Medical Master-Chapter 1965 - : Envy, right? Worship?

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Chapter 1965: Envy, right? Worship?

“Holiday Inn?”

“That’s the only five-star hotel in Bozhou.”

“Up and down the country, all the great and holy doctors are staying at the Holiday Inn in Bozhou?”

“Crap, this five-star hotel is now definitely the safest place in Huaxia, the staff inside the hotel don’t even need to go to the hospital when they get sick, they can just take care of it right on the spot.”


The netizens are buzzing.

Although they don’t quite understand what the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference is all about, but through various channels of information, everyone knows that the most powerful Chinese medicine practitioners up and down the country are all concentrated in Bozhou.

Moreover, this was a conference for the exchange of traditional Chinese medicine initiated by Fang Qiu in advance, and in this conference, what would Fang Qiu do?

Thinking of the Chinese medicine exchange conference, netizens naturally also associated with the world medical exchange conference, when Fang Qiu in that conference but all the limelight, so that the whole world have seen the style of Chinese medicine.

Will Fang Qiu still look good this time?

Netflix is particularly excited about it.

Under the high level of online buzz and the attraction of Fang Qiu as a super traffic flow, many regular media reporters and netizens and self-media up and down the country immediately rushed to the Holiday Inn Bozhou in Hui’an Province the first time they learned of the news.

Hotel entrance.

A large group of people stood guard with long guns and short cannons, all waiting to report on this event in the Chinese medicine world.

And as the main character of this Chinese medicine exchange conference Fang Qiu, also rushed to Bozhou early, after getting off the plane, directly pulling the suitcase on the Holiday Inn sent to pick up the car.

Come to the door of the hotel.

To Fang Qiu pulling the suitcase off the car, the media reporters and netizen self media people who had been waiting for a long time, immediately rushed up in a swarm, and surrounded Fang Qiu at the entrance of the hotel.

“Fang Qiu, may I ask what kind of conference this Chinese Medicine Exchange Conference is?”

“Fang Qiu, why did you convene the Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange Conference in advance, is it the same as the rumors circulating on the internet that you want to use this conference to impact the Sacred Doctor?”

“Can you elaborate on how the TCM Exchange Conference is an event in the TCM community?”

“May I ask how long this TCM exchange conference will last in total, and can the media attend?”

In all directions, there were various sounds of mutual scrambling inquiries, and Fang Qiu’s eyes were completely surrounded by a sheet of long guns.

Some reporters’ microphones, directly teamed up to Fang Qiu’s eyes, almost disliked his face.

Face it.

Fang Qiu smiled helplessly and bitterly, and stepped out to lower all the microphones all the way down, and then reached out to signal everyone to be quiet.

Seeing that Fang Qiu doesn’t go.

These media people, they just quieted down a little bit.

“Okay, everyone, don’t rush, don’t crowd, I’ll answer your questions.”

Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said.

The reporters were relieved to hear that.

The netroots media, because it is not a professional media, in finding the angle of the interview this aspect, obviously less than the professional media reporters, unknowingly was squeezed to the back of the professional media reporters, can only be in the periphery of the cell phone raised high to shoot the picture, there is no way to ask a question.

“First of all, the upcoming Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference is a very rare event in the Chinese medicine industry in China, where great and holy doctors from all over the country will come to participate in this event to exchange and learn from each other and improve together.”

Waiting for the reporters to quiet down, Fang Qiu then continued to open his mouth and said, “Although I have only just become a great doctor not long ago, because of the enlightenment I gained on my way to learning Chinese medicine, I passed the examination of the four holy doctors as a price to convene this Chinese medicine medical exchange conference in advance, with the purpose of attempting to impact the holy doctors, as it is said on the internet. ”

“This exchange conference is the Chinese medical profession’s own exchange conference, the past Chinese medicine medical exchange conference degree has not had any report, even if someone occasionally know, but also think that this is a serious similar to the cultural performances of the General Assembly.”

“But really, no.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “However, as for the point of whether or not media friends can attend the conference, it shouldn’t be possible, even if you do go in and attend, you won’t be able to hold on for long without knowing and loving Chinese medicine.”


The media reporters nodded their heads.


Although Chinese medicine is a big fire, but in their view, the discussion of Chinese medicine is still very easy to make people drowsy, the most critical thing is that, as media workers, for Chinese medicine in some of the words used in the terminology, they simply do not understand, and may even make a mistake in the wrong word, or directly to the meaning of a sentence to the wrong joke.

As a result, none of the journalists really wanted to attend either.

For them, as long as they stayed in front of the hotel, did some interviews before the start and some more after the end, everything would have been perfect and there was no need to go inside the venue and make a fool of themselves.


Just as the media reporters were asking questions, suddenly a reporter noticed the suitcase Fang Qiu was dragging, and immediately opened his mouth to ask: “Fang Qiu, I’ve often read reports related to you before, and didn’t find that you have the habit of carrying traveling gifts with you, so what you have inside this suitcase shouldn’t be traveling gifts, right?”

The words came out.

