Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor-Chapter 3651 Morning Sickness

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Chapter 3651 Morning Sickness

"Want to escape? Too late!" Luo Yu shouted sharply and the sharp sword in his hand slashed out horizontally. The sharp sword energy burst out instantly and cut the giant eagle's claws like a sharp blade.

A shrill cry of an eagle could be heard as a pair of eagle claws were cut off and fell into the forest.

When he saw that the giant eagle was nearly dead, Luo Yu said: "I'll leave it to you. I am going down to find those eagle claws. Sacred Beast level eagle claws are worth quite a lot of money!"

"Go ahead! Be careful!"

Du Fan smiled and watched him go down before looking back. When he saw that Gu Mo and Wei Feng had already killed the giant eagle and dug out its crystal core as they chatted, he said: "I'm going back to the airship first."

After he entered the airship, Du Fan reported to Feng Jiu: "Master, the giant eagle has been dealt with. Luo Yu cut off the eagle's claws and they fell into the forest below. He went down to look for it and will be back soon."

"Mmm." Feng Jiu responded and narrowed her eyes but said nothing.

Not long after, Wei Feng and Gu Mo also returned. Their bodies were stained with the blood of the giant eagle which made Feng Jiu frown in discomfort. That nauseating feeling surfaced again and caused her to retch involuntarily.




Everyone was shocked when they saw this and hurried forward. At this time, Fan Lin and Leng Shuang blocked Wei Feng and Gu Mo, who had also came forward, and said in unison: "You both stay away from Master."

When Wei Feng and Gu Mo were told this, they couldn't help but be stunned for a moment and were a little confused.

"Master, drink some water." Qin Xin came forward with some water.

"Master, sour plum." Leng Shuang turned around and took out a sour plum then handed it to her.

Fan Lin saw that her face had turned pale suddenly and said to the both of them: "Hurry up, go and wash away the scent of blood on your body and change your clothes."

Upon hearing this, the both of them realised that it was the scent of blood on their bodies that had made their Master nauseous. However, their Master never used to react this way in the past, why…

As if he knew what they were thinking about, Fan Lin motioned for the two of them to leave, then he followed them and said to them: "When a women are pregnant, some can't stand to eat oily food, some can't stand the smell of fish, and some can't stand the scent of blood. You should pay more attention in the future. Master will get better after the first three months."

Upon hearing this, they nodded: "We understand. We will go and change our clothes now." As they spoke, they walked towards the cabins.

After hearing this, Leng Hua and the others looked at each other and silently remembered those words that Fan Lin had said and kept them in their hearts.

Because they were waiting for Luo Yu to return, the airship had stopped in midair. After Feng Jiu rested for a while and sucked a sour plum in her mouth, it suppressed the nausea. When she thought about the fact that she was unable to stand the scent of blood nowadays, and the signs of morning sickness, her eyes shifted and she called out to Fan Lin.

"Fan Lin, come here."

"Master, are you feeling better?" Fan Lin asked when he came over.

"Mmm." Feng Jiu responded and said: "Come and prepare some medicinal pills for me. You will make them and I will instruct you."

Fan Lin was startled for a moment when he heard this, but he still nodded: "Yes."

When Leng Hua and Gray Wolf brought a long table over, they saw Feng Jiu taking some spirit herbs out from space. She placed various spirit herbs on the table and Fan Lin took out his medicine tools at once.

"Remove the stems and take the leaves from these few spirit herbs then mix the leaves with the Frosted Flower and set it aside."

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