Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion-Chapter 915 - The Deal with the Spiritual Armored Demons (2)

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915 The Deal with the Spiritual Armored Demons (2)

A spiritual light flashed in Han Muye’s palm, and several jade bottles appeared.

Back then, he and Mu Wan had indeed studied the power of bloodlines and refined many such pills for Cuicui and Shao Datian.

“Be careful when using them; the side effects are not small.”

He cautioned as he saw Bai Zeyu’s face light up with excitement.

Bai Zeyu grinned and didn’t take his words to heart.

For a divine beast like him, what side effect could harm him?

Although Bai Zeyu was not known for his combat strength, he was still a divine beast, right?

In the void, a burst of light flickered, and Shui Yue’er’s figure appeared.

“This is the access token. Master said that you can go to the Water Spirit Palace to see her,” Shui Yue’er said as she handed a green jade token to Han Muye.

Han Muye nodded. With a flash of spiritual light, the stream of light on the token wrapped around his body and disappeared.

Shui Yue’er had just turned around when Bai Zeyu grabbed her arm.

“Um, Yue’er, we haven’t seen each other in a long time…”

Shui Yue’er turned to look at him. After pondering for a moment, she said in a low voice, “I’ll give you 15 minutes.”

“15 minutes is not enough…”

“When did you last more than 15 minutes?”

Spiritual light flashed, and Han Muye looked around.

The water was bright and the ice crystals shone.

The name Water Spirit Palace was indeed fitting.


As soon as he landed, a green stream of light struck his chest.

This stream of light was filled with killing intent. It was obvious that the person had not held back.

Heaven Realm.


The long sword pierced through a body, and with a sweep of the blade, a pillar of spiritual light rose.

One strike to slay a Heaven Realm expert.

“How dare you!”

“How dare you kill someone in my Water Spirit Palace!”


Countless angry shouts sounded, but no one landed.

Han Muye chuckled and his sword vibrated.

Ice-cold blood splattered on the crystal-like ground.

He dragged his sword away, leaving a long scar on the edge of the sword.

The long sword made an ear-piercing sound on the crystal ground, but no one dared to make a sound.

Ahead, a woman dressed in palace robes appeared. She frowned as she saw Han Muye holding a sword and said, “If you’re here to see our Palace Master, you should behave yourself.

“If you have no business with our Palace Master, you may leave. Otherwise, the Water Spirit Palace will seek revenge for any harm done to our own.”

The Palace Master of the Water Spirit Palace was a powerful figure.

This was a great cultivator who could stand firm on the Scattered Stars Island and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Qilin and the Yuling Dao Sect.

According to the Qilin, the combat strength of the master of the Water Spirit Palace was at least the level of the Dao Ancestors.

Without such cultivation, it would be impossible for him to support one of the three palaces, the Water Spirit Palace.

“The Palace Master might be mistaken about something.”

Han Muye looked up and said calmly, “I’m not here to beg the Palace Master.”

The woman in a palace dress frowned, about to speak, but Han Muye’s voice interrupted her again.

“You don’t have the right to decide what I’m talking about.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the power of the Water Spirit Palace lord exploded, and the aura and coldness directly pressed down on Han Muye’s head.

A great being with at least the level of Dao Ancestors had taken action, and the chilling aura froze the space instantly.

The bone-chilling coldness could freeze both the spiritual qi and blood in the body.

Even the Primordial and Nascent Soul would collapse.

Han Muye didn’t seem to notice. He just raised his hand and swung his sword down.

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The Water Spirit Palace’s Palace Master widened her eyes and raised her hand in disbelief.

There was a long tear on her sleeve.

This sword pierced through time and tore through her sleeve before she could freeze space.

Not to mention her, even a Divine Venerable would be wary of such a sword.

As the cold air dissipated, the Water Spirit Palace Master looked at Han Muye in fear.

If Han Muye’s sword could tear her sleeve, it could tear her body apart as well.

With his swordsmanship that controlled the way of time, his combat power was beyond her imagination.

No wonder even the Endless Divine Venerables treated him as an honored guest.

Taking a deep breath, the Water Spirit Palace Master looked around and said indifferently, “Follow me.”

Han Muye put away his sword and followed the Water Spirit Palace Master to the hall.

“Why did you come to my Water Spirit Palace?” Turning around, the Water Spirit Palace Master looked at Han Muye.

