Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor-Chapter 3817 - : News of the Golden Lotus

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Chapter 3817: News of the Golden Lotus f(r)eewebn(o)

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They on this side were chatting idly, on that side, Qi Kang went to the main courtyard, and after meeting Xuanyuan MO Ze and Feng Jiu, he told them all about the situation in the Eastern District City Lord’s Lord’s Mansion nowadays, as well as the news he investigated and the information he had acquired since he took over, and so on.

“Master, during this period of time, I went through the information archived in the Eastern District City Lord’s Lord’s Manor and found some clues about the Primordial Golden Lotus, only, I’m not sure yet.”

Hearing Qi Kang’s words, surprise surfaced on Feng Jiu’s face, “There is news about the Primordial Golden Lotus?”

“Master, please look.” Qi Kang took out a worn out book and handed it to Feng Jiu: “I just saw it in this continental strange book, page 135 recorded that a hundred years ago, the Myriad Buddha Sect had a golden lotus light appeared to illuminate the earth, the trees in Myriad Buddha Sect’s square plain for a hundred miles grew rapidly overnight, and a hundred flowers competed.”

Feng Jiu listened while turning over the one hundred and thirty-five pages, and sure enough, he saw that it was recorded that there was news of the Primordial Golden Lotus, only that it was only a few words.

Sitting on the wheelchair, Xuanyuan MO Ze listened to their words, slightly contemplated for a while, low voice slowly came out from the mouth: “This Myriad Buddha Sect is not within the four sects, but jumped out of this continent above all the sects of a Buddhist sect, rumour has it, this sect has been a hundred years not to come out of the world, almost no one knows where this Myriad Buddha Sect is located.”

Feng Jiu was slightly surprised, looked at him sideways and asked curiously,

“How do you know?”

Xuanyuan MO Ze smiled faintly, “I have recently been reading some books about this continent.” As he was unable to walk due to his legs, he sat idly all day long and did not have to deal with other things, so he found quite a few ancient books to be looking at, and it was precisely for this reason that he had some understanding of this Myriad Buddha Sect.

Hearing this, Feng Jiu pursed her lips and smiled, “I don’t even know about this Myriad Buddha Sect yet, I have only heard of the Four Immortals Sect before, and it was only when Qi Kang said it today that I realised that there is also this Myriad Buddha Sect that jumps out of the continent above all sects.”

“Master, this is something I will investigate, when there is news, as well as after determining where the Myriad Buddha Sect is located, I will over for report.” Qi Kang said, looked at the two, and added: “They are all in the front yard, Master, does Hell’s Lord want to go over together?”

Feng Jiu handed the book back to him and said, “Just keep this, let’s go! Go over together. ”

Thus, Qi Kang came behind Xuanyuan MO Ze and pushed the wheelchair, walking with the two of them towards the front yard.

Meanwhile, the person who returned to the Immortal Sect came to Peak Master Sun’s main peak there, and after letting his disciple report, he stood outside and waited.

Not long after, Peak Master Sun walked out with his hand on his back, looking at the old man standing there, he frowned and asked, “Didn’t I tell you to go to the Eastern District City Lord’s Manor? How come you’re back?”

The old man stepped forward and spoke, “Peak Master, that Eastern City Lord’s Manor, Qi Kang kicked me out, saying that he didn’t need our Immortal Sect’s people to meddle in the affairs of his Eastern City Lord’s Manor, so that’s why I came back first.’

Hearing these words, Peak Master Sun’s face clouded over, “What is this Qi Kang’s origin? How dare he drive my Immortal Sect’s people out of the door? Is he not afraid of offending our Immortal Sect? He really has no one in his sight once he ascends to the heavens!”

The old man thought of the scene he saw hidden in the crowd at that time, his heart couldn’t help but tremble, said, “Peak Master, this Eastern District City Lord here, I think it’s better not to intervene, that Qi Kang, is not an ordinary character, if you want to insert manpower over there, I’m afraid .

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