' Rick smirked when he saw the quest, 'Hehehe... This is going to be so much fun."

With his eyes full of mischief, Rick finally opened the door.

Rick entered the back room, and his eyes were immediately drawn to the captivating figure seated behind the table. Gloria, the store owner, was one of the most alluring MILFs he had come across. In her late thirties, she exuded an aura of confidence that was nothing short of magnetic.

Gloria was leaning gracefully against the table, her long, black hair cascading over her shoulders in silky waves. The soft, ambient light in the room seemed to playfully dance upon her flawless skin, accentuating her natural beauty. Rick couldn't help but admire the way her dark, expressive eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief as she absently scrolled through her phone.

She was dressed in a low-cut, slate-gray top that clung to her every curve, leaving little to the imagination. The neckline of her top plunged daringly, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the valley between her ample breasts. Gloria was well aware of her assets, and she didn't hesitate to flaunt them.

Rick's gaze was undeniably drawn to her remarkable chest. Her breasts were a sight to behold, full and luscious, nestled enticingly within the confines of her top. The fabric strained gently against the contours of her bosom, creating a sultry display that sent Rick's heart racing.

He couldn't help but appreciate the way her top seemed to accentuate her curves, enhancing the already considerable allure of her figure. The subtle rise and fall of her chest with each breath she took was nothing short of mesmerizing, a captivating rhythm that beckoned him closer.

Gloria's lips were painted a deep, inviting shade of crimson, and her smile held a hint of mischief as she looked up from her phone to meet Rick's gaze. Her voice was a sultry purr as she spoke, her words laced with a playful undertone.

"Rick," she purred, "I've been waiting for you."

Rick swallowed hard, feeling a surge of desire and anticipation. It was impossible to deny the magnetic pull of this stunning woman, especially those big white melons. He couldn't help but grin, his casual demeanor momentarily giving way to the allure of the moment.

"Well, Gloria," he replied with a wink, "How can I serve you?"

Gloria leaned forward ever so slightly, her cleavage drawing Rick's attention like a moth to a flame. It was a death trap. Her voice dropped to a sultry whisper as she spoke, her gaze never leaving his.

"I thought we could discuss some pressing issues about your false disappearance," Gloria spoke, a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "Sit down."

"Sure," As Rick took those daring steps toward Gloria, his heart was pounding like a bass drum at a rock concert. He was playing with fire, and he knew it. As they were talking, Rick decided to act on his quest.

He decided to take a calculated risk. With a smile plastered on his face, Rick moved forward, but just as he reached the chair, his feet tangled, and Rick tripped over his own feet. In a carefully orchestrated move, he fell forward, his body tilting dangerously toward Gloria. As if, he were about to take a face-first dive right into Gloria's well-endowed chest. The room seemed to slow down as he felt himself descending into the abyss of uncertainty and softness.

Gloria's eyes widened in surprise and sheer horror as she watched Rick's stumble unfold in slow motion. Her initial allure was replaced with genuine shock and disbelief.

Just as it seemed he might collide with Gloria, with lightning-fast reflexes, Rick managed to steady himself just inches away from catastrophe. He looked up at Gloria, his eyes wide with faux astonishment, and he couldn't help but crack a sheepish grin.

He was expecting some surprise and shock on Gloria's face, but what he saw instead was pure, unadulterated horror in her eyes.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed, his voice filled with mock surprise. "That was a close one!"

Gloria, her heart still racing from the near collision, looked down at Rick with a mixture of relief and lingering disbelief. She hadn't expected the encounter to take such an unexpected turn.

As she looked at his hand, Gloria's eyes widened, she could hardly breathe, her breath caught in her throat. Time seemed to stand still as their gazes locked.

Rick's hand, which had been in the midst of an unintentional nosedive, ended up resting gently on Gloria's ample chest. He could feel the softness of her skin through the fabric of her low-cut top, and it sent.

His fingers were perilously close to slipping beneath the fabric of her low-cut top, and he could feel the warmth of her soft skin in his palms.

