Medical Master-Chapter 1895 - This time, Em!

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Chapter 1895 This time, Em!

Previously, when Fang Qiu himself entered the Secret Realm of the Sword Pavilion, he didn’t know what exactly was going on outside.

Now, after he had sent Qing Yun into the secret realm with the three old men, he was finally able to see the situation outside.

See only.

When Qing Yun entered the secret realm.

The three old men immediately focused their eyes on the mysterious jade stone that supplied the energy of the secret realm, in the hole in the wall, next to the entrance of the secret realm.

This piece of jade was the size of a fist and was originally very calm, but when Qing Yun entered the secret realm, a layer of glittering light erupted from this fist-sized piece of jade.

And as time passed, the fluorescent light on the mysterious jade began to flicker brightly and dimly.

From the flickering light on the mysterious jade, it seemed that the intensity of the great battle in it could be seen.

Watch for a while.


The light on the mysterious jade dimmed and eventually disappeared.

In the meantime.


A silhouette appeared out of thin air in front of the secret realm door.

This person, was none other than Qing Yun!


Seeing Qing Yun appear, the three old men immediately greeted him.

Fang Qiu, on the other hand, kept his gaze fixed on that mysterious jade.

See only.

With the appearance of Qing Yun, the mysterious jade stone was slightly calm for just a few seconds before it clicked and quietly burst out with a crack, eventually shattering into countless pieces.

And over there.


In the midst of the Three Elders’ inquiries, Qing Yun panted heavily, and even though there was a slight feeling of not being able to catch his breath, he still wore a slight smile on his face as he said, “It was a draw.”

The words came out.

The three old men were instantly agitated.


Elder Qu slapped Qing Yun’s shoulder in satisfaction.

“Nice, well done.”

The original old man laughed out loud as well.

“The Holy Lord’s shadow in the secret realm is about the same age as you, even if it’s a bit younger than you it’s only been a year or two, it’s already very good for you to be able to fight him to a draw at this age.”

Elder Qian opened his mouth and said, “Although it’s still a bit worse compared to Nameless, the difference isn’t too big, you’re all the mainstay of the future against Nirvana!”

“Congratulations to Brother Qing Yun.”

Fang Qiu stepped forward and cupped his fists, “I believe that with Brother Qing Yun’s qualifications and strength, if he enters the Secret Realm a few more times, he will definitely improve more, and defeating the Holy Lord’s Shadow will definitely not be a difficult task.”


Qing Yun nodded heavily, excited himself.

“For now.”

Thousand Elder opened his mouth and said, “Although it was a draw, I believe that in this battle, you have learned where your shortcomings lie.”


Qing Yun nodded in acknowledgement.

“Now that you have found your shortcomings, you must make up for them and improve yourself to be stronger!”

Thousand Old Man said.


Qing Yun responded, “I will continue to cultivate!”


Folding back into the backcountry on the way.

Fang Qiu and Qing Yun exchanged sides with each other, and each of them had an epiphany in the exchange.

Back to the backcountry.

Qing Yun immediately sat down to recover and cultivate.

Just like Fang Qiu at the time.

Right after Qing Yun fell into cultivation, Fang Qiu returned to the square house at the back of the mountain with the three old men.

“Three seniors, now that this matter has been settled, it is time for the late generation to leave.”

Fang Qiu clasped his fists at the three old men.


The three old men nodded at the same time, and Thousand Old Man asked, “This time, where are you going to go?”

“Keep on practicing!”

Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “Although I have already made a considerable improvement after my previous experience, my strength is already still trapped at the peak of the First Flower, I must seize the time and strive to break through to the Second Flower as soon as possible.”

“Have a safe trip.”

Old Man Qian smiled and nodded his head, “Don’t worry about that disciple of yours, I’ll send someone to send him back to the Old Man’s Ruins when he’s accomplished in his cultivation of the Patriarchal Sword Technique.”

“Thank you, Senpai.”

Fang Qiu clasped his fists in thanks and said, “Farewell.”

When he finished, he turned to leave.


Somewhere in the world.

“Swish Swish Swish ……”

A black shadow, in a place similar to a slum-like area, quickly flew and swept.

Look closely.

This slum seemed to be a ruin, and apart from these dark shadows dressed in black, there wasn’t even a single ordinary person.

These dark shadows, traveling through the ruins of this slum, seemed to be inspecting the area.

Among them.

A black shadow was extremely fast.

Just like a bat in the darkness of the night, with a whoosh, he drilled out from the swarm of people in the midst of the fly, and rushed towards a building not far away, the highest part of the slums.

In the blink of an eye.

This black shadow then rushed outside the tallest building, and the moment his feet hit the ground, he immediately fell to one knee and shouted to the inside of the building, “Report!”

“Come in.”

Inside the building, a somewhat depressing sounding voice came out, the frequency of this person’s voice was very low.

The black shadow immediately stepped into it.


In the room, a middle-aged man dressed in black, with a fair face and a very thin-looking body, testified standing in front of a very shabby bookcase, holding an old book in his hand, wearing a pair of glasses, and making a sound while reading.

“The Great Exalted One.”

The black shadow lowered his head and reported, “The Eight Exalted Ones have disappeared!”


