Miracle Card Shop: All My Cards Can Be Actualize-Chapter 251 Hightower Feeling Pressure

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Chapter 251 Hightower Feeling Pressure

"Oh, that thing is the relic I got from Egypt. It's in the Hightower. You need at least the position of a High Councilor to use it or get permission from one of the Grand Councilors," Envy answered without holding anything back, then continued. "Unfortunately, I can't do that for you until I get my old body back."

Daniel nodded in understanding. However, he had no desire to make the Hightower humble themselves or eliminate people like Cyrus or Lucian who always wanted to mess with him. He preferred to keep his distance from the Hightower.

If it weren't for his status as a rogue mage, which would legitimately catch the attention of the mages or the Hightower and possibly lead to him becoming their slave, he wouldn't even want the ID card.

"Tell me, Daniel, have you ever wanted to become a High Councilor yourself?" Envy inquired.


"The benefits are very enticing, you know. Besides, a lot of people in the Curtained World would hesitate to mess with you or your loved ones. Even a hell lord would need to think twice." Envy offered with a cunning and tempting smile before continuing to persuade Daniel.

"To tell you the truth, with the power and wealth of knowledge you have here," Envy looked outside the window toward the vast expanse of the Atlanteus base.

This base is nothing short of a miracle, a futuristic fantasy for all the mages in the Hightower. Even the mages she brought here to work and learn the Atlantean artifact crafting method don't want to go back at all. Envy then continues.

"Contending for the Grand Councilor would be just a matter of time, not a matter of qualification, and if the people in the Hightower know about your true capabilities, power, and knowledge. They would gladly follow you and obey your rule," said Envy.

"Are you enticing me to work for the Hightower?" Daniel asks, seemingly not interested.

"No… it's the opposite. The Hightower. Will. Work. For you!" Envy said word for word with a tempting smile before continuing.

"You should know that various prominent mage clans such as The Stenmark Clan, The Alchemont Clan, or even The Vampire Clan that associates with the Hightower, such as the Sanguinis Clan, don't really see the Hightower as an organization that maintains order within the Curtained World and mage society like those mages in the lower ranks.

They see the Hightower as a place to gather and divide the dwindling resources to various clans and organizations. You're not associated with the Hightower much, and you even have a beef with some of the Hightower higher echelon, so you might not know this, but the resources such as magical plants and magical materials are starting to dwindle.

The reason is because of the world's mana depletion and degradation, and this is also the reason why Cyrus and another Grand Councilor plan to do what I told you before," Envy explains.

"I see…" Daniel nods in understanding, Envy already told him about Cyrus and Golden Scale's plan to open the Hellgate to him the moment she appeared here after she got betrayed.

Daniel didn't give an immediate answer to Envy. Instead, he replied, "I'll keep this in mind." For now, he decided to consider the matter carefully.

Following that, Daniel sent his daughter to play with Michaela, who served as both a nanny and a bodyguard for Sylvana. It should be noted that, besides cooking, Michaela was perfectly suited for looking after children.

Rather than going to the office at Astral Tech, Daniel chose to stay in the base's command center that day, working with Odysseus and Penthesilea on matters related to the operational branch in Europe.

In Germany, Vlad made Daniel's job much easier by essentially taking over the Sanguinis Clan, and the clan was more than eager for him to do so. After all, Vlad was the Vampire progenitor and the most powerful vampire in history.

The Sanguinis Clan had the right to boast and flex their influence in front of other vampire clans. Even members of the Blood Purity Consortium, such as the second elder, dared not cause trouble and obediently followed Vlad's commands, diligently helping him root out all the spies from the Blood Purity Consortium within the Sanguinis clan.

Daniel communicated with Vlad and the people of the Sanguinis clan to establish cooperation and obtain permission to build a teleportation circle on their clan grounds. Since their clan grounds were hidden behind an illusion magic barrier, it would be the perfect location for Daniel to construct it.

Once communication was established on the clan grounds and the cooperation was underway, the moment the first batch of Daniel's gifts landed on the clan ground's helicopter landing pads, the Sanguinis Clan erupted into excitement. They mobilized their people and influence to pressure the German Hightower Branch not to transfer power from their mana font to fix the mess at the main Hightower branch.

Moreover, the Ancestor of the Sanguinis clan visited one of the oldest and most influential mage clans in France—the Montmorency clan, the main house of the infamous Gilles de Rais.