They remained in that compromising situation for about ten breaths and the tension in the room was palpable. For a brief moment, Rick wondered if he had just crossed a line he couldn't come back from.

But it had already happened, nothing could be done about it. But what could be done was feel those soft melons. The quest clearly said fondle Gloria's breasts, and he has still not given Gloria's ample melons the squeeze.

So before Gloria could react, Rick decided to act. With his fingers still digging into Gloria's breasts from above her top, his palm began to squeeze her right boob. His thumb rubbing her nipple over her top, and his fingers kneading the soft flesh of her boob.


"Ahhh!!!" Feeling his touch, Gloria finally cried out. Whether it was in pain, or pleasure, Rick did not know.

Gloria quickly pushed Rick away, his hand sliding reluctantly from her chest, he stumbled back, his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Whoa, my bad! Sorry 'bout that, Gloria," he stammered, trying to regain his composure. He couldn't help but feel a lingering warmth where his hand had briefly made contact.

Gloria fixed him with a stern frown and a glare that could melt steel. She was not one to be trifled with, and Rick knew he was treading on thin ice. She adjusted her top, her movements deliberate and crisp, and Rick couldn't help but swallow hard seeing her do that. The scene looked like the aftermath of as if they had done the deed.

Rick scratched the back of his head nervously. "I, uh, totally didn't mean know, I tripped and you know... To get support... I... It was like, a freak accident."

Gloria raised an eyebrow, her irritation palpable. "A 'freak accident,' huh? Did you squeeze them because it was an accident?" Gloria said as she put her hand below her boobs and gave them a shake.

Gloria, her expression still stern, leaned forward, her cleavage momentarily catching Rick's wandering gaze before he forced his eyes back up to meet hers.

"That... I am..." Rick stammered, not sure how to reply. He was about to apologize when the system chimed.


1. Apologize (Temptation +0)

2. Tell her they just felt too soft (Temptation +10)


'Oh!' Rick felt he had a lifeline, "I am so sorry... But they felt just too soft," Rick said.

"My hand couldn't help but squeeze," Rick said, feigning regret.

"Too Soft?" Gloria was momentarily stunned. Her face, including her ears started to turn shades of red. She could have never expected Rick to say that. It was bold, her heart slowly began to race.

Meanwhile, Rick felt like he had dodged a bullet. No matter how many times he tried the system, and every time the system had worked. But he was still not over the nervousness. His heart would still feel anxious.


1. Tell her it felt better than her girlfriend's (Temptation -20)

2. Lie to her. Tell her you have never felt this feeling (Temptation +10)

3. Stay silent (Temptation +0)


Rick looked at the new options in front of him. The first option was a no-go. Rick didn't even understand why would the system even bother to give him such options.

'A small lie... It's no big deal, right?' Rick decided to play along.

"Yeah... It was something I have never felt," Rick looked at his palm which touched Gloria's breasts and squeezed the air, "I could still feel it."

"Stop... Stop right there," Gloria freaked out as she watched Rick squeeze the air. Her face was blushing and her heart was beating out of her chest.

Rick jumped a bit in surprise as he watched Gloria. He looked at her, then slowly turned towards his hands, before finally dropping down his hands.

"Aghh..." Gloria groaned as she slumped back into her chair, hiding her face between her palms. After a moment that felt like an eternity, Gloria finally sighed and motioned for Rick to sit down. Her voice was laced with irritation as she spoke, but she managed to keep it somewhat composed.

"Sit down, Rick," she said, her tone curt and no-nonsense.

Rick obliged as he quietly slide on the chair. To Gloria, it looked like Rick was a bit lost and shaken aback. Which was actually a good thing for her. She needed to take back the momentum.

But only if that was true. Rick actually was looking at her information in the system.


Name: Gloria Rodriguez

Age: 39 years

Carnal Calibrator: 45/100

Romance Radar: 00/10



"Rick, let's get down to business. Why have you been lying?"

* * * * *