Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 1244 - Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power!

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1244 Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power!
The Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm was a place that all cultivators yearned for.

Because this was the end of the world, the pinnacle of all power.

Immersed in a world filled with golden flowing lights, Han Muye could feel the faint interweaving of divinity all around him.

Cultivating in such a world was indeed faster than the mortal world and the Immortal World, and the level of power was far superior.

No wonder the three great strongholds of the Fuyu Immortal Realm had to gather the entire world to resist the attacks of the God Clan.

To the Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm, the Immortal World was both a vassal existence and a hunting ground for honing their strength.

In turn, the Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm would also give cultivators in the Immortal World a chance to enter the Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm and obtain opportunities.

For example, the Grand Assembly of Prosperity was one such opportunity.

Countless cultivators were eager to compete for rankings in the Grand Assembly of Prosperity.

The Primordial Spirit sword formed by the Slaughter Sword exploded, scattering into a gray dust fog.

This dust fog was the power of the Grotto-heaven that he had previously gathered, and it was also Han Muye’s cultivation foundation for his Grotto-heaven in the future.

Was there any stronger cultivation in this world than planting a Grotto-heaven in the Zenith Heaven Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm?

In the future, his Slaughter Sword would stay in the Zenith Heaven Heavenly Cycle Divine Realm and slowly cultivate, gathering the power of the Grotto-heaven.

In any case, this Slaughter Sword could not appear in the Immortal World, so it was better to stay in the Divine World.

Dust and fog surged as countless bolts of lightning descended.

A clear and turbid world appeared.


In the void, an exotic beast flew over with a look of greed on its face as it charged towards this newly born world.

If it could take control of this world and become its master, its power would be multiplied a hundredfold.

Of course, the condition was that this world had no owner.

Unfortunately, this world had an owner.


Sword light flashed, and the 100-foot-tall exotic beast’s body was directly cut in half. The intense blood light that sprayed out dyed the surrounding sky red.

“Alright, I’ll use my blood energy to pay tribute to this world, showing that this world is filled with the power of slaughter.”

Han Muye said softly, and the Slaughter Sword Primordial Spirit transformed into his figure.

The Grotto-heaven was also absorbed into his primordial spirit to nourish it.

When others cultivated, the Grotto-heaven needed to first raise the nine heavens and cultivate to the Void realm.

However, Han Muye’s cultivation was not done step by step.

This Grotto-heaven directly refined the essence of an Immortal Lord’s Grotto-heaven.

As long as he completely refined it, his Spirit Dao cultivation could directly enter the Void Refinement Realm and carry this Grotto-heaven with him.

Putting away the Grotto-heaven, Han Muye looked around and smiled.

“It’s rare for me to come to the Divine Realm, so I should take a tour.”

His primordial spirit was housed in the Grotto-heaven and could stay in the Divine Realm for a long time, but his divine soul could not.

It was uncertain when his divine soul would return to the Divine Realm again.

His figure solidified, and then he found a direction and flew away.

Compared to the Immortal Realm, the Divine Realm seemed to have no difference except for the presence of divine power in the void.

Countless stars, some already lifeless, some still radiating divine light.

He found a star that didn’t seem too powerful, and he lightly concealed his presence in the form of his primordial spirit, landing on it.

The power of this star’s world did not oppose him.
This was because the Grotto-heaven refined by his primordial spirit was a part of the Divine Realm to begin with.

He was not an outsider to the natural forces of the Divine Realm.

The gods on this star were no different from what Han Muye had seen before. At most, their clothes were slightly different.

However, the cultivation of the gods was stronger than that of the mortal world and the immortal world. Even if the gods on this star were only children, they could see that their bodies were stable and had at least the power of Foundation Establishment.

In other words, the weakest of these God Clan members were at the Earth Realm.

Strong figures like this were impossible to predict.

Looking at these gods, Han Muye’s respect for the Heaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign deepened.

While other strong figures might only want to integrate into such a Divine Realm, the Heaven Ascension Immortal Sovereign was willing to break free from the shackles of the Divine Realm and give everyone the opportunity to enter the Divine Realm.


A bronze bell rang in the void.

“Hurry, the Divine Altar is opening, all those over 100 years old and under 200 years old must receive the Divine Enlightenment.”

An elderly god held a wooden staff and shouted loudly.

Immediately, the gods rushed over one after another.

These people had thick qi and blood, and their cultivation levels were basically around the Heaven Realm.

For those over 100 years old and under 200 years old, this speed was neither fast nor slow.

After all, they were God Clan members, naturally smooth in their cultivation.

Han Muye looked up at the huge altar in front of him.

It was built of three layers of green stones, with divine patterns intersecting on top.

These divine patterns were imprinted in his mind, and he instantly analyzed their functions.

“Extracting divinity?”

“No, it’s not exactly extraction. There’s also infusion.”

In front of him, a strong God Clan member wearing a hemp short robe stepped onto the altar, and divine patterns lit up, enveloping him.

The light emitted by the divine patterns, like armor, enveloped him.

He took step by step, and the divine light on his body became even more radiant.

“Tu Ge has passed the Divine Enlightenment!” someone below exclaimed enviously.

Visible divinity wandered in the body of the burly man named Tu Ge.

His cultivation also stepped into the Human Immortal Realm.

This divine enlightenment was somewhat similar to the sanctification in the mortal world.

As the divine light on Tu Ge’s body dissipated, a faint golden starlight appeared between his eyebrows.

Below the altar, one by one, the gods stepped onto it and were enveloped by the divine patterns.


A cry rang out, and a God Clan member in a blue robe emitted black flames all over his body.

As the flames burned, his body began to collapse.

In just a moment, his entire person had disappeared, leaving only a faint shadow.