Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress-Chapter 664: Acquiring Qiankun Zijin Bamboo

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Translator: Storm in a Teacup

After the death of the Great Yellow Immortal, the rest of his followers were at a total loss. Within seconds, they were killed by the well-trained swordsmen of Hunyuan Sect.

“Elder Jun, you have great foresight. Now we not only get the bamboo but also eliminate the Blue Thunder Taoist Sect. This time our achievement cannot be underestimated.”

After killing the Taoist followers, members of Hunyuan Sect were overjoyed to find the dozens of Qiankun Zijin Bamboo.

The young men and women of Hunyuan Sect were not the core force of the sect but a small team out for patrolling. Their head was the young man who had provoked the Great Yellow Immortal at the very beginning. His name was Jun Yu. He ranked among the top ten young talents of Hunyuan Sect’s outer part. Moreover, he came 980th in the Continental Reincarnation List of young experts.

After others knew about the existence of Qiankun Zijin Bamboo, Hunyuan Sect announced that anyone taking back the bamboos could then acquire a book on superb martial skills.

Such a book might mean nothing to those swordsmen since they could only focus on swordsmanship all their life. What intrigued them was that they could get plenty of pills as the reward.

“What is the point in getting so excited? Just a bunch of bamboos!” Jun Yu showed a disdainful look and ordered several men to put away those bamboos that had already been cut down.

Actually, it was the Great Yellow Immortal who brought death on himself.

The limit he had set could cover the breath.

If the limit was in place, the young swordsmen of Hunyuan Sect would never find him.

That day, however, he tried to please Qing’er by taking out the Thunder Bell. The bell’s dazzling light caught the attention of those swordsmen. They kept watching for one whole day and finally found the chance to eliminate the Blue Thunder Taoist Sect.

“Elder Jun, what do you mean?”

The other followers were doubtful.

“Earlier, I heard that the Ghost Emperor, Head of the Yan City and Young Master of No Love Sect are also on their way to the mountain. I’ve already informed Master Gu of the outer sect and he is not afar with his men. When our two groups join hands, we can surely wipe out the heads of the Underground Palace and No Love Sect.”

Young as he was, Jun Yu had a great ambition.

Yesterday, he was overjoyed to receive the letter sent by Chief Song.

The Unground Palace was the legendary secret force of the Continent.

Wu Chong and Yan Jiu were the most wanted men of major states and sects.

No Love Sect was a branch of the Ancient Magic Sect. It had grown in power these years in the Central Plains and tended to merge with another magic sect called Demon Sect.

For any orthodox sect and faction, those secret forces and magic sects had long been a thorn in the flesh.

The Blue Thunder Taoist Sect meant nothing when compared to the secret force and magic sect. As long as Jun Yu could kill their head, he would be directly promoted to the inner part of Hunyuan Sect and enjoy the same status as Elder Chen who was respected and followed by a great many people.

“Daydreaming! How can you wipe out the Underground Palace and No Love Sect?”

In a daze, Jun Yu saw a figure appearing not afar.

The person was quite charming and there was a menacing look in his enchanting eyes. The young men and women of Hunyuan Sect were instantly dazed and their hearts could not help beating uncontrollably. They just fixed their eyes on the man with a dull look on their faces.

At first, Jun Yu was also in a daze. But he was after all one level higher than others in the cultivation base.

Having realized that he was carried away, Jun Yu immediately applied the mental cultivation methods of Hunyuan Sect to drive away those distractions.

“Who are you? How dare you offend our Hunyuan Sect?” Jun Yu gave a roar and his imposing manner helped other followers come to themselves.

Those young men and men were blushing scarlet and finally realized they had been carried away.

“You don’t even know who I am! Then how can you take my life? Are you stupid or something?” Bo Qing grinned and looked listless and disdainful. He compressed his lips and ran his fingers on a lock of his black hair.

“What? You are Bo Qing!” Jun Yu was at first taken aback. Then he turned overjoyed.

Never did he expect that the Young Master of No Love Sect would come here all alone. Here came the best chance to kill Bo Qing.

Instantly, Jun Yu even forgot about the bamboos and gave the order.

“Listen! Set the mix and kill this guy!”

Bo Qing did as Ye Lingyue told him, rushing towards the other side of Zizhu Mountain like a flash of lightning.

Jun Yu believed that he was trying to flee away since he was not powerful enough to fight with them. So the young men and women immediately chased after him.

“Little Squeak, take Long Baobao with you and stay out of the trouble. Let’s meet at the mountain entrance at noon.” Ye Lingyue glanced at the receding figures of Bo Qing and those young men and women. Then she parted with Little Squeak and Long Baobao and dashed towards those bamboos.

The Great Yellow used brutal force to cut down some bamboos, and the members of Hunyuan Sect did not have have the time to cut down the rest bamboos since Bo Qing suddenly appeared. This offered a golden opportunity for Ye Lingyue.

It was already bright and one of the bamboos was withering away as Long Baobao had said.

Qiankun Zijin Bamboos broke out of the soil at night but hid themselves underneath in the daytime. Right now, the bamboos were dehydrating, their leaves were falling off and the poles were getting thinner. After just 8 minutes, they changed back into the cute bamboo shoots.

Allowing no delay, Ye Lingyue grabbed one bamboo shoot and took out the Star Yan Knife. Then she used the knife to dig out the bamboo shoot. As expected, there were cobweb-like grains of all sizes below the rich soil.

As if realizing that something bad would happen to it, the little bamboo shoot kept struggling like a child and used the tip to pierce the palm of Ye Lingyue.

Ye Lingyue found the thickest grain and instantly cut it off before stuffing the bamboo shoot into the Red Mist Sky.

Similarly, the rest 7 or 8 bamboo shoots were all put into the Red Mist Sky.

After entering the Red Mist Sky, the bamboo shoots soon were reborn and stared to grow.

In just several months, those bamboo shoots would grow up and become the profitable materials for making Qiankun Bag.

After all was done, Ye Lingyue exited the Red Mist Sky with satisfaction and started to catch up with Bo Qing.

Although Bo Qing’s spiritual artifacts were quite powerful already, she was somewhat worried that he could hardly gain the upper hand when fighting with so many people.

What Ye Lingyue did not expect that Bo Qing really ran into great trouble this time.