Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain-Chapter 1049 - You Forced Me

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1049 You Forced Me

Supremacy Mal did not know that Chu Nan actually had an extremely precise calculation of the time when Angie Prairie and the others left. With his powerful A.I.-like brain, this data would not even deviate by a millisecond.

The time he had set for himself to delay Supremacy Mal was only an hour.

“Two minutes left.”

Facing Supremacy Mal’s powerful attack that had increased further, Chu Nan did not dare to hold back anymore. Not only did he not continue to use the star cloud to transform spatial energy into Internal Breath, but the two star clouds also circulated at the same time and he slapped out with his left and right hands at the same time, causing two completely different spatial energy fluctuations, causing Supremacy Mal to suffer a small loss.

“One minute left.”

Supremacy Mal actually spent a period of time adapting to Chu Nan’s strange attack and finally suppressed him again. However, all she felt was anger.

As a powerful Star-Grade Martial Artist, she was actually suppressed by a kid!

Although it was only an extremely small period of time, this was also an extremely great humiliation!

“Ten seconds left.”

Chu Nan was slapped in the chest by Supremacy Mal and immediately felt his entire chest collapse. However, under his full urging, this terrifying injury recovered almost in a breath.

Then, he clenched his fists and ignored any moves or external martial techniques. He attacked Supremacy Mal without caring about his life.

“Nine… eight… seven… six…”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Supremacy Mal was momentarily stunned by Chu Nan’s reckless method and was actually forced to defend.

“Five… four… three… two…”

Supremacy Mal finally calmed down. She was furious and gathered her Internal Breath without holding back. She mobilized spatial energy and prepared to unleash a powerful strike that had definitely surpassed the peak fifth-stage Heaven Control Martial Artist.

At this moment, because of the anger in her heart, she could not even be bothered to care if this strike would directly kill Chu Nan.


In the next moment, Supremacy Mal’s vision suddenly blurred and Chu Nan’s figure disappeared into the vast starry sky.

After being stunned for a moment, Supremacy Mal immediately reacted.

Chu Nan suddenly chose to pass through the spatial wall and enter the alternate space.

In other words, he had actually run away!

Didn’t this kid know that once he dared to escape, she would order those people to pursue him with all their might?

What was even stranger was that this kid seemed to know the time she and Boros had set. It happened to be an hour exactly. Just as she was about to increase her strength further and even plan to ignore her previous promise and use the methods of a Star-Grade Martial Artist to deal with him, he actually chose such precise timing to escape!

If it was before this, Supremacy Mal would have always been wary of Chu Nan ignoring the lives of those people and abandoning them to escape. Therefore, she had always divided her strength to lock onto the surrounding space, preventing him from forcefully opening the spatial wall.

If Supremacy Mal no longer considered making a promise and used the true strength of a Star-Grade Martial Artist, it was even more impossible for Chu Nan to sneak into the alternate space under her nose.

However, just as the hour ended, it was precisely because Supremacy Mal was hesitating about giving up on her promise that she slightly relaxed her guard. Chu Nan actually grabbed this fleeting opportunity to escape.

If not for the fact that she knew that it was impossible, Supremacy Mal would even suspect that he had secretly colluded with Boros.

“This damned kid!”

Supremacy Mal cursed in her mind. Her figure flashed and she appeared in the alternate space in the next moment.

As soon as the boring scene of the alternate space appeared in front of her, Supremacy Mal immediately sensed that something was wrong.

The spatial energy flow in the alternate space around him was clearly abnormal. It became even more violent, faster, and more focused.

In an instant, Supremacy Mal recalled the situation when Chu Nan escaped with Angie Prairie after disturbing the alternate space.

Then, she saw Chu Nan’s figure again and saw him punch the void in the alternate space.

Thousands of waves instantly appeared in the alternate space where spatial energy was violent but looked very calm and boring. A huge amount of spatial energy instantly condensed into endless waves and anger, dying countless gorgeous and dazzling colorful lights in the alternate space, causing the makeup of the alternate space to be extremely brilliant and colorful as if a basin of different colors had suddenly been poured on a gray canvas.

However, Supremacy Mal knew very well how terrifying this colorful alternate space was.

Even if she was a powerful Star-Grade Martial Artist, if she rashly entered such an area, she would probably be affected.

However, when she recalled that it was because of her that Chu Nan and Angie Prairie had successfully escaped from certain death last time, Supremacy Mal’s eyes focused and dense killing intent appeared in her eyes. She sneered in her mind and flew in.

As she had expected, in this area, the alternate space spatial energy that had always been in a violent state was more like an explosive barrel that had been ignited. It erupted with an extremely terrifying energy storm even more fearlessly.

Even Supremacy Mal had no choice but to focus and set up an energy shield to protect herself. Only then could she properly investigate the surrounding situation.

With the strength of a Star-Grade Martial Artist, even in such a chaotic area, she could still release her perception without any obstruction.

A moment later, she had already sensed an existence that was different from the environment of the alternate space on the right.

“Kid, you still want to run?”

Supremacy Mal’s figure flashed and she forcefully drew a straight line in this even more violent space before flying to that place.

However, Chu Nan’s figure was nowhere to be seen. She could only see a figure condensed from a light green light quickly dissipating.

Clearly, Chu Nan had used some cultivation method to forcefully simulate a figure that was almost no different from a real person in such an environment and deceived her.

Realizing that she had been deceived by Chu Nan again, Supremacy Mal became extremely angry. She focused her gaze on her surroundings and her expression quickly became extremely gloomy.

“Kid, you forced me to do this. Do you really think you can escape the palm of a Star-Grade Martial Artist like this?”

An extremely bright light green light suddenly erupted from Supremacy Mal’s body. With her as the center, a large amount of surging spatial energy crazily condensed and transformed into a few highly condensed and corporeal energy crystals.

This area quickly stretched out. In a breath, it had already enveloped the extremely vast area in the alternate space and continued to extend in all directions at high speed.

The quicksand domain was activated with all her might!

The seemingly endless “sand” was densely filled with large alternate spaces. This seemed to have brought great pressure on Supremacy Mal. Several blushes continuously flashed across her face. After a while, her body swayed slightly and a trace of blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

In order to expand her domain with all her might, she did not hesitate to use a special cultivation method to forcefully increase it, causing her body to be damaged.

Supremacy Mal was certain that this was the first time she had treated an enemy so seriously since she became a Star-Grade Martial Artist.


This enemy was only less than 20 years old and his strength was only at the initial-stage Heaven Control Realm.

After a while, Supremacy Mal’s eyes suddenly lit up.

In the next moment, Supremacy Mal’s figure instantly crossed a long distance through the quicksand domain in the alternate space. In the next moment, she had already passed through the spatial wall and returned to the positive space universe.

In front of her was a medium-sized asteroid floating in space. At this moment, the asteroid’s back was facing her.

On the surface of this side of the asteroid, a distant pit was embedded.

This pit seemed to have collided with other asteroids, but at this moment, at the bottom of this deep pit, a figure was lying inside.

Supremacy Mal floated above the pit and lowered her head to look at the figure at the bottom. The corners of her mouth curled into a sneer.

“Kid, continue running?”