— France - Montmorency Clan —

Radu Sanguinis, the venerable ancestor of the Sanguinis Clan, stood before the gates of the Montmorency Clan in France. He bore a solemn expression, well aware that the current patriarch of the Montmorency Clan was not as amicable towards him as his deceased friend, Gille De Rais, had been.

The imposing gates creaked open, revealing a courtyard adorned with ancient symbols and surrounded by centuries-old stone walls. Radu approached cautiously, sensing the tension in the air. The current patriarch, Henri Montmorency, awaited him in the courtyard, wearing a stoic expression that betrayed little emotion.

"Radu Sanguinis," Henri acknowledged, his voice holding a tone of formality rather than warmth.

"Henri Montmorency," Radu replied with a nod, acknowledging the strained history between their clans. He extended a hand, presenting a finely crafted silver cross. The metal gleamed in the muted sunlight.

Henri eyed the silver cross warily, understanding the weight it carried. It was not just a piece of silver; it was a relic from Radu's deceased wife, Saint Joan De Arc. A holy artifact that burned the vampire's hand as a testament to the complex history they shared.

Radu winced as the silver made contact with his skin, a subtle reminder of the sacrifices made and the bonds that transcended time. "This is a token of old sentiment and a promise forged centuries ago. The Sanguinis Clan seeks aid, and we invoke the ancient pact between our bloodlines."

Henri reluctantly accepted the silver cross, fully aware of the obligations tied to the relic. The burning sensation intensified, causing Radu to grit his teeth, but he bore it with the stoicism befitting his age and status.

"I do this for the oath and the honor of our clans, not out of any affection towards your kind," Henri declared, his gaze unwavering.

Radu nodded, acknowledging the strained alliance that necessity forged. The Montmorency Clan would honor the pact, not out of fondness for vampires but out of an unyielding commitment to the ancient oaths that bound magekind.

"So, what do you want me to do?" Henri Montmorency asked.

The gates closed behind Radu as he left the Montmorency Clan grounds, the echoes of centuries-old promises lingering in the air. The deal was sealed, not with camaraderie, but with the weight of history and duty.

Following Radu Sanguinis's visit, the French mages began to mobilize, exerting pressure on the French Hightower branch to prevent them from allowing the use of their mana font to fix the illusion barrier in the London HQ and cast the global-scale forgetfulness magic.

Additionally, the vampires, who were also mages, responded with unexpected enthusiasm, as if infused with a dose of steroids. They protested vigorously, even going on strike against the mages. This was particularly impactful as mages typically hired vampires as bodyguards due to their resilience, magical abilities, and lack of need for sleep.

— French Hightower Branch —

In the dimly lit meeting room of the French Hightower branch, the air hung heavy with tension as Henri Montmorency, the patriarch of the Montmorency Clan, rose to his feet. His long black hair, cascading over his shoulders, framed a face carved with the marks of authority and sternness. The assembled mages instinctively quieted as Henri prepared to address the room.

Henri's gaze, unwavering and piercing, fixed upon the Hightower branch manager. Without a shred of respect in his tone, he began his stern critique.

"We did not lend our precious resources, the mana in our Font, for the Hightower Headquarters to use it in a futile attempt to rectify the mess caused by one of your Grand Councilors," Henri declared, his words cutting through the silence like a blade.

A murmur of agreement rippled through the room, echoing the sentiments of the other mage families present. Heads nodded in unison, a visual affirmation of their collective dissatisfaction with the mismanagement of resources.

Henri's stern expression intensified as he continued, "As long as Cyrus Ashborn, the Grand Councilor responsible for this debacle, remains in power, we demand justice according to the laws of the Hightower. His actions have exposed our magical world to the common people, violating the very principles we stand for."

The gravity of Henri's words echoed in the room, and the other mage families joined in, voicing their support for the call for accountability. The meeting had transformed into a united front, with each participant standing resolute against the perceived negligence of the Hightower Headquarters.

The Hightower branch manager found themselves facing not just Henri's stern countenance but a room full of mages who demanded answers and justice, a force that refused to be ignored.

This created significant strain on both the French and German Hightower branches. While they were eager to support their headquarters in London, the ongoing protests and pressures they faced became overwhelming, hindering their ability to comply with the Headquarters requests.

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