Max-Level Learning Ability: Facing The Cliff And Repenting For 80 Years-Chapter 337 - : Descendants of the Emperor Clan (2)

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Chapter 337: Descendants of the Emperor Clan (2)

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“Nowadays, time was abundant, and I had the Tree of Enlightenment. Could it be that I could quickly advance, even soar all the way?” Li Qingshan opened his eyes, got up from the bed, and said excitedly.

Before, even with so much time, he still needed to comprehend by himself. Although he had a great affinity with the Great Paths, he still needed to comprehend each of the 3,000 Great Paths.

Li Qingshan also felt tired.

He couldn’t stand it after closing up for thousands of years before, because every Great Path required continuous comprehension.

But now, it was different. With the Tree of Enlightenment, he could enter the origin of the Great Paths, find whatever Great Path he needed, absorb it, and transform it into his own Great Path.

With this, he could truly quickly pass through the realm of Immortal Kings.

Li Qingshan picked a leaf from the Tree of Enlightenment in his core and put it in his mouth. At first, it was bitter, but then it spread throughout his body. His soul drifted away, directly entering the origin of the Great Paths.

Li Qingshan arrived here again, starting a deeper comprehension.

This time, in his comprehension, he directly released the Great Path Ancestral Dragons in his sea of consciousness.

“Find your respective paths, and then I will comprehend.” Li Qingshan let them find companions while he began to seriously comprehend each Great Path.

Under the blessing of the Big Clock, one day was equivalent to five hundred years, and Li Qingshan was not worried about the loss of time.

He completed one Great Path comprehension before starting another.

Li Qingshan found it very difficult to seriously comprehend a Great Path, which was everything in the Immortal King Realm. Even in the origin energy of the Great Paths, he had spent 500 years.

“I comprehend in the origin of the Great Paths, and it takes five hundred years to completely absorb one Immortal King’s Great Path. So, for the 3,000 Great Paths, it takes 3,000 days in the real world…”

Li Qingshan calculated seriously. Three thousand days, converted into the real world, were just over eight years, less than nine years.

“I can wait!”

“In about nine years, I will exchange for the completion of three thousand Great Paths. By then, Little Nine and Little Fox should also ascend. Then, through Little Fox, I can try to comprehend the most mysterious Fate Great

Path among the 3,000 Great Paths.”

“When I comprehend Fate, the 3,000 Great Paths will converge, and it will be when I break through the realm of Immortal Kings and enter the realm of Emperors.”

Li Qingshan arranged everything in an instant. He continued to comprehend the Dao without stopping. The Immortal King’s Great Paths must be perfected.

I want to ascend the peak of cultivation earlier, to see the scenery above the mountain.” Li Qingshan thought firmly, closed his eyes, endured the loneliness, and cultivated alone.

Time was like flowing water, gone forever.

Everything in the world was transient, but in the Celestial Court Academy, Li Qingshan remained secluded and calm as always.

One day in the outside world was equivalent to five hundred years.

Li Qingshan closed up for five thousand years at a time, then stopped, returned to the real world, looked at the scenery, appreciated the sea of clouds, looked at the Milky Way cascading down three thousand feet, or went to the bamboo forest to listen to the natural sounds. All these reverberated in his mind, allowing Li Qingshan to return to the real world because of the long-time in

the origin of the Great Paths.

In the origin of the Great Paths, there were only pure Great Paths, nothing else.

Staying there for too long would make one feel that everything in the Human World was just like that.

Having mastered countless Great Paths, Li Qingshan could easily change the world of men.

He manipulated time, distorted space, mastered thunder, understood killing, and comprehended Yin and Yang…

These mysterious existences in the eyes of ordinary people, in front of Li Qingshan, had no secrets at all.

If one’s mentality was slightly off, they would be directly assimilated, becoming part of the Great Path. At that time, it wouldn’t be Li Qingshan controlling the Great Path, but the Great Path controlling Li Qingshan.

Therefore, every once in a while, he had to come out to relax, to pick himself out of the indifferent mentality.

Every ten days, Li Qingshan came out to rest for a few hours. Sometimes Taoist Dragon would come over to have tea together, and sometimes Hua Xiangrong would come over to accompany Li Qingshan for a chat. With these two people around, Li Qingshan’s possibility of being assimilated by the Great Path was greatly reduced.

Every time Li Qingshan was seen every once in a while, Taoist Dragon would carefully observe him. He felt that Li Qingshan was strange, but couldn’t pinpoint where exactly.

A month later.

Li Qingshan woke up again, his soul leaving the origin of the Great Paths and returning to the real Human World.

He pushed open the door. The vast world and the rolling sea of clouds entered his eyes, causing his calm mood to become excited.

“Although the origin of the Great Paths is good, it’s too cold and rational. This Human World is still better. Wouldn’t such a country make people reluctant to part with it?” Li Qingshan said happily. He walked out of the courtyard and took out his tea set. He placed it neatly and washed it. Then, he quietly brewed tea in front of the sea of clouds under the banyan tree in the breeze.

The young man in white was quietly brewing tea under the yellow banyan tree. Hua Xiangrong, who had rushed over, saw this scene. She smiled happily and jumped in front of Li Qingshan.

“Brother-in-law, why do you come out every ten days?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

“Isn’t it just right to come out once every ten days? If it’s too long, I’m afraid you’ll be bored alone. If it’s too short, I’ll find you annoying,” Li Qingshan said with a smile. He brewed a cup of tea and handed it to Hua Xiangrong.

Hua Xiangrong rolled her eyes at Li Qingshan. They had only just met, and this brother-in-law already found her annoying.

Hua Xiangrong ignored Li Qingshan. She picked up the tea and took a sip elegantly.. She sighed comfortably, “If life could always be like this, comfortable and free of worries, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

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