The fair-faced, single-bodied middle-aged man known as the Great Venerable One violently closed the book in his hands and slowly turned his head, revealing a pair of danfeng eyes that made people feel particularly bewitching, and asked, “Who did this?”

“It should, it’s nameless.”

The black shadow opened his mouth to report, “According to the intelligence, the Eight Exalted Ones brought ten of their personal guards together to go to the Gu Xi Country to round up Nameless, only to never return!”


The Great Exalted One narrowed his eyes, murmured, and said, “I see, go down.”

The black shadow left immediately.

After the black shadow that came to report left, the Great Exalted One took the book in his hand, squared it to the bookcase, and asked with his mouth open, “Is it Nameless?”

“According to various sources, it is certain that it is Nameless.”

A voice of words came out of nowhere in the empty room.

“Even Elder Eight has folded, it looks like, this Nameless now, is not easy to deal with.”

The Grand Exalted One thought briefly and muttered, “It seems that this matter must be reported to the Holy Lord as soon as possible.”


The Great Venerable One stepped out.

While leaving the building, he directly flew up and disappeared into the sky in a few strides.


A completely dark and very mysterious place.

Inside a stone door, on a stone chair inlaid with this black and red gemstone, sat a middle-aged man with very long hair, who sat on the stone chair as if petrified and motionless.

And I don’t know how long this gesture lasted.

Outside the door.

An equally motionless man sat cross-legged in front of the stone door.


The person sitting cross-legged in front of the stone door opened his eyes.

In the meantime.

A very slight cracking sound came.


The man sitting cross-legged in front of the stone door asked.

“It’s me.”

In the darkness, the voice of the Great Exalted One came.

“The Great Exalted One.”

The person sitting cross-legged in front of the stone door nodded his head in understanding and shouted, then continued to cultivate with his eyes closed.

And that’s when.

The Great Exalted One had arrived at the stone door and fell to his knees.


Inside the stone door, the middle-aged man opened his mouth at the same time and said a word.

“To the Holy Lord.”

The Great Venerable One opened his mouth and said, “The Eight Venerable Ones are dead, and according to intelligence from all sides, the one who ordered the assassination was Nameless, who has been quite active in the martial arts in recent years and has been an enemy of ours at every turn!”


Inside the stone door, on the stone chair inlaid with this black and red gemstone, the long-haired middle-aged man opened his eyes and muttered, “Even the Eight Venerable Ones are dead, so it looks like this is the opponent that the martial arts have been preparing for me for so many years.”

Hear this. f

The two men outside the door, both couldn’t help but stare.


Inside the stone door, the Holy Lord laughed and said, “Give it up, you don’t need to target him or think about killing him, because it’s impossible to kill him.”

“The more you strike out at him, the more you try to kill him, the more you fulfill and fuel him instead.”

“That’s how …… I came along back in the day.”

“If it’s really that easy to die, you’d be dead already!”

Hearing the sound of the Holy Lord’s words.

The faces of the Great Exalted One and the First Protector outside the door both changed at the same time.

Someone whom the martial arts have raised as a rival to the Holy Lord?

One that even the Holy Lord himself recognizes?


Does he deserve it?

Nameless, is he worthy of being the Holy Lord’s opponent?

“Don’t mind him.”

The Holy Lord’s voice came again, saying, “Interfere as much as you can, and don’t let him grow too smoothly, the most important thing is to continue to search for the Cangjie Ruins.”

Said here.

The Holy Lord raised his head slightly and looked toward the endless darkness in the sky above.

“I always feel that the Cangjie relics are close to appearing.”



The Grand Exalted One immediately answered and said, “The Third Protector has already discovered the clues, it should be soon.”


The Holy Lord responded with satisfaction and said, “It’s not in vain that the Three Protectors have been working so hard for so many years, I believe there will be a good outcome.”


Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

On his way out, Fang Qiu greeted He Gao Ming and then left.

Step out of the sword pavilion.

Fang Qiu arrived directly at the nationality airport in Shaanxi and Gansu Province.

Using Lin Yu’s identity, he directly booked two air tickets, one from Shaanxi and Gansu provinces to Kyoto and one from Kyoto to Cairo.

The next destination of the adventure is the country of Egypt!

Been there before though.


Fang Qiu hadn’t seen the real Ancient Egyptian Civilization or communicated with them yet, since it was an ancient civilization, it must have its superiority.

Therefore, even if there had been that little bit of hostile relationship, Fang Qiu must still make a trip to Egypt before he could do so.

A few turns.

The airplane Fang Qiu took finally landed at Cairo Airport.

Along the way, Fang Qiu carefully searched and investigated, and it was only when he got off the plane that he managed to determine where the ancient Egyptian civilization was located, in the desert.

There’s the Sphinx, and the giant Pyramid of Khufu.

It’s a landmark in the Land of Egypt.

Leaving the airport.

Fang Qiu rushed directly towards the sphinx.

Arriving at the tourist attraction, because of the very large number of people, Fang Qiu could only use his Divine Sense to probe where there was an unusual movement of heaven and earth qi, and where there were people with abilities.


Just a short distance away from the Pyramid of Khufu, outside of a chain of already excavated ruins, the presence of several abilities was sensed.

There, it seems to be a small town.

Aside from the large number of tourists, sixty percent of the people in the town, were ability users.


The entrance to the ancient Egyptian civilization would have been in that town.

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