Many people’s eyes shifted to Fang Qiu’s suitcase.


Fang Qiu didn’t hide it and directly lifted the suitcase up to show everyone.

“If it’s not a salute, what is it?”

A reporter asked.

“It’s a book!”

Fang Qiu said with a smile.


When this was said, the reporters were all immediately curious.

“Is it the Canon of the Undiseased?”

“Did you bring this box of books here to distribute to the Chinese medicine bigwigs attending this event?”

Reporters pressed the issue.


Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “What kind of book is this, I won’t reveal it to you for the time being, but this book will soon meet you all, and I can assure you that it’s definitely a benefit that can benefit mankind, and it’s from a Sacred Doctor.”

The words came out.

The whole crowd, all of a sudden, became more interested, and all of them wanted to ask after the content of this book, about which aspect, and all of them wanted to explore some news.

But just then.

The hotel’s security team is here.

The burly security personnel quickly squeezed into the crowd and welcomed Fang Qiu into the hotel.

The reporters, all of them, were stopped outside.


And no one is stalking.

Anyway, having just interviewed someone with big news, it was important to get this out in a hurry, only the first to post it would attract more attention.

At one point, reporters in droves began to break the news.

Online, the topic of Fang Qiu’s new book quickly spread: Fang Qiu’s new book, produced by a holy doctor? .

As soon as this topic came up.

Immediately attracted the attention of the whole network, whether in the bar or on the microblogging, quickly attracted countless people to explore the discussion.

“Another new book?”

“Didn’t this just come out as a book, why is there another one?”

“It looks like this new book shouldn’t have been written by Fang Qiu himself, but by a holy doctor.”

“Previously when he released his own book, Fang Qiu didn’t use such words of praise, I didn’t expect that this time, he even used the words “benefit mankind” to praise it, it looks like the quality of this book should be very high.”

“How come I suddenly can’t help but start looking forward to it, what kind of a good book is it that deserves Fang Qiu’s words?”

The netizens, began to talk hotly.

And this way.

After entering the hotel.

Fang Qiu went directly to the front desk, and after checking in, he didn’t even go to his own room, and went directly to the door of the quadruple set of rooms where the four holy doctors were.

At this point.

The four holy doctors were chatting and drinking tea in the living room in the center of the suite.

“Knock, knock, knock ……”

A knock came at the door.


The youngest, Xu Miaolin, opened his mouth to inquire.

“Mr. Xu, it’s me.”

Fang Qiu responded.

The four holy doctors looked at each other and smiled.

Xu Miaolin went forward and opened the door, welcoming Fang Qiu in.

“Greetings to the three seniors.”

Fang Qiu bowed and saluted the three holy doctors.

The three holy doctors smiled and nodded.

“We were just talking about you, and we didn’t expect you.”

Zhuge Yan said with a smile.


Sage Doctor Niu also nodded in agreement and said, “Your method of internal qi healing, we four old guys, but we are envious of it, but it’s a pity that we’re too old to practice it.”

Fang Qiu had already made the method of cultivating internal qi into a video party to the internet before, wanting to find it was a very simple thing, just the reality is that if you want to cultivate internal qi, it won’t be possible without a few decades.

As a result, the four holy doctors did not have the time to study and practice even if they had the intention to do so.

“The seniors are already saints of the healing arts, even without internal qi, the world’s diseases can be cured in every way possible.”

Fang Qiu smiled, then paused and said, “I was busy rushing over, but I actually have a book that I want to show to Teacher Xu, Senior Chu and Senior Zhuge.”

The words came out.

The three of them were stunned, and Sage Doctor Chu was a bit displeased, as if he thought that Fang Qiu was not giving him face by not calling him Master Gong.

Xu Miaolin and Zhuge Yan, on the other hand, were surprised.

“You got another book out?”

Xu Miaolin asked.


Fang Qiu immediately shook his head and said, “You’ll know when you’ve seen it.”

Having said that.

Straight away, he opened his suitcase and took four printed books out of it and handed them to each of the four holy doctors.

Result Book.

Xu Miaolin, Zhuge Yan, and Sage Doctor Chu all began to look through them.

For his part, the Ox Saint Doctor gave it a cursory glance, then closed the book with a smile.

“This, this is ……”

As they watched, all three Sacred Doctors couldn’t help but vibrate, and their gazes turned to Sacred Doctor Niu at the same time, their eyes filled with shock.

“An old cow.”

Chu Sage Doctor took a long breath and said, “Unexpected, really unexpected ah, you old man even did such a big thing out without saying a word.”

“Ha ha.”

Sacred Doctor Niu laughed out loud and asked with a smug look on his face, “How about it, envious, right? Adore it?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he was immediately met with blank stares from the other three holy doctors!

“These things will belong to Fang Qiu after he passes my test.”

Niu Sacred Doctor ignored the blank stares of the three, turned his eyes to Fang Qiu, and said, “I also didn’t expect that you would have printed this handwriting as a book.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Miaolin immediately added, “Not only was it printed as a book, but it also fell under your signature!”