“I’ll make a deal with your spiritual armor demons.” Han Muye’s words made the Water Spirit Palace Master’s expression change.

Although the Spiritual Armored Demon Clan had already established a foothold in this world and even became a powerful force, revealing their identity to the public was still too risky.

The cultivators of this world had always been hostile to the Spiritual Armored Demons.

Of course, it was also true that the Spiritual Armored Demon Clan was taking up the resources of the cultivation world and competing for living space.

“What kind of deal?” The Water Spirit Palace Master stared at Han Muye.

Han Muye shook his head and said lightly, “I told you, you don’t have the authority to know.”

The Palace Master’s face twitched, and her aura was a little messy.

There was a fierce power surging from her body.

But Han Muye remained unmoved.

After a moment, she snorted and waved her hand. “Wait for me here.”

After that, the figure dissipated.

Han Muye stood where he was without looking up.

About a hundred breaths later, the figure of the Water Spirit Palace’s Palace Master returned.

She was holding a golden scale in her hand.

“My clan elder invites you.”

The scale in her hand flashed and turned into a dark golden light gate.

Without any hesitation, Han Muye took a step forward and landed in the light gate.

The moment this door of light appeared, a faint wave rose in the Endless Sea and then fell.

“This kid is really idle.” Endless Divine Venerables muttered before disappearing.

As Han Muye passed through the light gate, he saw that the surroundings were filled with lush spiritual plants and various trees.

It was a mountain valley, with undulating mountains and flowing streams.

In front of a thatched cottage, three to five old men in gray robes were either playing chess or fishing, looking relaxed.

Han Muye walked slowly towards them.

As soon as he moved, the scenery in front of him disappeared and was replaced by towering waves, with surging clouds and rolling tides crashing down.

He shook his head with a calm expression and stepped forward.

The waves dissipated, and the surrounding grass was still green.

He took another step forward. Before his foot landed, a sharp sword intent surged through his body.

When he looked up, his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

“I’m here to talk business. If you keep probing, I can show you what a real sword cultivator is capable of.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old men looked up.

He landed on the ground, the clouds light and the wind gentle, and the valley still lush.

Han Muye walked to the straw hut and swept his gaze across it, then looked at the old men sitting fishing.

“Let’s make a deal.”

“Are you going to the Immortal Realm?”

With Han Muye’s words, the surrounding thatched houses, the old men playing chess, the valley, and the stream all dissipated.

Only a hunched old man in a black robe with a fish head and a human body was left sitting on the spot.

The old man turned around, his muddy eyes flickering with spiritual light.

“You mean the Immortal Realm?”

Han Muye’s expression did not change. “Don’t tell me you don’t know the Immortal Realm.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t even know that those people from the Upper Three Heavens are sacrificing to reopen the Immortal Ascension Platform.”

The old man was about to speak when Han Muye’s voice sounded again. “I’m not here to discuss it with you. I’m here to tell you that if you want to go to the Immortal Realm, listen to me.”

In his palm, a ball of immortal light flickered.

“The Immortal World has the Spirit Transformation Pool. Without Immortal Qi, going there is a dead end.”

From the moment Han Muye came, everything he said made the old man’s expression change.

Spiritual light flashed in his turbid fish eyes.

“I don’t lack immortal energy…”

The old man whispered.

“Without the cultivation technique of the Immortal World and the refinement of immortal qi, do you think you can pass through the Spirit Transformation Pool just by absorbing a few strands of immortal qi?”

“After dissolving your spiritual qi and leaving only your immortal qi cultivation technique cultivation level, how many days can you live from scratch?”

Han Muye’s voice was filled with determination that was difficult to answer.

The old man looked up at him and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Han Muye did not speak again.

The surrounding void changed and they returned to the thatched cottage valley, but there were no old men playing chess.

“Heavenly Mystic Minister Han, hehe, please take a seat.” The old man in white robe raised his hand and said, “I’m Ao Jin, an elder of the Spiritual Armored Demon Clan.”

Han Muye walked to the stone stool and sat down. He said calmly, “I don’t care where you Spiritual Armored Demons come from, nor do I care what faction is behind you.

“This time, when the Immortal Ascension Platform opens, sacrifice all living beings. I’ll help you step into the Immortal Realm.”